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June is the BEST Month!

Hi! Happy June!!

I believe June is the best month of the year!

Workout today

Squat 45×10- warm up plus hip rotations, hip pendulum, femur rotations

Bulgarians BWx10 warm up

Romanian Dead Lifts

Knee Extensions
115×10+5VMOx 3sets

Hip ups/Ball Leg Curls
BWx20 hip ups narrow10, wide 10
BWx10 Ball leg curls

Yesterday, I ran outside at around 10 am, down the hill around the loop 4 times and up again. Walked some, and took it rather easy, but I can feel it today. Run Keeper stats: 1.61 miles, 16:37 duration
The day before we were traveling home from MN and I got in a short run on the treadmill, about 10 mins worth.

While in MN didn’t do any official workouts but was active most days. An entire day at Worlds of Fun, Tubing, Biking, Boccee ball, Pool party with corn hole and diving board fun but overall I felt it was a major break from workouts.  Now I am on task to get feeling good for my bday on June 14th and be in tip-top shape by my Anniversary August 28th. We hope to go on vacation for it!!

Oh my BACK!

Well, this week is my kid’s Spring break and my plan was to have a few “fun” outings with them, but NO, I hurt my back instead.

I’ve had a few times when I’d say my back has “gone out” in my life.  The first time was when my son Gunner was a baby and then over and over and over again for years.  Each time the pain level was variable.  About 4 of those times, insanely bad, where I couldn’t move fore several days.  Over the past 6 years, my back has been rather good. I rehabed from a major sciatic issue and was super anal and carfefult to keep my back heatlhy.  During that time I’d squat 2x’s a week along with doing all sorts of extra “Butt” work.  So this bad back injury, was the first I’ve really had to endure in a while.  It sucks!  Thankfully it is getting better!

Some of the workouts I created during that time include these 10

And The MY BOOTY challenge last May

Feel free to try them out, they are all FREE and on YouTUBE 🙂

I hurt it my lower back on Monday while warming up for leg day.  I was doing some ball transfers and thought I’d go ahead and put the ball all the way over my head with my feet.  I did about 3 reps fine, then on the 4th PAIN!!! my back locked up and that was it! I spent the rest of Monday, All day Tuesday and most of Wednesday rather immobile.  I did get to the chiro yesterday at noon. Dr. Dillon Crawford of Natural State Chiropratic,  was perplexed and thinks most of the issue was systematic. My hip muscles are simply turning off leading to the injury.  I go back on Tuesday for him to do some supplement testing to see if I am taking something that is causing my system to be so mad!  I am moving a bit better today but still have most of my pain in my left hip.

In other news, school is going ok. I got a better grade on my second Genetics exam, so I am not as worried about that class. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for a couple of my classes.  Just 50 days until graduation and most of my coursework will be done at least a week before that!! YAY!!

Gunner started a new job today at Ruth Chris’ in Rogers as a server assitant, he looked so handsome heading off to work in his dress clothes uniform.  I should have taken a picture, duh…I have been so bad at taking pictures these days.  Gotta make that a focus, my kids are growing up so fast!

The girls (Tia and Gracie) just got home from the track, post office, store and doing the Wal-Mart grocery pick up. It’s nice to have Gracie as a driver, to do my errands while I am injured…. however she doesn’t know where she is going at all!  I assured her if she gets lost she will not die!

I’ve been researching a few things today.  Wix websites, Buti Yoga, PT Distinction, Caste System, etc…

Fyi…One of my courses is a World Film Class, this is the discussion board post I put up about the movie “Water”

I liked so much about this movie. The beauty of it, the music, the characters, and the authenticity made it a high quality film. That said, I didn’t like the sad story.  I honestly never new about the bad treatment of widows in India.  Them being left to support themselves with no support was bad enough, but burdening them with the belief they were dirty, cursed and unholy because of their husbands death is inhumane. I did know that many Indian girls get married very young, but never thought it was that young!  A girl being a widow at the age of 8, how does that make sense on any level?  The love story between Kalyani and Narayan was the highlight of the film for me. It was a true story of love at first sight.  When she realized his father was one of her prositiution clients my heart broke for her.  She felt so ashamed and dirty that she drowned herself.  The film was just so sad!

