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Hey All!! Can you believe January is coming to a close already??  We’ll I have a reason for you to get fired up for February!!!


Starting Feb 2nd I’m hosting a challenge– FAB Abs February!!

The challenge will be in 2 places– here in


On for a weight loss challenge of 4% of your bodyweight in 28 days.


Join in however you’d like, thanks! I’ll post more about it in a few days!


Oh wow, how did it get to be Friday?  I literally was in bed almost all day Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed and half of Thurs….CRAZY! I have not been knocked on my booty so hard in a long, long time! Glad that’s over, HA!!
3 of our 6 in the family got it bad- Gracie first, then Tia and I.  Hoping no one else has to lose a week of their life to this flu.


Anyhow enough about that, it seem like sickness is the only thing I’ve blogged about this week. Truth be told, I’ve had a lot going on in my BRAIN during the time off. I’ve been thinking about a lot!!


I had a fun question asked of me a couple week ago “What are 3 things on your bucket list?”  It’s an interesting question because I didn’t know off the top of my head…I had to think about it for a while.

Here are the 3 I came up with:

  1. To learn to sing
  2. To own a horse (and learn to ride it)
  3. To visit Germany During Oktoberfest


What 3 things are on your bucket list?


Like I said, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things Death, life, living, money, time, energy, work, being lazy, goals, vision, people, love, etc…

So much thinking has made me glad to get back to workouts, they clear my head.

Today’s plan, bike and do chest/triceps.

Gonna go for now, be sure to enjoy your FRIENDLY FRIDAY!!




p.s. I’m making a list can you please share some healthy “reward” ideas!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

What is it you really WANT?

Just finished with some fasted biking and will lift later…didn’t get in any workout yesterday.

Life is so good! I’m very excited for September in many ways…but have this question running through my brain recently… “What is it that you really WANT?”

I’m going to work on answering that for myself this September!

Fitness wise, My goals for the next 3 months are just to be HEALTHY and very CONSISTENT in my workouts.  I’ve been researching and RE-learning much about how the thyroid and insulin hormones work to regulate our bodies for a SEMINAR I’m teaching on Sept. 11th…it’s VERY TRUE that hormones affect EVERYTHING in our body! If we operate blindly without that realization we will NOT have the best results.

Mexico was a blast, Travis and I both really needed the time to “CHILL”, we needed to just escape.

The weather was very nice, a big mish-mosh but overall NICE most of the time.  We had 1 day where the sun was full blast and we made it a “TOTAL BEACH DAY”…it was fun to get in the water with the waves. Thankfully my toe handled most all of what we did great.  It continues to improve daily.  We worked out all but 2 days of the trip, played some ping pong, danced a bit and played pool volleyball too!

The most fun times were the conversations we had– we just really enjoy spending time together!!  We met a few interesting people too… One guy was from England, named Gram…we saw him spend HOURS trying to learn to windsurf. He would not give up! It was inspirational and fun to see him get after it at the age of 46 It inspired both Travis and I to keep trying NEW things in our life.

The kids and Grandma seemed very happy to see us, it’s so fun to come home to people that love you. Last night we all went to Gunner’s first game of the season.  He played mostly linebacker but also played some blocking back on offense. He’s very strong and much bigger than most of the kids on the field. He had some very nice hits and played very aggressive. It was fun to see!

Tonight the twins are going off to sleep overs, Gunner is going to the HS football game and Gracie’s got a friend coming over. There’s always action going on with 4 kids…They are awesome!

Time for me to get rolling on my to do’s…

Love ya,


P.S. finally updated my measurements that I hurriedly took before we left on our trip. Can see the increase in bodyfat, mostly “Belly fat”.  Overall though, I am OVER IT…having the time to just CHILL in Mexico this past week really made me understand how blessed I truly am!

 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

SSS2012 Finalist – Kathleen H. of CA

Kathleen!! I am so proud of you~ Your new “Happy Hour” is truly transforming you–in mind, body, and spirit!! It’s so cool that one of our origianl TEAM BuffMother members, Jennifer of Austria, helped encourage you along in your journey!!  I love how your tummy shrunk over the 70 days and how you are pressing forward to the goal of washboard abs by age 50. I have a feeling you may have them by 49!! Keep rockin’ it!!

