Runs, Golfing and Trampolines

So today is Monday and I last checked in with you on Thursday for my All Days In August challenge Fri- Run outside in the […] Read More

All Days August

My goal this August is due at least 11 minutes per day of a workout THUS, “All days in August”. Yesterday I didn’t get it […] Read More

June is the BEST Month!

Hi! Happy June!! I believe June is the best month of the year! Workout today Squat 45×10- warm up plus hip rotations, hip pendulum, femur […] Read More

Oh my BACK!

Well, this week is my kid’s Spring break and my plan was to have a few “fun” outings with them, but NO, I hurt my […] Read More

My Spring Break

My first “Spring Break” as a student since 1997…honestly it’s been the nicest one ever. I had alway had my spring breaks in the midst […] Read More

Yoga journey

I am not a YOGA person, I have always enjoyed some of the moves, but often the pace of yoga and the religious mantras of […] Read More

Mondaying for a Multipotentialite

I am going to try to get back into blogging, I had some website issues last month that prevented me from writing much.  I have […] Read More

NDSU and weights

This week I have had success with starting back at school and also at getting in my weight workouts. M-First day of Classes and Legs […] Read More

Christmas tree is finally decorated, NOW I can run!

Finally got the tree trimming finished (been working on that since Dec 1)…so I hit the treadmill! Ran a 5k on the treadmill of 2 min […] Read More

Vacation starts!!

Hey all!! Merry Christmas! Today marked the beginning of Christmas vacation for my kids. No more school this year!! As for me, I still have […] Read More