Sizzlin' in 6 day 12~ Buffing Begins!

HI!! It’s Day 12 and time for LEGS once again– we are going to do the same workout we did on Day 9 ( ) . It’s the LAST time you are going to do this workout during the contest….MAKE IT COUNT!!

Well Yesterday, my 11th day of “Sizzlin’ in 6” was a great one!!…my brain is finally working and I am motivation is HIGH.  It was cycle day 5 and time to BUFF my body!!! I am going to keep taking creatine through this buffing phase~ my weight is 128.   Buffing began with a GREAT leg workout~ yay!

warm up- Rbike 10 mins

115x10x2 sets

Sissy squats
3 sets of about 20 reps

paired with Dead Lifts
65×10+10conventional x 3 sets

45 degree hack- 2 sets High reps low weight- just machine
paired with Seated Calf raises
95x10x2 sets…started cramping here.  I took Creatine pre-workout and I do better taking it post workout due to cramping.  I need to remember that!

Smith lunges
70x10x3 sets

paired wit Butt Squats
in between set here I did some abs on a decline bench- it irritated my back, so I had to take it easy the rest of my workout

Knee extensions

leg curls
70×10- my lower back hurt on these…so I called it quits.

Oh and here’s a quick summary of Wed’s- Chest, tri workout:
warm up bike and some chest press
Bench- I did a pyramid-

other exercises:
Incline hammer strength machine
Incline Flys
Skull Crushers

I also got to spend some time relaxing outside and watched some more of “24” we are now on season 3 :).  It was a GOOD DAY!!

I’ll be back to post about today in a bit~ it’s FRIENDLY FRIDAY!! REMEMBER TO BE FRIENDLY TODAY!!!

your friend,


p.s. if you are wondering here is a video of  BUTT SQUATS~



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  1. Way to go Wendy!!!
    It could be the muscle~ 1 pound in a week is great progress though!! Keep it up!!!

  2. Oh wow!! you story sounds a bit like mine in the fact that after track, I still at like I was in Track~ that’s a good way to pack on the pounds.
    You can regain your former track body!!!

  3. (Sorry posted on day three)…….Hi…..OK Yeah I weighed on our work scale today…..we are 1 week in on our office fitness contest and I lost 1 pound but lost 3% body fat….is that because of muscle, because alot of other peole lost more weight than me but less body fat…..thank you Michelle for your replys they really help…..I will start charting my cycle….very interested in that…..going to the gym again and starting a circut workout……Gonna do a Zumba class on Saturday at my gym….should be fun.

  4. Ok so, I posted what I’m gonna do today in Day 3 – just wanted to add that your 40 day to FIT is AWESOME! I never stop to think about my workouts and what i’ve done for the day, but b/c of this program…I’m SO accountable! I’ve bought and read Muscle & Fitness for HER for so many years…but this is a program that I’ve been waiting for to motivate me into getting back into shape! Thanks!

  5. The video is great! I am fortunate enough to have a smith machine at home and It’s great to get some tips on it! Thanks Michelle!

  6. Good workout. I’m taking it a little easy for these first 10 days. I went from team captain of the track team in 2002 (115 lbs) to 150 lbs of love in 2009. I could barely do push-ups on my 1st day and now I’m up to 20. I’m a work in progress!

  7. total body today…tons of squats, walking lunges, rows, pullovers..could have done more biceps tho. watched the smith squats and i cant wait to get back to the gym! thanks for the motivation & inpsiration! i am going to visit relatives from sunday to sunday..days6-13 i am trying to find access to gym if not then i will do pushups, lunges, squats…tricep dips..have to be creative with body weight!

  8. I just discovered your blog today…OMG!! Looooove it!!! I was LOL at your little piece about legs/butts/runners….”they have gross butts”….so true though. Keep up the great work!!