Name:  Kathleen H of CA
Number of children:  18 year old daughter
Age:  48

Why did you enter the “SuperSTAR Success” contest by BuffMother?  I joined the BuffMother team SuperSTAR Success contest because I needed the motivation to tone up and shed fat.  Taking my “before” photo was a mind opening experience.  I had no idea I had let myself get so overweight and out of shape until I saw that photo and I was immediately motivated!

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?  I have always eaten clean and I exercise regularly.  However, I just started a new job, in a new city surrounded by new people and I fell prey to their ways.  Instead of working out at the end of the day, I headed to “happy hour” with the gang.  It was the useless calories of alcohol that really did me in.  So guess what I did?  I created my own “happy hour”!  That is what I labeled my workouts and it really worked for me and kept me focused.  Just as I reasoned that I earned a happy hour cocktail in the past, I flipped that around in my brain and told myself I “earned” my happy hour workout.  And it made me MUCH happier to workout than to sit around and drink after work.  That is for sure!

I also had support from my best friend Jennifer Franklin, who is a Buffmother contest winner herself.  I emailed her every day (she lives in Austria, I live in the US) what I did for my workouts and how I was feeling.  On the days when I was down and feeling like I was not gaining anything from all the effort, she put me straight and got me back on track.   She likened the experience to removing paper towels from a roll of paper towels.  And that the first couple towels you peel off, dont show, the roll looks big but as you keep peeling off the towels the effect is greater and you can see the difference.  Believe it or not, that visual really helped me to keep pushing forward.

I also made a point of letting everyone at work know that I was in this contest so that they did not tempt me or invite me to join them for beer or offer me pizza or other fattening goodies they tend to have delivered into the office.

How do you feel about your success?   I am glad I stuck with the program all the way – even when I was traveling extensively.  I sought out the gym and did not head to the bar with the rest of the crew on my countless road trips.  And guess who was always happy and peppy the next day?  You guessed right – the “new happy hour girl”!!

I see this as the first step towards my fitness goals.  I still have a long way to go in my quest for washboard abs by my 50th birthday but this contest put me on the right path.  I am now looking forward to new goals to shoot for.  By making it to the end of this contest I have proven that I have the stamina and motivation to attain my ultimate goal of fitness.
What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?  I had to change my entire mindset towards how I relaxed and decompressed after a long day at work.  It used to be that I worked hard so I figured I could play hard.  Now, when I finish a long day of work, I know the best thing I can do for myself is to hit that gym and start my happy hour workout.  By the time I am finished, I have forgotten all about what happened at work and instead am focused on how strong I now am and how many reps, sets and lbs I have lifted.  Much better!!

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?  BuffMother is an amazing community of women helping women.  Seeing pictures of you, Michelle, so fit and rock hard is a great motivator for me.  No longer can a woman blame her rolly polly belly on the fact she had children.  My goodness!  You had four and are fit beyond compare so there really is no excuse not to shine.

The way the team at BuffMother cheers one another on and supports each other is priceless.  Especially, if you are in a situation like I am wherein I  don’t have anyone around me that works out or cares about fitness.  It gave me a virtual group of friends I could hear from and read about and relate to.

Oh!  And the mini-challenges are fantastic!  What a great way to add a layer of fitness on top of the regular plan.  I have made a point of adding 100 reps of a certain exercise each week to my normal fitness routine.  It adds an element of fun to the schedule.

Can I have your permission to post your entry and photos online?  Yes

#2-Beginning/Ending STATS-

DATES taken-  8/20 and 11/5

Height:  5’9”                                       
Weight:  160 /153  – yeah!  Lost 7lbs!
Bust:  100cm  / 100 cm
Waist:  84 cm  / 81cm
Hips:  100 cm / 90 cm  

Thigh:  57cm / 51 cm  yahoo!!

Before Picture

After Picture



Drink more water!

SSS Week #9 Mini Challenge- Drink 1.5 gallons of water daily!!

Oh my!! it’s already week #9!!! your mission this week is simple– Drink 1.5 gallons of water a each day
Typically my recommendation is to drink your GOAL body weight in ounces of water daily…for example. I weigh 128 and that’s pretty much my goal so I strive to drink 128 ounces daily, that is equal to 1 gallon.

