How to WIN the “Shine in 49” Contest (day 3)

Winning!! ~ how to win “Shine in 49” (day 3)

I am a competitor, I don’t enter into a contest without the determination to actually win it! In order to win, we must begin with the end in mind– that’s part of why I encouraged you to journal earlier this week and why I am sharing the final entry form with you today:

Shine in 49 ENTRY FORM

Read it so you can BEGIN with the END in mind.

I challenge you take the next 7 weeks and work your hardest so that you can attain a body that SHINES with confidence!!

Contest Prizes*:
1st Place– an 8 week MIRACLE 8 Customized online training program with Michelle Berger, BuffMother (worth $2000)!! PLUS “The Royal Treatment”~ you get all of my products FREE for an entire year~ Books, supplement, shirts, video coaching and the Rally Room!

2nd Place– The Royal Treatment~ you get all of my products except customized online training for FREE for an entire year~ Books, supplement, shirts, video coaching and the Rally Room!

FINALISTS= anyone who submits a complete final entry- you will get a FREE “BuffMother!” shirt

A panel of 5 judges (leaders in Team BuffMother) will pick their top 3 picks for the WINNER based on participation, results, attitude and the “light” shining within. Each judges picks will be put on a piece of paper (15 little pieces of paper) will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn from there.

Suggested Optional Participation:

  • Be an active member of the Rally Room (the judges of the contest are Rally Room leaders, so the more “visible” to them you are the better chance you have at winning)
  • Consider joining our TEAM BuffMother Facebook group:
  • Blog your progress and encourage others in the contest (a great place to do this is in the Rally Room )
  • Weekly post your POA (plan of attack) for the next week
  • Weekly do your best to participate in the “weekly MINI challenge”

Each and every one of you CAN WIN this Contest~ Please participate and let’s enjoy the synergy of TEAM BuffMother! working together towards being continually FOCUSED on being our BEST!!!!

Shine in 49 ENTRY FORM– Once the 49 day contest is complete….please submit this word documentย  along with your stats and photos to

This is the information the judges will receive and will judge you upon~ so do your best- SHINE!!!
Here’s a awesome video that give you an insight into what the judges are looking for in a WINNER:

CAN YOU PLEASE COMMENT WITH TOPIC IDEAS/?’sย  that you’d like me to address.




30 Replies to “How to WIN the “Shine in 49” Contest (day 3)

  1. It’s 8:38PM here in Hawaii…my legs are exhausted, Day 2 Complete!! I’m thankful for the guidelines you provided; printed it up, studied it and sleeved it to carry in the gym. I have to say I’m liking the Circuit Style Workouts…and I don’t feel so lost with my guide in hand. I don’t have the explanation on the Ab exercises, so I’ve tried to do a few that target different zones.

    Eating has been a bit of a challenge! Not that I’m eating too much, but maybe not enough =( With being at work, even though I have packed snacks and shakes, I don’t always get the chance to eat when that 2.5-3 hour mark is approaching. I’m still trying to figure out how to make it work without someone complaining that I’m eating during work vs lunch hours. Working on it!!

    I love that Wednesday is an ‘Off Day’ because that’s a run around for my Baby Girl day for the next couple weeks, and it just works out perfect!

    I don’t think I’ll be able to link up for the Conference call, but one thing that I would like to get info on is ‘Baby-Belly.’ I actually started in the gym about a month ago, and with losing weight I have all the loose skin from when I was pregnant deciding to grace me with its presence. Is there ways to help combat that? To tighten it up? Is the only solution really surgery, or is there hope? I should probably add that I was pregnant 9 years ago, so it’s not new stretched skin. AND what vitamins, supplements are a MUST on a daily basis? Seems like everyone has their own take and it’s pretty confusing to have to decide.

    Yesterday I did some Journal time before bed. Have to admit, I think I got a little carried away with it…but what can I say, I was in a flow! I’ve designated a time to check on my new emails and commit to Journal Time or Comment, I’m making it my right-before-bed routine. Super jazzed about the next 47 days to come.

