Focusing on Family

After returning from vacation I’ve been really focusing on my family…It’s been a long time since that’s been my main focus. Business had taken over my life for the past couple of years and now that it has transitioned into a new matured season…I have the time an mental energy to FOCUS on my family again. It is good but also a challenge. Habits run deep…when we get in the habit of focusing on e-mails, work assignments, conference calls, etc….It is hard to shift gears to focus on family activities, playing with your children, having a long sit down meal, discussing the day’s events at school, etc… I am re-learning how to do that an it’s been wonderful.

Yesterday, Travis and I spent quite a bit of time talking together along with accomplishing some important work, then when the kids came home I made them snacks while they did homework and off we all went for a walk (the kids rode scooters and bikes). Then came home cooked dinner, talked with the kids, and ate together. It was really a slow paced day full of family focus. VERY NICE!! I expect that soon this style of life (sprinkled with a bit more exciting business assignments) will be more of a HABIT for me. It is what I’ve worked so hard to attain!! It’s a true dream come true!

My leg workout yesterday was a bit of a wussy one, but that’s “A OKAY” cuz I am still dealing with a bit of SEA-HEAD (dizzy, wobbly, feel like I am on a boat still). I was afraid to do squats because I felt like I’d loose my balance, and a leg day without squats for me is WEIRD!

warm up r-bike 10 min
45degree hack
machine x20
paired with side lunges

Dead lifts
135x10x2 sets

knee extensions
paired with leg curls
75×10 slow lowering x2sets

Calf raises- seated – various foot positioning

hanging knee ups- 1 set
10 front, 4 each side

roman chair
straight legs 15 reps+ 30 reps

hyper-extension abs
15 reps x2 sets

That was it! My hammies and lower back are sore today~ so at least it worked!

I hope to have a great BACK, SH, BI workout today~ I am going to start taking purple wrath again prior to my workouts…it helps!
Have a great THURSDAY!!!



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