World by Tail

Hey All!!

Had a busy but good day today!

I feel like I have the world by the tail these days– good things happening all around!!  I LOVE IT!!


Today’s Bikini day 2:

Talk about motivation— these bottoms were TIGHT! makes me know I’ve putt on a little booty cushion over the winter!!


Didn’t get in the full workout I had planned in my POA from Monday but it was still really good!!


Here it is~

Warm up

12min bike

2 sets of 10 reps jumping squats

Paired circuit #1- Squats

warm up set 45×10 135×10 x2sets, 155x8x2sets Calf raises 4×6-8 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out


Paired circuit #2-  KB Butt Squeeze squats 40#x10reps x3sets kb deads x10 reps x 3 sets then, bulgarians body weight x 10 reps


Paired circuit #3- Knee Extensions- 115#’sx9reps+ dropset 95#x9reps x 4sets Dead Lifts 135×10 repsx2sets, 155#x8 reps x2sets

Paired circuit #4- Ball leg curls/Hip ups 1 set of each Laying side leg lifts 2 sets of 20


Paired circuit #6- hands on hammies sit ups -2 sets to fail

Lower Back Extensions


So…just for the record my cycle day is 16 and weight is 130, my goal is to be 128 by the end of the week (Sunday).  My tummy has been really bothering me since Saturday. Lots of pelvic pain, bloating and hip/lower back soreness.  It is really annoying!  I kinda think we have a bit of a tummy flu hanging around our house.  My DD Layla was throwing up on Saturday and my son has be nauseous the past 2 days. Hoping it will clear up later this week!


Time to Go!!

have a super night!!


p.s. posted this fun pic and quote on my BuffMother page; “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” -Marilyn Monroe


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

The MAC and WRAP Legs

The “MAC” and “Wrap” +Legs!

So…yesterday I got caught up on my video demos for our booty sandwiches!!

I did the MAC and the WRAP and then I did my leg workout~~

MAC- repeat this circuit 4 times.

  1. M- MMA Squat- get in a “fighting stance”, hands up by ears to and squat 5 times; Jump to switch foot position and do 5 more.
  2. A-Abduction- simple laying side leg raises- lay on your side with head propped up on elbow.  Lift top leg up as high as you can without rotating hips open- you may want to point toe down to help activate your hip/glute muscles. Do 15-25 reps (to failure) on one leg and then repeat with the other leg. Be sure to alternate starting leg with each set
  3. C- Cross Swings- Stand with all your weight on right leg holding on to a chair or bar infront of you – lift left leg up to side and then swing it  A-CROSS the right leg in a controlled fashion.  Do 10 each leg and be sure to alternate staring leg with each set.



*HH sandwich*~WRAP (I’ll ADD video demo later)

  1. W- Wiggle It- Stand with legs slightly further than shoulder width apart. shift weight from one side to the other lifting right hip and bending knees of left leg to do so and switch back and forth giving a “wiggle” type dancing motions.
  2. R- Running Ups- Stand holding a bar or back of chair in front of you.  Bring knee up to chest (like running) and then extending foot back behind you about 1.5 to 2 feet with a “bounce” between.  Do 15 on each leg then switch.
  3. A- Adductions- Lay on your back with feet up in the air and butt propped up with hands. Made a V with legs being sure to get it as wide as possible and then close V and repeat.  SLOW and controlled for 10 reps. You can vary foot position to emphasize certain muscles.
  4. P- Pilate UPS- Stand with toes out like a ballerina, squat down low with knees out to side then extend all the way up onto toes with arms above you.  Repeat 5 times.

My workout was one of those I DID NOT want to do!  One of those “i hate working out days!” But I still did it!! 

I did: Dead lifts (stiff, Romanian, conventional) with 135# for the high sets Squats Heavy 1 heavy set of 155 the rest at 135

Lunges one set forward and on set reverse

with a bunch of other leg stuff between– Some of the moves from the MAC and WRAP, plus practicing for the FRISCO and the TUNA


A good hard solid workout!!  I also “tested” my hip flexor/quad and it feels better, so I’ll be good to go for a solid track workout tomorrow!!

FYI- I took my resting heart rate this morning and it was down to 41BPM my weight has been right around 127.  I’m getting in better shape!! GOTTA LOVE IT!


See ya later babes!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Sucked In!!

I keep getting SUCKED INto being on my computer– I’m getting off it right after I post this.  Instead I need to get SUCKED INto cleaning my house!! All the while SUCKING IT IN (my tummy that is, lol)!!

Yesterday, I got in a modified leg workout as I brought TIA (my 9 year old DD) through a workout: a circuit #3x’s through Squats Lunges Abductor-V’s Laying side leg raises Sit ups

then I squatted more and did some bulgarians then I played catch with Gunner (football)

Today, I broke into the 120’s for weight = 129.6, YAY!! On my wait to pick up Gunner from Football camp,  I ran around town for 21minutes– and here in a bit I’ll do a back, shoulder, bicep lift + 20 mins extra cardio. TIA wants to lift on the bowflex, so I’ll use that a bit today too!

