Cold hard truth!

The cold hard truth hit me last night regarding my diet…I’ve been a super slacker and I am a carb addict (have been for ages…but […] Read More

Now is the time for warmer clothes

BRRR!! it’s been cold here this week~ Not that it gets anything like Minnesota, but it’s been chilly compared to the 60’s we had for […] Read More

Omaha Trip- part 1

  HI!  I am finally home and back to it today~ I really had a great time in Omaha and thought I’d record a very […] Read More

MIGHTY Monday! I feel MIGHTY today, lol!!  I have been very productive already and I am ready to keep that up!!! Yesterday was great~ I rested […] Read More


That’s the focus for me this week Here is my workout today 20 min of intervals on the r-bike 20min of intervals on the treaddy […] Read More