  9. Hey Michelle!
    Did intervals today and ab work. Saw a cool new cardio machine. It looks like you’re skiing. Gonna try it next time… looks like it would really work the outside thigh and butt! 😀

  10. Just got finished 45min cardio. Really wanted to stop at 30 but kept pushing and now I feel great!

  11. Wen tto the Grocery store this morning and made sure I had my weekly meal plan together before I did. I feel extra motivated to get this eating thing right. My goal is to make it through the week without cheating!

  12. Enjoy your vacation~!! Great attitude about getting your workouts done while you are there!!

  13. Day 4=Sabbath!
    I felt guilty, though, since I’d not done so well these past 3 days: How do I take a Sabbath?

    We did have a healthy dinner!!! Yay! Grilled chicken, whole wheat angel hair pasta (it was really good!), steamed french cut green beans, water. I’ll take the leftovers to work tomorrow for lunch (surely will save me at least $7!)

  14. well we all need rest and if you use your rest day to prepare for having a GREAT week ahead you will make good use of your day. Don’t look back~ focus on the future and the solutions!!

  15. Ive posted twice on this day and still can’t see my post? Lost in internet world. Hopefully this one works

  16. We had friends visiting at the beach today, only did my abs and legs today…quick workout. Going to do the walk/abs/upper body for Day 5!

  17. Headed to the gym to try out your day one suggested workout..Not sure if I can do the dog and cat on the floor at the gym…;-)…but we’ll see…Thanks for the encouragement!

  18. LOL~ I know what you mean about the cat/dogs at the gym– try to hide in the corner or the aerobics room, LOL

  19. great day for the advice to add different things to water…it is still a struggle for me to drink enough water during the day.

  20. Day 4 was great, back is sore but pushed through anyway! legs felt like concrete, could be due to the back pain! Can’t wait for tomorrow

  21. Hi Michelle!!

    Today: tried my new exercices at the gym… strange, I found the circuit quite easy. I must have taken weights not heavy enough. Sure…
    And after breakfast, I went with Loïc to play hockey for a short hour. I’m happy with that: it was fun and intense.
    Now, for the meals… it’s difficult to be very strict on my diet today as it’s… Valentine’s day, and Patrick had bought chocolate! Hou!
    I weight 128 lbs this morning. Hope I won’t gain weight because of my cheating….

  22. This my day 5 but posting for day 4

    I have been working very hard and following the eating and water plans very well but I find my weight fluctuates from day to day so much.

    Its like my clothes are loose and the following day, they’re tight without changing anything. Very frustrating-actually gave in to chips last night because of that reason and this am, clothes were loose!! Go figure… Even during the day, it goes up and down.
    Please help me figure out whats going on… I have great willpower and determination but when I see that happening, I can’t help but feel discouraged..

    Gotta keep on focusing on my goals though!

  23. Well thats cool that their are other things besides drinking water and green tea that can be added to water.

  24. I have been doing inclined push ups and sit ups. thier really aint much to do when been out in the field.

  25. Whenever I work my lower body, I’ve got to be very careful with my back. I had back surgery about 5 years ago so whenever I do squats, lunges and deadlifts, I always need to go lighter on the weights.

  26. I was reading the article and the creatine you use is no longer available I was wondering if you could suggest some other ones? All so I am I reading this correctly you workout twice a day?

  27. are you talking about the pills? You could take them before or just wait until another time in the day when your tummy is empty- like before lunch or bed

  28. It has a lot to do with hydration and electrolyte balance. Also the more muscle you have you will find your weight fluctuating more.
    There is nothing wrong with it…KNOWING it happens is good so you don’t freak out when the scale goes up!

    You may want to also watch your sodium intake- you want to keep it steady.

  29. Day # 4. Diet is still good but having struggles with my late night munchies. I have been off the junk for almost 2 wks (drank over a 2 ltr of diet coke a day) and I haven’t murdered anyone. So that’s good. Taking the night off but was able to get in a couple walks during the day. Have any advice for cubicle workers?