See you tomorrow~

Love ya,


Monday’s Journal~

I’m posting this just as some of my  Journal for  accountability…I’m stepping it up a notch this week in the diet and workout arena– time to shed some of the fat I gained during my “vacation time”, LOL!

Sunday workout- Upper body + treadmill @ gym with Gunner

Chest Press
Seated rows
Push ups
Sit ups ( some jumping and stretching too)
Lat rows
Shoulder press
Wide grip cable lat pulls
pose down bicep curls
triceps bench dips
run intervals- these were killer today!
one set lower back/booty hyper extension machine
Sunday eats…VERY LOW CARB is goal!

Protein: eggs, brat, chicken, hot dog
Carbs: corn on the cob and a few bites of sweet tater
Fat: egg fat, brat fat, hot dog fat,  ranch, mozzarella cheese, butter
Greens: tomato, cucumber, spicy v8
*forgot to take CREATINE…that would have been another carb

My “ONE TASK” for today was planting some trees in pots…I got about 12 new evergreens done!


Monday’s workout- LEGS + bike @ home- cleaned house between sets
10 min warm up on bike
Dead lifts
Knee extensions
Lunges (forward lunges)
Ab wheel
20 mins of steady cardio on u-bike
One set of each: ball ladder crunches, full extension ball crunches, laying side leg raises, cats/dogs, superman’s

Today’s Eats…I’ll keep adding to this list as the day goes on.
5P: protein in water, eggs, more eggs, toppings off 1 small piece of pizza, taco meat
2C: CREATINE! (half scoop normal punch+ 2 small scoops of no carb version), corn chips
4F: egg fat, cheese, black olives, cheese,
3G: salsa, onions, cucumber

I need to go grocery shopping so badly!  Tuesday will be ERRAND day…kids get hair cuts and I need to get some other shopping done– we’ll be on the GO, GO, GO!!

My “ONE TASK” for today was cleaning out the front room of our house– it’s been a “storage” area for several months.  I cleared it out so much that now you can see most of the carpet, yay!!

Time to shower before hubby gets home.  It’s always good to clean up for my man!

See ya’s tomorrow- it’ll be day 1 of 40 in my “40 days to fit challenge”— join in!!



Cold hard truth!

The cold hard truth hit me last night regarding my diet…I’ve been a super slacker and I am a carb addict (have been for ages…but I’m in a relapse!).  I ended up eating way to much dairy and gluten for my poor tummy to handle yesterday and ended up with a tummy ache all night and part of this morning.  The distance between what I KNOW works for me in my diet and the ACTUALLY DOING IT is way to far right now!! The cold hard truth is that I need to put much more effort into my food choices.

In order to break my current carb addiction I am going very low carb for the next couple of weeks– it’s going to coorelate perfectly with my buffing phase and hopefully catapult me towards a successful training period for the Warrior Dash.  There’s just about 58 days of training left befor the event!!

My plan to run yesterday never happened…my DD was still sick, so I spent the afternoon at the DR’s office with her.  She’s doing better today– NO FEVER FINALLY, so she’ll make it to school tomorrow, YAY~!!  Today’s cycle day 3 for me, I have more energy than the past 2– I have slept and insane amount the past 3 days!  I guess my body likes to make up for the BAD SLEEP it gets during the last week of each cycle….

My plan for today will be to get to the gym EARLY so I can tan and run on the treddy before my son arrives for our lifting session.  We have legs on tap!  It should be a GREAT workout!!  Here’s the tenative line up: Leg Press, Knee ups on bench, Walking lunges, High Knees, Bulgarians, Laying side leg raises, Smith Lunges, Butt Squats, lower back/booty extensions.

Low, Low Carb will be tough, but I need to do it to “reset” my body and mind!! Time to be HONEST and face the reality of my own weakness!

I can do it!!


No Day Off Here – LEGS!

I toyed with the idea of taking today off….but decided to get in a leg workout instead so that I could feel free to lift upper body with my friend Denise and go for a run tomorrow .  Last night was football practice and I was on a ton of allergy meds to just get through it.  I feel a little “hung over” from them today, lol!!  I’m feeling a bit better today, so hopefully the worst of spring allergies is behind me!  My ankle is continually getting better- I’d say it’s now at 85% healthy.

My weight is down to 128 which is a nice plus- I feel like a lean mean buffing machine!!

warm up-

6 mins rbike

between sets- hip rotatations, balance on on foot side leg lifts, bulgarians

Dead lifts
45×10 warm up

between sets
seated calf raises various foot position
70#x15 reps x3 sets

Leg press
calf raises between 10 reps x3 sets

Hack squat

Smith lunges paired with butt squats
50x10lunges+ 10 butt squats
70x10lunges+ 10 butt squats

lower back extensions 20 reps
full extension abs 10 reps

Earlier today I got the SSS entries off to the judges, so we’ll know by early next week who won!!  I am so excited by the results- you all did an amazing job!!

