First off, I need to say Happy birthday to Darcie!!  TEAM BuffMother would be totally different without you– I appreciate you so much and am so glad God brought you into my life.  I hope your day and year are amazing!!


Next, I wanted to just give you a “sickness” update. I am still on the mend. Probably at about 85% healthy. My lungs and nose are still a bit stuffy– and energy levels  are not at their normal just yet. Hoping that by mid week I’ll be feeling better.


Thirdly, I recorded a video today about my new Diet bet


Fourthly, I also recorded a video about Gym Angel Energy Angel…




Fifthly, I’ve decided to start training clients “in the gym”…working on my POA for that.  I’m excited about it though.  I’ll post more info about it soon!!


Anyhow, I rode bike this morning, but I’m taking today off lifting workouts. I need to HEAL UP from leg workout on Saturday and knock this flu out for good!


Here’s my POA for the week:

M- Bike 20 mins

T- Bike 20 mins/Back lifting

W- Chest lifting and easy run

Th- Bike 20 mins and Legs

Fri- Run

Sat- Back/Sh/Biceps

Sun- run


Abs daily in prep for FAB ABS FEB!! WE start the 2nd on and here in the Rally Room (


Let’s have a great HEALTHY week!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Weekend News!

HI Ya’ll,

It’s a rainy day here in Arkansas…cool too, 54 is supposed to be the high. Very weird considering Thursday it was in the mid-80’s. That’s how it goes here though. You never know what the weather will be like one day to the next.

Anyhow, thought I’d share some updates with you:


#1- On November 11th I will be hosting my first game BuffMother’s Hot Holidays on; they have asked me to become one of their “celebrity” host…a very cool honor!

Be sure to check it out, it’s a great concept to PUT your MONEY where your Mouth is, You basically BET $30 that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days and then follow along with the game striving to attain your goal. If you do lose the weight you get your money back, plus possibly more because all the winners SHARE the pot… and that works for extra motivation!!


I’ve also started a group on DietBet: you can join for free! Let’s be sure to REPRESENT Team BuffMother there! We are such an amazing FORCE of POSITIVITY!!



#2- Be sure to read and comment on today’s featured “SEXY” posts:

6 to Sexy~ day 20: Rest is SEXY

Romantic Movies = Sexy


#3- I uploaded this short video with 4 tips about revealing your SEXY ABS yesterday Please comment and share


#4- I am close to making the decision to develop an APP…Please let me know what kind of items you’d love to see featured on it. So far I’ll be including workouts, diet, some meal plans, access to the Rally Room, shopping options, an INTERACTION board where we can “talk” and a camera for you to upload progress pics, etc… is who will be developing it for me.


I have more “stuff” to talk about, but not quite the time yet to share. Loads of stuff going on to help us help more people!! Go Team BuffMother!!


I’m off to ride my bike then CLEAN– the “deal” I’m swinging with my DD’s is to clean for 3 hours then our reward will be to go to a MOVIE!


Should be good, have a SEXY SATURDAY!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

March and beyond goals

New MONTH, time to write about My goals and a few thoughts:

  1. First off~ I ‘ve posted in the forum are theme for March…it should be a fun good goal for us all!!  “KISS-ABLE March” Rally Room theme
  2. Start a track club here in town: I am working towards this right now. I have a long list of TO DO items and have to go to Tulsa on the 21-23 of March for a Level 1 coaching certification course.  I need to get registered by March 7th. Prior to that I really need to talk with the local Athletic Director, City Rec dept. and Track coaching staff about my plans just to be sure I am “allowed” to pursue the idea
  3. Learn and compete in a jujitsu meet sometime in the next year or 2:  this goal goes hand in hand with my love for MMA. About 4 years back, I started training some MMA in a women’s only class.  It was fun but that was when my BUTT/Sciatic flared up and got the worst it has ever been.  So I had to quit. Since then I’ve realized that kicking with my left leg is 100% off limits!  Thus, kickboxing is a not an option.  BUT the grappling/jujitsu part is a “safer” option.
  4. Continue on working towards my new years resolutions-MY TOP 4 New Year Resolutions/Goals!!
    1. Take more pictures and videos of my kids.  They are growing up too fast.  I must make an ON PURPOSE effort to capture them!
    2. Attack my Financial Goals, It’s my “Golden” year so this only makes sense
    3. Learn more about my Heritage.  I am on a quest to find out more about my family tree and my Scandinavian and German heritage.
    4. Attack some “scary” goals again!! I’ve gotten a bit conservative with my goals recently.  I expect that to change this year!
  5. Do a bit more modeling and acting.  I was invited to a casting for another movie last night…I couldn’t due to family obligations. However it did raise a curiosity in my head about the idea of doing more projects.  The current movie (which starts shooting again next Saturday) is taking more of my time that I had expected.  But the reality is that most roles would not be this time consuming or intense!  I would like to complete my updated resume/headshots by the end of April.
  6. Work on my business goals.  I have a few really amazing opportunities right now with BuffMother LLC and some potential partnerships.  I need to attack the BIG things.
  7. Work on my BODY goals.  I decided this week that part of my recent self-sabotage issues has been lack of a clear measurable goal.  I’ve changed my mindset about that this week and it’s working!  My goal is to be 128 by Sunday!

Seeing all this written down is a bit overwhelming!  I have lots to do and need to manage/leverage my time more efficiently!  I guess that needs to be another goal of mine….


Maybe if I get really “KISS-Able” this month I can lure a bunch of Minions to do my work for me, lol!!


Time to go…this afternoon my niece has a baby shower, the first GRANDBABY for my SIL and the first GREAT GRAND BABY in our family…So it’s a BIG TIME celebration!! The perfect time to give out some kisses!! and be KISS-ABLE!!


Love ya’s,




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

“Get Buff”- Day 5

“Get Buff”- Day 5



Day #5
Rest day

If you missed any of the workouts from days 1-4 today would be a perfect day make up that workout~!! If you ever miss a day of workouts- SHIFTING your workouts a day forward is better than SKIPPING them entirely.
30 days isn’t a long time, but BURN OUT can happen fast- It’s very key to PACE yourself and incorporate REST DAYS into your workout program for your physical and mental success!

Today’s Diet focus:

Try new food or recipe- Variety is key to diet success!

The Rally Room has a GREAT Recipe section– check out some of the great ones listed and PLEASE add yours!!!

AND….please comment with ideas of NEW foods, what you tried for your food, and with any other questions, tips, or thoughts!


GET BUFF contest!!

Our NEW Contest 30 day GET BUFF contest starts as the day after you sign up!

Sign up under the CHALLENGES tab on

It’s an internet wide contest for both women and MEN…
BUT the Rally Room ( as always is the BEST
place to participate for the ladies!!

Daily I’ll be posting the workouts for the day on the BuffMother facebook page

I’ll also be posting more details and info on my blog on

Check in on those two spots and be sure to invite your friends (men and women) to join.
Let’s work hard the next 30 days to be BUFF !

Please join in on the fun,
Michelle Berger

“Get Buff”- Contest Overview: Who, What, When, Where and HOW TO WIN!!

Who: Any man or woman who wants to get focused and their fitness MOJO Rollin’ and connect to other like minded people, synergy is powerful

What: 30 day Contest

When: starts the day after you sign up

Where: #1 spot women’s only Team BuffMother Rally Room the Rally Room is the most supportive group of Women on the PLANET!! #2 spot

Why:  think of this 30 days as jump start!


  1. Sign up and share your excitement by inviting friends to join you!!
  2. Read and utilize links found in the daily support info found in the rally room, on the buffmother facebook page and on
  3. Support your fellow teammates by commenting sharing your mojo with pics, motivational quotes and blogging your own journey~ then in turn commenting on other’s posts blogs
  4. Focus on your fitness/health goals-for the entire 30 days
  5. Share your progress by blogging often in the Rally Room
  6. Finish the contest no matter what!!! by submitting your results to

4 Simple steps to enter and WIN:

1. Take your starting stats (pictures optional)-More info about stats/pics will be given on day #2

2. participate with posts and comments of your own during the duration of the Contest, feel free to tag me and buffmother  in any post or pic you’d like

3. Take your ending stats

4. Submit your entry to by November 5th- Entry= starting stats, final stats, a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest, and at least photo of yourself.