  30. Is there anyway you can get up and walk around every 30 mins or so?
    Keep a HUGE glass of water on your desk and drink it often~ bathroom breaks are a great way to break up your sitting.

    Way to go on kicking the coke habit. aRe you drinking any herbal teas now? they rock!

  31. day #4 and still going at it!!! cant wait to tell my trainer that ive worked out 3 days straight without her…she’ll be so proud!!thats what she gets for going on vacation.ha! I’ll be out with my mom in law all day…so wish me luck on the junk eating front!!!Mother in law + Maria =nervous eating!!!!

  32. Well it’s day 4. Wanted to go running but it’s raining. I’m gonna do 45 min. intervals today and use 10 pound weights instead of 5. I’m also gonna do 15 min. of cardio

  33. Hey! So I just have a question, because I am not quite clear on this. When you put down that you do the Smith lunge for example and then 50×10, is the 50lbs and 10 reps??

  34. Well my wrist is all better and I start weights tomorow Yeah.. As long as I get an ok from the doc first of course LOL!! Thanks again Michelle for everything! I worked out harder tonight than ever before you really peg that hormonal cycle for me!! Everytime I felt whipped I just pictured Michelle’s fab abs and I was ready to Go!!! I was saying bring it on!!!

  35. Love those butt squats, used to do them all the time but kinda forgot about them. Have to start adding them in again!

  36. Going for a 1 hour morning jog tomorrow..and I start kickboxing classes on Monday…looking forward to it!

  37. I’m a bit behind with comments but I am working out 6 days a week and you are a constant inspiration. Thanks for all that you do.

  38. Trying to get my motivation up…it’s kind of a lazy day. And the clouds don’t help. Maybe a workout will get me going. We’re watching 24 as well…almost done with season 1. Love it!

  39. Why do these comments all look so old?? N-e-way…gotta say YAY YAY YAY for Buffing. I know you will do great these couple weeks….especially with BDAY coming up. Looks like you hit those FAT FURNACES!! Good job on Wednesday’s Chest & Tris workout as well!!! Happy Friendly Friday!!! Yours in Health….TIA

  40. Yesterday was a day taken over by the kids. So hitting the gym today and then cardio will be a 3 hour nia class- whoo hoo. I get to play like a kid and have fun!

  41. I’m still boosting and have had a lot of stress lately so just getting my work outs in has been a challenge. I’ve kinda been mean to myself by continually saying “GET OVER IT AND GET TO IT!!!” but sometimes I need a push so it works for me. I do not have access to a gym on a regular basis (nearest one is 35 miles away and gas is $4 a gallon!) so I don’t have the benefit of heavier weights and equipment. I do the best I can with free weights.

  42. The video is a great reminder to switch up squat exercises. I have had 2 great days with eating and cardio/lifting. Thanks for your continued motivation!

  43. End of another week! Workout was good … food, too, except the angel food cake a friend brought over for dinner. I got my Everyday Paleo cookbook in the mail today and am EXCITED to try some things!

  44. Love your video! We have a smith machine (my favorite piece of equipt) and you reminded me to get LOWER and play around with my feet placement more! Good one! thx….I love squats, am so sore from the other day 🙂 Going dancing tonight….gotta work out that soreness! haha

  45. Gearing up for Dover tomorrow, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain. I’m wearing shorts regardless because my legs have nice muscle tone and intend to show them off. Plus IF there is any sun to be had, I need some color on them. 🙂
    Have a great one.

  46. I did back and chest yesterday and plyometrics today for about 30 min. Fought a migrane today or i would have gone for an hour. Typical for me for cycle day 21 . . Just do the best i can and at least something everyday. I am determined and you keep me inspired. I 🙂

  47. Day 4…bring it on!!! Teaching a 2 hour Nia for kids (middle school age) then hit the gym tonight for some plyometrics.

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