The rest of my day is going to be spent organizing some paperwork for the hubby and hanging with the kiddo’s. 

Have a great day!!


3 for 3!

Well, I am 3 for 3 so far in May…and I LOVE that so many of you have joined in on my “every day in May” challenge with me!! It’s going to be a mighty mojo filled MAY!

May 1- one hour workout at gym upper body and itnervals on stair mill
May 2- walk with the family- about 25min worth
May 3- Leg workout- a short one since Mondays are so CRAZY for me, but good little workout- 30 mins total!

Here’s the detials on today’s legs:
warm up 3 mins elliptical

Abs on ball 2sets
Dead lifts
95x10x4sets- 2 romainian; 2 conventional

lunges on bosu ball 2×15
side Leg lifts laying on bosu ball 20reps, 15 reps

Smith lunges on step

That was all!

It’s so beautiful here today!! I just love it!  My plan is to prep some food and make some ice tea and have a good little lunch outside in my bikini!! WHEEE!!

Hope your Monday is GREAT!


1st Day Back!


Hey all, it was my first day back at the gym today in 8 days…felt good to be back to doing something 🙂 But frustrating because I am at only about 70%.  My left sciatic is such a bugger!  My back is much, much better but my BUTT is SLOWLY healing up. 

In fun news I got my hair done today and my hair lady is pregnant, she’s having a little baby boy!  I think that rocks!!

Anyhow, I toyed with the idea to do my testing today, but it didn’t happen.  I plan to go ahead and do a set of test tomorrow, but will be substituting for the run for sure.  I may then opt for doing it for real on friday.  By then I should know better on if it would KILL me or not! Tomorrow will tell me a lot on where I am at with my health.

Here’s what I did;

warn up 4 mins
chest press
90x10x3 sets
1 light set leg curls- just to test my butt- it hurt a bit
stretching side of hip between sets

bench press
some abs, stretching, dips, in between sets

wide flat bench Hammer Strength machinw
leg raises between sets 10 on each leg

Chest fly machine 60x10x3 sets
Standing side leg raises between sets

back extensions and some abs on the back extension machine

Walk/run on treadmill 14 mins total- run only at 6mph and for 8mins total

r-bike another 8 mins

Stretching/rehab exercises

Press up on tummy to stretch abs and low back strenghtening
Streth glutes/hips
Hip flexor stretch
laying adductor v-s- these hurt even on the Adduciton part- that’s new
laying side leg circles
standing leg rotations
back bends

That was it!!

Food was 100% perfect.

I’m heading to bed early tonight, I didn’t sleep well at all last night!

Love them LEGS!

Gave my legs a little LOVE today:

Warm up- tan and r-bike 8mins (all while talking to my buddy LISA of NE)
45×10 + 10 full
Barbell Lunges

Dead lifts

Leg press (calf raises after each set)

one big set knee extensions- on leg at a time- high reps
45degree hack squat~ 2 setsx90x10

Smith Lunges

Sit ups- 40
Standing leg abduction 10 x2sets
Standing side knee ups (kinda like the start of a side leg kick)

Once I got home I finished off my lunges with about 30 walking ones down my sidewalk, so I’d be sure to have 100+ in for the day!!

Done!…now for KIDS, Football practice and the TWINS GAME!!


40 days to Fit! Day 37~soon to be exercised, buffed and beautified!!!

HEY ALL~ I am up, kid less, supplemented, coffeed, fed, journal-ed, ; soon to be exercised,buffed and beautified!!! The day is really shaping up nicely~ I love it when I feel like this~ in control, organized, focused and KICKING tail!!!

I wanted to post my wonderful leg workout from yesterday~ in total it took about 45 mins to complete

Warm up elliptical 7 mins…I realized I like the elliptical and need to do it more!

paired with laying side leg lifts 3 sets of 20 each leg

BB Lunges-alternating legs
paired with seated Hip Abduction machine

Dead Lifts
95x10x4sets (2 stiff, 2 conventional)
paired with seated calf raises
105x10x4sets (toes st, out, in)

Smith Lunges
50×10 no step
50×10 with step
70×10 with stepx2sets
paired with knee extensions
60×10 (one leg at a time)

walking lunges
50#BB x30steps (15each leg) x2sets
paired with seated leg adductions

One set of Butt SQUATS on Smith
70×10 SQUEEZE!!!

One monster set of knee ups on roman chair (about 45 reps)

Today’s workout is Back, Sh, Biceps, ABS~ and a interval run on treddy Treadmill

Hope you have a NICE day like I am having~