We are going to have a blast during the 30 days! It’ll go by fast so be prepared to ROCK IT!

Your Friend,


Accountability August

ACCOUNTABILITY August starts today– join in by posting proof of your actions towards your goals this month with workout pictures, healthy eating photos, status updates about activities accomplished, etc.!! Let’s be accountability partners!
Feel free to post here in the Rally Room, or Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest– feel free add the hashtag #buffmother or to your post, your support means the world to me.  THANKS!!
“Sow an action and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.” -William James (1842 – 1910 Pioneering American Philosopher)

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Eating FAT!


I am feeling much more well rested today~ yay!! It’s already day 4/21 for our Hot Hiney Habit contest~

Be sure to visit Today’s post

Yesterday we had a really good Rally Room CHAT! Thanks ladies for taking time to “hang out”.  After the chat I got DEEP in to researching more about diets.  I posted some of the info here:
I’m going for it with the Ketogenic induction phase- It takes extra disipline on my part to go totally NO CARB, but I’ve done it MANY times– so it’s not too hard! A couple key learning I came away with yesterday were: to be sure to limit protein to only 125 g daily (protein can actually turn into glucose in your body and prevent ketosis) and to consume extra salt.
If you are wondering where to start with it, I’d recommend getting the book and READING IT~ Here’s a link:
‘New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great.’ by Jeff Volek

I bought this new version (of ATKINS) yesterday, however I’ve used the original Atkins book for my reference for years.
Here’s a list of foods I’m allowed to eat:
I planned to do a heavy leg workout yesterday but ended up taking the day off– it was cycle day 25 and I was pooped from the previous days workouts AND I from STANDING more again– it’ll take a bit to get used to that!!

Anyhow, today will be legs

And this afternoon will be fun, we have Dentist appts and shopping with 4 kids on tap~ It’s rainy here today.

Have a great Thursday!!


 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Hot Hiney Habit Contest Starts TODAY!

NEW CONTEST! “HOT Hiney Habit”~ 21 days to a HOT A$$!

21 days makes a habit they always say– so why not a nice booty habit?

Join us!

My personal journey from a flat butt to having a booty still boggles my mind…Years of focus have produced results! I’ve tried it all and know what works and what is a waste of time. I’ve also overcome many obstacles along the way- a bad back, sciatic issues and genetically WEAK butt muscles!

You CAN have a HOT HINEY!! if you put in the work, use good info and stay consistent!!

To participate, follow these 3 steps:

1- take starting pics and measurements of your hiney; plan to take the EXACT picture/measurement in 21 days

2- post daily the specific action you took toward your “hot hiney habit”

3- give additional props to with “shout-outs” on facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, etc… feel free to link my websites, user names and use hash-tags that describe your mission during the contest! Let’s spread the word about how awesome we are!! Team BuffMother ROCKS!!

Daily, I’ll post in the forum a short helpful tip, video, lesson, or workout idea about your improving your booty–My goal is to get you informed and on your way to a lifelong HOT HINEY! Please feel free to join in by submitting additional forum post on the “BUTT” topic that will aid us in our journey!!

Commit to it by posting simple commenting here~ and please invite your friends to join us!!  The contest will “mainly” occur here in the FREE areas of the Rally Room!  So it’s free and full of FUN! We officially start tomorrow! May 6-26th will be 21 days of AWESOME A$$ES!!

Let’s have a blast building our booties!!

Day 1:

In order to be successful in attaining a desired goal you must first know what it is…What is your goal butt?

Once you identify the goal, getting there is about focusing on attaining habits that will CREATE that goal and eliminating the habits that sabotage the goal.

So today on Day #1 of our “Hot Hiney Habit” contest I need you to follow these 3 steps-


p.s. did you know you can invite your friends to join us in the rally room via email through this site? Click: Invite Others To Join Community   to invite your friends; we love new TEAM members!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

S2S Winners!