Chuyia was such a sweet yet firery little lady.  I felt so bad about her fate to be left alone without her parents at the age of 8.  She was truly a fun addition to the ashram. The ladies seemed to fall in love with her instantly.  Despite their love for her, once Kalyani died, Chuyia was sent off to the wolves as a prostitute. The widows needed someone to take Kaylyani’s place as the “bread winner”.  Sadly, stories like this are all too true even today.  Sex for money is the life many women in tough situations face.  It’s a big cultural issue in India even now, especially for widows like those in Water. It’s also a problem so many other places. Sex slavery is a huge issue for our culture and hopefully more awareness from movies like Water will help us overcome the issue.

My Spring Break

My first “Spring Break” as a student since 1997…honestly it’s been the nicest one ever. I had alway had my spring breaks in the midst of horrible ND and MN winters plus during the end of Indoor Track Season or start of Outdoor Track season.  No fun crazy college trips for me!  Being here in Arkansas is so much nicer, I have been able to relax a bit more than the past couple months, but my busy life still keeps me hoppin’!

Yesterday, Travis and I took our conceal to carry renewal range test. It was fun and we totally recommend Joel Edwarda of  He also does extended conceal to carry courses for private groups.  I don’t think Travis and I will go that route yet as we typically don’t even use our current CTC much.  I think it doing our range test at Parker’s Range in Rogers was a good way for us to protest the 17 minute student walk out gun protest today!  Let’s keep our 2nd Amendment rights STRONG!  #MAGA

I ended up working when I got home, then hit the trail for a good run outside on the trail.  I ran 15 mins total, pretty much a steay pace down the hill, around my loop 4 times then back up….I ran up the entire way, which is a LONG UPHILL!  After that I did some stretching, quickly changed, then grabbed the girls from school and headed to Gentry for Layla’s piano lessons.  She takes them from a homeschooled highschool senior named Jayme Stabel in Gentry.

On the way we got McD’s and a few groceries.  Once home, Travis and I checked my H 2’s transmission fluid, coolant level, burned the trash, a pile of brush, put up a deer feeder, pulled a blown over/broken down carport out of our pond, cut the tarp off it and then we chilled out watching bunnys play in the sunset.  It was a nice night, capped off by Travis cooking burgers for us!  That happens more and more lately 🙂

Today Gracie has a track meet here in Gravette.  She’s running the 200m dash for the first time ever in a meet.  Plus, the 4×100, 400 and probably the 4×400.  This season she’s been wanting to try more sprints and has been practicing the hurdles.  She had a rough crash on those 2 weeks ago, so she’s still trying to get over that…hopefully she can and run a race or 2 of those soon!

On my school front, I have a paper due next Friday.  Some catch up work to do for Genetics and an English Revision hanging over my head.  I suppose I should get those done today along with another YOGA workout plus some AB work, I’ll do this series of 100 ABS on the ball (but will probably do higher reps).

100 abs on ball follow along workout- 10 different ab exercises on the ball for a total of 100 abs!
Full ball sit ups
Ball Transfers
Side Ball Crunches
Lower Back Extensions
Heel Touches
Middle Touches
10 of Each for 100 abs total

My legs, but especially are still super sore from Monday’s workout otherwise I was supposed to do them today.  I’ll push them to tomorrow.

That’s all for me, what’s happening in your life?



p.s. This is the yoga workout I plan to do today

Yoga journey

I am not a YOGA person, I have always enjoyed some of the moves, but often the pace of yoga and the religious mantras of the practice have turned me off.  After some soul searching yesterday, I realized that my workouts need to evolve a bit. I have different goals than I did 15 years ago and yet my workouts have stayed quite the same.  It’s time to shake them up.

Today I stared doing just that, I did 2 yoga workout with “Yoga with Adriene”

who I have been following online for at least 3 years, SHE ROCKS!!   She’s got a TRUE 30 day series I signed up for, and is constantly adding new content.