    Okie-dokie, time to get the vital rest time in too!!

    This is Anastasia, saying Mahalo from Hawaii!

  2. To Bonnie:I eat a 1/4 cup of almonds before I work out and feel great! Its all about attitude; I posted several motivational sayings around my workout equipment and when I get discouraged during a workout, I look at them! Keep up the good work!

    After my workout yesterday I was feeling great! Took my stats and was encouraged; they werent as bad as I thought I have also had 4 children. My encouragement is trying to get in good enough shape I can do a contest in either figure or bikini…I have worked as a suit designer for Suits by Amy for the last 3 years and I would like to make one for myself!!! Best of luck to everyone!

  3. Hello!! I made it!! having a stretch day today and have completed two workouts.

    Yes its hard but I spend an hour watching tv so whats an hour looking after my body eh?

    Lets do this

    Denise from the UK xx

  4. Cool to hear it Jessica!! I love when stats give me confidence. Neat to hear you are a suit designer- do you have a site?

  5. Can I come visit you?? LOL!! I love Hawaii!!
    I agree with you I am loving the circuit style workouts. I’ve been working out with my son since Jan and we’ve not incorporated any circuits (he needs tons of supervision, lol)…So it’s a fun change for me too!!
    I love that you are dedicated to journal– I am most productive in my life when I journal– it really helps me keep prioritized and grounded!

  6. I got started one day late, so I did the first workout yesterday and am doing legs today.
    I had a health assessment yesterday for my husband’s insurance, and once again it was a slap in the face. Time to wake-up girl and get serious. I’ve been half-heartedly working out for the last month, but was missing intesity. So when I found this website and contest, I knew it was for me.
    My goal is to lose body fat and gain strength. I’m not sure how much loss is reasonable in 7 weeks, 3-4% probably? So my goal is 4% body fat loss in 7 weeks. I don’t so much look at my scale weight as I am pretty heavily muscled–I just have a good cushion over top right now.
    I journal regularly anyway, but yesterday, I dug out a couple of photos from when I felt my best, and when I felt my worst. The difference in my smile in those two photos is both amazing and sad. So I journalled about how differently I felt then and now–how my confidence spilled over into every area in my life. I’m not one to think that my happiness relies on a certain size, but the way I look definately affects the way I feel affecting every other area in my life–my career, my marriage, my ambition, my confidence, and yes my happines. So it was really good to explore that and put it out there for me to see, feel and decide what my next step was going to be.

  7. Aloha Jessica! I loved reading your comment, especially the line ‘I can do a contest in either figure or bikini’! That’s my EXACT long term goal I’m going to achieve. Power to us on this OUTSTANDING journey!! Thank you for sharing =)

  8. Concerning the loose skin, have you ever heard of “skin brushing”? I have had some good success with it, although I haven’t made it enough of a real habit. There are tons of women who swear by it. A couple of them having lost well over a hundred pounds, and never needed surgery to remove excess skin because they did their skin brushing daily. Plus, it feels really good ๐Ÿ™‚ The concept is that you are sloughing off dead skin cells and stimulating production of collagen and increasing elasticity. It’s at least worth looking into. Good luck!

  9. Like j5taylo above, I’m insanely busy and stressed right now. I work full time and am in the 5th year of working on a PhD in Genomic Statistics. I have 4 kids – 16yo daughter, 9 yr old son and 7yr old twin sons. I’m taking a class (over next week), trying to finish and submit my first original manuscript by May 31, and complete my dissertation in the next 6 months. And to top it off, my husband was laid off 4 weeks ago.

    To say that I am overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.

    Maybe I’m crazy for trying this challenge, but I figure that I NEED to get back in shape and make just a few minutes a day for exercise. It will help my stress levels, help bring my blood pressure down again, and make me feel better about myself. Until hubby finds another job we’re saving every penny, so I can’t buy the books or supplements right now, but I have a good handle on my diet (our whole family is gluten-free/paleo and hubby is a fabulous cook) … and I can’t put an hour a day into journaling calories and workouts and posting, but I WILL start investing in myself and my health again!

