Tues=Re-entry, Wed=Attack!


Now that I am finally out of bed, I am ready to “ATTACK”…lol!!
I got to sleep in today~ thanks to my sweet DH. He got up early, got the kids to school and let me snooze until 9am!! SWEET!!!

Yesterday was a total “re-entry” day for me….
Re-entry into the world of being MOMMY
Re-entry into the world of being Cook, Cleaner, Shopper, Laundry, etc….
Re-entry into DRIVING…weird to drive again after not for 10 days
Re-entry into the world of the internet, e-mails and business
Re-entry into my gym workouts
Re-entry into being a part of the BEST Team of women in the world…the TEAM BuffMother! Rally ROOM!!!

Just to let you know a bit about why my vacation wasn’t the grandest…I was sea-sick I also didn’t realize how stressful a vacation like a cruise could be, lol. Too many decisions, time lines, events, etc…. All the reasons I thought I’d like a cruise were all the reasons I ended up not liking it. The good news is that NOW I know!! It was a good lesson learned for sure!!
The food on the ship was good and it was VERY nice to not have to cook or clean or care for kids, etc…I also got a good tan! I didn’t even gain any weight on the trip…I worked out twice (lifted legs twice and ran twice ) on the boat, did a ton of walking and ran on the boardwalk in Miami. So…In all I felt like I maintained my fitness well on the trip. I did take a few pictures…I’ll get those posted tomorrow.

Yesterday, I got in a good chest/tri/interval workout…It’s the workout I almost always pick to do when I’ve been off for a few days. Now today- Just in a few mins I’ll be going to do LEGS/Hammies!!! I am ready to ATTACK!! How about you?!

LET’s Do this THING!!!



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