I did day 1 and day 2-  These 2 were very slow moving yet very easy.  I did them outside in the sun, it was Sunsational.

Mondaying for a Multipotentialite

I am going to try to get back into blogging, I had some website issues last month that prevented me from writing much.  I have been busy taking classes. This week, I have my first big project due for English and my first test in Genetics.  Plus, other homework in my other 3 classes….it’s my 5th week of classes and thankfully it’s going by fast!

This week I am determined to make myself get on the bike while doing basic reading and video watching for classes.  So….

Bike 25+ mins while watching videos for school.

Emilie Wapnick of

Ted Talk about Multipotentialites- which is me 100%

Daniel Pink Author of “Drive”

Lifted Chest, ABS,

115×5 captain chair knee ups 15, 10 straigt leg raises each side
125x5x2 ab wheel 15, wipers knees bent 15

Incline fly
35’sx8 hyperextensions for abs 15 full

Too hungry to lift anymore, so I went and ate 🙂

NDSU and weights

This week I have had success with starting back at school and also at getting in my weight workouts.

M-First day of Classes and Legs
T-Back, shoulders, butt and chiro appt
W- Bench (top set 135x8reps, recent PR!) and standing overhead press

Today- Some easy bike while reading, Squats and Biceps
Warm up light squats and good mornings
135x 10, 155×10,155×5, 175x5x2sets

Bicep curls- precher curl machine- had to shorten the ROM due to wrist pain
75×10+ 10 tiny

Bicep curls 55x10x3sets paired with reverse hypers, hip thrusts and hip ups

Booty was burning, plan for tomorrow is to get in some more upper body/booty work at the gym. Next week I need to add in running again 🙂

Christmas tree is finally decorated, NOW I can run!

Finally got the tree trimming finished (been working on that since Dec 1)…so I hit treadmill! Ran a 5k on treadmill of 2 min intervals 2x8mph, 2×8.2mph, 2×8.2mph then did the #5 day 2 #booty workout and stretching for my #yearendrearend  challenge!  SEE Below for VIDEO!

Yesterday I got in a good booty and back workout at the gym- plus some bonus work on it with clients– WORKING that booty hard this month and I can see changes in the mirror!  I’ll plan to take some Jan 1 pics and compare to my last set to see if there is enough change to notice it in pics.

Leg Press- 3 sets increased to 2 plates each side– lots of reps and calves too
Pull ups (assisted) 3×10 various hand positions #25

Lat Pulls- 3×10 reps @90
Leg Extensions- various foot positons, 10 reps +5 toes out mostly 4 sets of 110, 110, 130, 130

Rows 105×10, 120×10, 110×10
Adductions- 50x 60x 80# I do these pretty much to failure- sets of 20-30 reps

Leg Curls- 110×10, 2 sets, 130×4 reps+110×7
Leg Abductions- 60-80# I do these pretty much to failure- sets of 20-30 reps

In other news, I need to probably go shopping a bit more tomorrow.  AND tonight we have a big fun VIKINGS game going on!! Vikes vs. Green Bay if we win, we get home field advantage through the playoffs.

Gunner is at work until 6, Gracie ran today too, Tia built a baby snowman, Layla has been chilling as has Travis. I am off now to eat some of the pot roast I cooked earlier and hit the grocery store 🙂

Have a wonderful super amazing Christmas!

Love, Michelle


Vacation starts!!

Hey all!! Merry Christmas!

Today marked the beginning of Christmas vacation for my kids. No more school this year!! As for me, I still have some work to accomplish on Friday, but other than that I am all about THE FAMILY this week.  We plan to make some cut out cookies here soon and then tomorrow go shopping, out to eat and bowling!

My workout yesterday almost killed me!

Heavy squats, deads and some other leg stuff, I am sore. Today was a short upper body lift- some pull ups, push ups, rows, shoulder presses and a few abs, then a 1 mile run on the treadmill and STRETCHING session.


11 Components of Fitness

What does being fit mean to you? WHAT IS FITNESS?