Congrats to the winners of our Six weeks to SEXY CONTEST!!

All throughout the contest I was amazed at the insane encouragement and participation~ thanks so much for your effort and participation in this contest!!


1st place~ $100 cash+ A starter pack BuffMother products (HT book, Ab Book, DVD’s, Bands, HT Pills+ dispensers, 2 shirts of your choice, and eBooks)

Our 1st place winner~


Crystal, you are one sexy woman!! You totally took this contest by storm and were 100% involved the entire 6 weeks!!  The encouragement you gave each and every person here in the rally room catapulted you to victory in that TRULY what you GIVE is what you get!!

Thanks so much for your effort and I am confident that your results attained in the past 6 weeks will give you mojo towards your next goals.  STAY SEXY MY FRIEND!!

2nd Place~ a BuffMother starter pack+ a “BuffMother!” shirt of your choice

Our 2nd place winner~


Leslie!! congrats on being more sexy than ever~ your final photo-shoot spoke volumes to me about how you are getting more and more sexy each passing month.  It has been a true pleasure to be your friend over the past SEVERAL years!! You continually inspire me to be a better person!

6 Runner ups/Finalists– free BuffMother shirt of your choice

Our finalists~


Jenny B


Heather H




Congrats to each one of the 6 remaining finalists~ your entries were so fun and inpirational to read!!  I love how SEXY each one of you’ve become!! Let’s show the world that we can be sexy, confident and classy after children!!

And I must also say congrats to all the remaining entrants– you may have not won a shirt, but you certainly have won a prize that will keep on giving! CONFIDENCE is a magically quality– don’t let it slip away!

Stay sexy my friends!!

Love you all!!



Busier than ever!  How does that happen??? I love being busy, but seriously I need my Rally Room time!

Here’s our contest post for today~

I certainly am fired up for the FINISH of this contest. I realized last night that I’ve worked out EVERY DAY in April, and I’m not even trying to!! It’s been a good streak.  NOW I’m tempted to shoot for doing it ALL THE DAYS of APRIL?  I’ve successfully completed a couple challenges like this in past years (EVERY DAY IN MAY), so maybe I should just GO FOR IT?~!

Anyhow, as I said I am BUSY and BEHIND on so many projects it’s killing me! I hate feeling like I’m not living up to expectations (mostly MY EXPECTATIONS).  I need to have a very productive next 2 weeks!

Yesterday I ended up having lunch with my MIL and SIL, then had a dentist appt, then a chiro appt, then I had to buy stuff for my bunny, got home with some food for the kids, then got in my leg workout prior to heading out of town to the twins’ softball game.  Finally got home at 9:30 to do another round of “feedings” then finally  TUCK INs and then some alone time with the hubs.

I was EXHAUSTED and kinda in pain after the crazy day!  My teeth hurt, my legs hurt, and body hurt from my chiropractic adjustment– He really cranked on my back this time!

My leg workout was the first “real” one I’ve done since my neck went out 2 weeks ago- I’ve been focusing on learning how to place the bar in a bit of a better/lower position on my back during squatting. Even old dogs need to learn new tricks at times!!

Squats- 45×10, 95×10, 135x10x2sets Deads- 45×20, 95×15, 95×20– kept this kinda light just to be safe Knee Extensions- 5 sets of these- some singles and some together…pretty heavy LUNGES!!: between sets I did various varieties for well over 100 total- side lunges, box lunges, jumping lunges (HOLY HARD!), foward barbell lunges, low sliding side to side lunges

I also did some ABS in there…overall a good workout, expecting an even better one in a couple days!!

I’m on the attack again with another BUSY day in store!!

Got my TO Do list written and am planning to hammer it out before I have to go to town again today for an orthodontist appt and DATE with my DD in celebration of her ALL “A” report card!

My weight is back up a tish to 128, but very good considering it’s HORMONE TIME! Cycle day 24 today

I’m going to end this now in order to take some time to catch up with all the AMAZING BLOGS from my SWEET BUFFSISTERS here!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!