But this week let’s get more aggressive after our water intake. Let’s strive for 1.5 gallons = 192 oz or 5.7 liters or 24 cups of water.

Chug a lug!!!

WATER IS SO GOOD FOR RAISING YOU METABOLISM,Cell Function, Brain function, Nutrient Transport, Electrolyte and Mineral Balance AND ELIMINATING TOXINS


Putting in the time!

Well, hello!!  I’ve been a bit lax on my blogging the past week or so…I just don’t seem have much to say!  I’ve been deep in thought.  I’m thinking about a lot of things– I feel a new season coming in my life again–it’s time to WORK harder and smarter!  I’ve always worked hard, but not always smarter.  I get into streaks were I only work hard at the easy, fun, little stuff and ignore “BIG” items.  That’s been the case the past few months– I’ve been avoiding “big” commitments, projects and workloads.  We’ll that’s ending~ I’m back on the attack and focused on “BIG” things!

Big things take a ton of mental power- my brain has been in overdrive and it’s exciting!!  Big things also take TIME…I need be putting in the time behind my computer to make the goals I have become reality. I don’t particularly like working on the computer, but putting in the time is part of what it takes to make things happen!

ONE BIG thing I’ve been prepping for is our new contest!! It’s starting in just under 2 weeks!! August 20th!! WOW!! I’ll be posting the sign up link very soon– watch for that!!

I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off workouts- not good- no excuses– I just didn’t do it 🙁  Despite not getting in my workouts, I was productive– we got school supplies on Monday and yesterday I got a ton of business stuff done, plus a massage.  Today, I will workout- not sure what I’ll do??? IT’S ACTUALLY RAINING RIGHT NOW!! …so a run outside may not be in the cards– I’ll probably do a lower body lifting day.

time to go PUT IN THE TIME,



Day #23-FIT tip- Measure up!! Grab a measuring cup and use it this week to measure your cereal, juice, pasta and rice…you’ll be amazed at how small a cup actually is.

Day #23-Featured ARTICLE-

Shine in 49: Day 16


It’s Day 16 and time for LEGS once again–We switched up workouts this week
to a more traditional lifting routine.  Be sure to REST between sets for at least a minute and maybe even 2 in order to lift heavy.



MAKE  every rep COUNT!!

Well,  Yesterday, my 12th day of “Shine in 49” was a great one!!…my brain is finally working and I am motivation is HIGH. According to my hormonal cycle it’s time to BUFF my body!!! I am going to keep taking creatine through this buffing phase~ but the last 2 weeks of this contest I’ll cut it out, so that I can lose the tiny bit of water retention from it!

I also got to spend some time relaxing outside- I love some sunshine!!
It was a GOOD DAY!!

Your friend,


p.s. One of my favorite moves for the booty is what I call the BUTT SQUAT~

2 days to GO!

2 days

Well I got a BONUS workout of sorts yesterday…I was only planning to run, but DH wanted me to lift with him…so I did :)…I have a had time turning down an opportunity to work out with a HUNK!!

So this is how it went:
5:40pm arrive at gym- note that they now have a 2 hour limit to childcare…which is fine, I am never there longer than that anyway 🙂

r-bike 20 min…talked to a former client/personal trainer there she is going to compete an picks my brain constantly…and is very sweet about it
While waiting for DH to arrive,Run on treaddy:
intervals on odd mins starting at 3 min
9, 10, 10,11, 10, 9 for 2 min, 10, 11.5 and 11.5
my recovery was typically at 8mph

When I was done I was exhausted and the guy next to me said…”I thought your were going to run right off that thing, hee, hee” (he actullly said, hee, hee, LOL 🙂 )

so then we lifted Shoulders:
Military machine:

Freemotion shoulder press

Shrugs on smith

a series of arnolds, and lateral raises
didn’t count just worked hard

bicep curls ez bar
close grip 50×10
wide grip- slow 40x10x2

free motion bicep curls
25×20-way too light
35×20-too light

So today is Chest/tri’s and intervals again… After my photoshoot, whoohooo!!!

p.s. after faking it for days…TOM finally arrived today, always on a FRIDAY!! that stink


2 Days to GO…Support!

BuffMother's picture

Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:53pm — BuffMother

2 days to go


Be Proactive Accept what can not be changed. Happy people don’t waste energy on circumstances beyond their control. Accept your limitations as a human being. Determine how you can take control by creating the outcome you desire – rather than waiting to respond.