How you define it will most likely be very different from what many other people think. Similar to politics and religion the question can lead to heated debates!

Scholars have whittle down the meaning of fitness to this summed up definition:  Fitness is the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. It is comprised of 11 components that contribute to one’s quality of life.

11 components are a lot! Seriously, no wonder fitness is so diverse and hard to define for the average Joe!  Basically, there are 5 components that are HEALTH related and 6 that are SKILL related.  As a trainer it’s my job to try to integrate all the Health related components into a client’s lifestyle while also teaching and integrating the more “athletic” or SKILL components into a client’s workout plan in order to create optimal fitness.  What are the components of Fitness? The first 5 are HEALTH and the last 6 are SKILL:

  1. Body Composition
  2. Cardiovascular Fitness
  3. Flexablility
  4. Muscular Endurance
  5. Strength
  6. Agility
  7. Balance
  8. Coordination
  9. Power
  10. Reaction Time
  11. Speed

Many popular fitness programs do not incorporate all 11 components. For example: yoga…is mainly about flexibility and balance, so can a yogi be truly fit by definition?  What about a marathon runner? They run an run and run some more so they are mainly working their Cardiovascular Fitness and Muscular Endurance.   Is a marathon runner fit?

I believe the answer is Yes! Yogis and Marathoners are fit. One does not need to be an expert at all 11 components in order to be fit.  But, I do believe, one needs to be conscious of all 11 and understand that in order to be your best, your fittest, you do need to incorporate all 11 components. You do not have to be an expert them but you do need to incorporate the concepts connected with them.

It is quite often that a new client comes to me with very little basic fitness knowledge, most of what they know about fitness has been gleaned from fitness product commercials and elementary school PE class.  Very few clients have ever been exposed to what i term Fitness 101 information.  I take it for granted because I grew up an 4+ sport athlete, loved PE, read fitness books and magazines in my free time and went on to study exercise science in college. I am a fitness nerd and forget that the average person has very limited TRUE knowledge about fitness.

My goal is to empower you to be your fittest! I want to empower you with the knowledge of Fitness 101 that will enable you to understand your body and become your BEST!  Watch for more posts and video content digging deeper into Fitness!  We’ll call it Fitness 101, just like in college 🙂



Just today a client of mine sent me a link to a Dr. Gundry video, I like him 🙂  He’s a highly experienced cardiac doctor who has turned to functional medicine.   He talks my talk: microbiome, gut bugs, dna, gentics, eating meat and greens, etc… One thing that he also talks a lot about is Lectins which he believes is the ROOT CAUSE of leaky gut and the horrible problems that is causes because of inflammation in the body.  Like heart disease, auto immune diseases and diabetes to name a few.  I’ve watched about 4 of his youtube videos today and am excited to see more and possibly read his new book “The Plant Paradox”.  Check him out

My booty is so sore today from my workout, sheesh. The workout certainly worked!  I did back, shoulders, biceps and abs today:

Shoulder press 40×10, 40×10 backwards, 60×10, 80×9
Rows 90×10, 105×10, 120×8, 110×10
Lat pulls 90×10, 105×10, 110×10
Leg Extensions- 110×10 + some toes in x2sets, 130×10 + 5 toes in
Wide cable lat pulls on knees 32.5each sidex10x3sets
paired with Posedown bicep curls 15×12, 20×8, 20×8, 15×10
Straight arm pull downs 40x10x2sets
Cable bicep curl 40x10x2sets
Upright row on cable 20×15
Adductions 60x10forward far+10 forward+10 sitting normal
Weighted ab machine 80×15, 90×10

I also trained a couple clients, so that’s always some extra activity 🙂

We finally got some of our Christmas decorations out yesterday, so I spent the afternoon clearing out the spot for our tree and organizing/cleaning up the mess it makes to decorate.  Hoping to get the tree up tomorrow.

My eating this week has been horrible! I start the day off good but then have not been prepared and end up eating pizza or a mcdouble– sheesh! I have good food in the fridge, I just need to EAT IT!.  Off to prep some food now 🙂

Have a great night!