Cold hard truth!

The cold hard truth hit me last night regarding my diet…I’ve been a super slacker and I am a carb addict (have been for ages…but I’m in a relapse!).  I ended up eating way to much dairy and gluten for my poor tummy to handle yesterday and ended up with a tummy ache all night and part of this morning.  The distance between what I KNOW works for me in my diet and the ACTUALLY DOING IT is way to far right now!! The cold hard truth is that I need to put much more effort into my food choices.

In order to break my current carb addiction I am going very low carb for the next couple of weeks– it’s going to coorelate perfectly with my buffing phase and hopefully catapult me towards a successful training period for the Warrior Dash.  There’s just about 58 days of training left befor the event!!

My plan to run yesterday never happened…my DD was still sick, so I spent the afternoon at the DR’s office with her.  She’s doing better today– NO FEVER FINALLY, so she’ll make it to school tomorrow, YAY~!!  Today’s cycle day 3 for me, I have more energy than the past 2– I have slept and insane amount the past 3 days!  I guess my body likes to make up for the BAD SLEEP it gets during the last week of each cycle….

My plan for today will be to get to the gym EARLY so I can tan and run on the treddy before my son arrives for our lifting session.  We have legs on tap!  It should be a GREAT workout!!  Here’s the tenative line up: Leg Press, Knee ups on bench, Walking lunges, High Knees, Bulgarians, Laying side leg raises, Smith Lunges, Butt Squats, lower back/booty extensions.

Low, Low Carb will be tough, but I need to do it to “reset” my body and mind!! Time to be HONEST and face the reality of my own weakness!

I can do it!!




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  1. Carbs are my downfall as well. I have to really restrict myself especially from sugar or i can’t stop myself. I have been sick for three days and dropped 5 lbs not having an appetite. I need to use this to continue with a low carb diet and get back on my workouts.

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