This week my brain has been overdrive.  I’m trying to figure out the direction I want to take in my business.  What amazes me about where I’m at is that I have TOO many options.  I don’t think most people can say that!  I’ve gone back and forth- should I dive in- hire help, attack all angles? OR should I scale back and focus my effort towards one specific goal?  I’m at a crossroads I can’t continue on down the same path….Change must happen.

Today was all about business branding and tough questions, like: “What photos are too sexy? What is the message I’m selling?  What is the true mission?  How do I stay true to myself while conforming to a markeing model?”…Guidance from ABOVE is where I need to go with those issues.

Despite my brain being on overdrive, I had a good day.  I got GRAZED by a head cold, so I slept in…I feel good and know I’ll be feeling 100% by tomorrow.

Today’s workout was Chest/Tri’s and intervals with my son Gunner.  We were both texting while trying to workout– that doesn’t work the greatest.  In the end it was the perfect workout for today.

It’s time to get the kids to bed, I’ll see you in the morning!



Sizzlin' in 6 day 12~ Buffing Begins!

HI!! It’s Day 12 and time for LEGS once again– we are going to do the same workout we did on Day 9 ( ) . It’s the LAST time you are going to do this workout during the contest….MAKE IT COUNT!!

Well Yesterday, my 11th day of “Sizzlin’ in 6” was a great one!!…my brain is finally working and I am motivation is HIGH.  It was cycle day 5 and time to BUFF my body!!! I am going to keep taking creatine through this buffing phase~ my weight is 128.   Buffing began with a GREAT leg workout~ yay!

warm up- Rbike 10 mins

115x10x2 sets

Sissy squats
3 sets of about 20 reps

paired with Dead Lifts
65×10+10conventional x 3 sets

45 degree hack- 2 sets High reps low weight- just machine
paired with Seated Calf raises
95x10x2 sets…started cramping here.  I took Creatine pre-workout and I do better taking it post workout due to cramping.  I need to remember that!

Smith lunges
70x10x3 sets

paired wit Butt Squats
in between set here I did some abs on a decline bench- it irritated my back, so I had to take it easy the rest of my workout

Knee extensions

leg curls
70×10- my lower back hurt on these…so I called it quits.

Oh and here’s a quick summary of Wed’s- Chest, tri workout:
warm up bike and some chest press
Bench- I did a pyramid-

other exercises:
Incline hammer strength machine
Incline Flys
Skull Crushers

I also got to spend some time relaxing outside and watched some more of “24” we are now on season 3 :).  It was a GOOD DAY!!

I’ll be back to post about today in a bit~ it’s FRIENDLY FRIDAY!! REMEMBER TO BE FRIENDLY TODAY!!!

your friend,


p.s. if you are wondering here is a video of  BUTT SQUATS~

Focused On Solutions!

I am keeping Focused on Solutions in my life this week~ POSITVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!! YES!! I am victorious!!

DH and I took yesterday of of tennis but we did lift, an upper body a “Push/Pull” workout:

seated row

lat pulls

Shoulder press

Then today I got up and did a 10 min run followed by 4- 100meter Sprints…and then we played tennis for 1.5 hours in the HOT HUMID weather! I think I sweat about a gallon of water!

I’ll be set to start buffing next week!! YAY! I can’t wait for my brain to start working again~!!

FYI- The crazy hormones made me weigh in at 133 yesterday~ 5 pounds of water over night! I am back down to 128 again today!! YAY!

I gotta go find a solution to my starvation!

See Ya!!


POA goal cross off chart- from Sunday (7/11) to Sunday 7/18)

Lift (1) Sprint (1) Tennis(1)
Lift (2) Sprints (2) Tennis(2)
Lift (3) Run (1) Tennis(3)
Lift (4)
Lift (5)