  10. I feel bombarded with info. Trying to keep it simple, but maybe I missed some of the instructions. Do we have to do your workouts Michelle? Or are those for gals that dont already have a routine in place?
    Do I blog or respond to this site everyday? Or just to the Rally Room?

  11. Me again….. I just saw on the email to post here today. I am feeling awesome. Did a bootcamp class today, and my clean eating has been on target as well! I luckily have momentum at this time and am loving it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. If I am in my hormonal boosting phase do I still start with 1&2 or do I do 3&4 then go back to 1 and 2 I’m very confused. I am on c-21 in my cycle

  13. I also started a few days late. I did upper body yest and I am about to do legs…. I am really looking foward to seeing the results at the end of this contest. Michelle you are an inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I am limping along, literally. I need both knees replaced, and will have that done this summer. I’m a nursing student at the end of the last semester before graduation(LPN) and on clinical days, I’ve got so much pain happening that I can barely drag myself up the steps. I’m trying to formulate a game plan, but am not coming up with much, honestly…any suggestions would be great.

  15. I’ve done my pics and getting stats ready! The pics are a motivator…yucky:(
    Hard to get into pattern of writing everything! But Im really excited for final result!!

  16. Not to thrilled with how my pictures look, can’t wait to compare them to the new me at the end!!!

  17. Mahalo Jennifer! I’ll look into that…never heard of it before, so it’ll all be new to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I am sooooo excited about the next 7 weeks! I have very specific goals and this well thought out plan of you have created will help me to achieve them. I am a detailed person and therefor really appreciate the attention you have given to this program; from the workout plan to the nutritional information, the measurements needed (and how to take them, as well as tons of tips!

    After reading all of the information you have provided, I have some printed out in a binder, for easy logging and referral purposes. I also started a desktop folder to keep the information organized. That inspired me to organize a fitness schedule for myself. I thought of what cardio I like (dancing & hiking…no machines) and when I can get to the gym for weight training figuring I’ll be more successful by setting the dates and times. I am very proud of how that weekly spreadsheet turned out! I also created menus for the next week, which will help keep the grocery list on track and prevent me from reaching for “faux food” because I don’t have real food readily availible.

    There is one area that I haven’t figured out yet and maybe you can discuss it on your conference call: Supplements (other than whey). There are sooooo many to choose from! Should we take them? If so, which ones?

    Thank you for giving me that kick start I needed to moving!

  19. Isn’t a wonderfule feeling! I am feeling great this week, like I have finally taken the jump and am on the right path. Good luck to you and make sure you check out Suits by Amy when you get ready to buy your competition suit!

  20. Day 4 and all is great; I even did a little extra run today after my arms, intervals on the elliptical and abs. This program is great because I have all the equipment I need in my home and dont have to go to a gym; I find it very hard to work out in front of anyone.

  21. stay focused on what you can do!! Upper body, abs, stretching, focus on diet, etc….
    if you focus on the CANS you won’t be held back by the CAN’ts ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. So excited about this!! This is my birthday “gift” to myself. I’ve been exercising and ran into a stumbling block. I found out yesterday that my knee isn’t sitting in the grove like it’s supposed to be. So no running, squats, sprints, etc. But I’m not going to let that get me down!! I am doing this!! So me and the station bicycle will be BFFs! This week my POA is to not drink any sodas!!
    Let’s get fit ladies!!!

  23. I feel your pain… I almost cried when I looked at my pictures. I’m very determined to truly “Shine”!!

  24. Good for you Mikki! I’m positive you will have great results! I started working out in December with Michelle’s contests and you see results fast! Good luck!

  25. I think we are always our worst critics ๐Ÿ™ I didn’t like mine either when I first started Michelle’s program back in December, but trust me, you will see results fast! Good luck!

  26. I listened in on this conference call and it was very informative. I wish I could be a part of the rally room but finances won’t allow. Maybe next contest:)

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