Customized and Personal Group online training!! Starts April 24th

We are halfway done with our first “3 Months Max Results Training Group”.  The 16 ladies who started in February have had huge success!!! Weight and inches are falling off and everyone is more fit now than they were 6 weeks ago, it’s very inspiring!!

That’s why I want to do it again!! Please join me!  We are doing this as a SMALL ladies only group, I need about 10-15 committed ladies who want to work with me to become your best!  We will start April 24th.  Purchase ASAP spots will go fast! Group closes April 17th.

Members will get 3 months of in depth training that uses ALL of the resourced I have on hand: books, ebooks, success journals, workout calendars, customized diet recommendations, extensive training programs customized to each person, phone coaching, texting, email support, video coaching, group support, etc…  This program is worth at least $1000!!  But, the Cost is only $300 total. And I’ve even split up the payments to make it easier for you: $75 initially, $75 2 weeks later, then $75 for the remaining 2 months. I am pulling out all the stops to get you results!

If you have questions feel free to message me or email me at  You can also text or give me quick phone call to answer questions 479-531-4324.

Thanks so much!!

-Michelle Berger

Rootology cured my allergies

Hey!! Just wanted to post quickly about a new supplement I love.  Rootology Rocks!!
The last couple months I’ve been taking Rootology and it’s seriously cured my allergies!!

The great thing about this natural cure is there are no nasty side effects.  Traditional allergie meds left me tired or aggitated with little to no relief. Plus, often times I’d feel dehydrated and get an upset stomach from them.  Rootology has not given me any side effects and the great thing is you don’t have to take it daily. Just take it when you have symptoms and with in minutes, boom, allergies gone!

You seriously should try it! Purchase on their site or on amazon.
Here’s a short video~



Rootology is a blend of 13 concentrated herbal extracts that support against sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and headache. Visit here for more info

It’s thrifty, good quality, easy to use, impressive and perfect for a healthy family lifestyle.

natural relief of allergies
quick working
backed by great science and a great company

In one case, a friend of mine said it made him feel a bit jittery when he took it without food.  I have not felt that at all. If you feel that be sure to take it with food and avoid taking it close to bed time.

The review criteria for Rootology:
Pricing- 5 stars (16.99 for 40)
Quality- 5 stars
Ease of Use- 5 stars
Impression-Practical Stylish- 5 stars
Healthy lifestyle/Family Friendly- 5 stars


Official Site:
Facebook BuffMother Page:
Private women’s only site:
Facebook Profile:


Be the change you want in your spouse -marriage tip

So the mantra, “be the change you want to see in the world” is really big right now….
Let’s take it one step further and change that to “be the change you want to see your
Spouse!” all the time as a personal trainer,  I have husbands or wives asked me,  “What can i do
to get my spouse excited about eating healthy,  losing weight and get in shape?”
My answer is …do it yourself,  lead by example, be the change you want to see in them and I bet you pretty
much anything that they’re gonna follow suit!!  They’re going to get inspired.
They’re gonna go start learning along with you. They’re going to see the
results you are having and get jealous for some themselves.  They will think hey he’s looking really good maybe
I should you know get out there and get some work out on myself or lose 15 pounds too!

The great thing about being the CHANGE you want to SEE IN YOUR SPOUSE is that it works for whatever it is you want to see change.
whether it’s fitness, spirituality, being kinder
being a more outgoing
more sexual
more financially responsible
more patient
If you want to see change in your spouse, simply take a little step back to ask, “what can i do to be the change I want to see my spouse?”  Be honest with yourself, are you currently an example they can emulate or are you being a hypocrite?
Take on the change you want them to emulate. Be determined to show them how awesome it is be “that change” and it works!!  It’s applicable to so many different things!!
Be the change yourself!  They’re going to notice, learn and experience through your example.
It might take time, effort and patience but definitely worth it!
Good luck with being your best so your spouse can be their best!!
Please, let me know what you think of this tip below
thank you!

May 4, 2016

We’ve made it to day 3 of “Six to SEXY”
…are you sore?? or tired??
Well…I have great news- you can take today off workouts if you need it!!

Each Day of this contest I’d recommend you do 4  tasks-
#1- Visit the S2S daily post/blog on
#2- Comment, like and share the blog– thanks!!
#3- Post your own accountability daily SOMEWHERE  (try
#4- Read and comment on at least 3 others who are in the journey with you– encouraging others gives you MOTIVATION!!

Taking 10 mins to accomplish the 4 tasks daily the over the remaining 40 days of the journey will pay off BIG TIME!! It’ll help you and everyone else stay engaged and involved during the 6 weeks.  We need your focus to stay strong!!

Let’s use keep our minds positive, strong and engaged!!

Now allow me to “REFLECT” on my own goals for my Six to Sexy  using the prompts from yesterday’s questions~

Today’s workout will be~
morning bike, afternoon Legs and ABS…

STEP #1 Goal Setting~ …what do I want to accomplish?
Honestly I am at a VERY good place for the countdown to my birthday. I am VERY insulin resistant and finally decided to take lower carb diet seriously about 2 weeks ago. Up until that point, I just didn’t feel healthy enough or have the energy to commit to it.  I weigh 136 now and My goal is to be 129 for my birthday on June 14th.

The EVENT I’m training for is a possible trip to MIAMI at the end of June!! There will be bikini time there, lots of photos and DANCING!! all of which I’ll be “training for” lol!! After that short trip we will be going to MN to visit family, so I want to look good for that too!

#2 Control your Thoughts~ Have purposeful thoughts…
Be sure to journal or blog here about what you are thinking.
Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where am I at in taking care of my health? I am at a good place…I’m continually learning and realizing that being healthy is so worth the effort!!
  • Do I need to visit the Dr.? or enlist professional help? I have, I got my hormones tested in January again.  Found out I have a low Thyroid, it took  several dr appts and several months of adjusting, but this past month I think we got the meds closer to right.  I am set to have my levels retested in June. Taking time to go to the doctor is really hard for me to do~ so I am proud I did it!
  • What have I been doing with my time the past few months? I’ve been decent with my time…but could always get better.  I have an issue with running out of time in the afternoon when it comes to my workouts.  I really need to force myself to “STOP” and do it at 1:30 so it’s done before the kids start needing me.  Another thing I need to get better at is getting going in the mornings.  I plan to “make over”  my office area…it’ll help to have that spot set up for productivity!
  • I’m I “over-booked” OR “under-booked”  I have to say that right now I am the perfect amount of busy. I have the gym to go to a couple days a week, I have “my time” at home, I have a lot of things to keep me busy and if I were any more busy that would be stressful. I need a very low stress existence right now.
  • Am I happy? What will make me truly happy?  I am very happy but could always be more happy!!  Right now what will make me happy is to get to my goal!
  • Have I  been focusing on  fueling your body with the NUTRIENTS it needs? Not really…I’ve been a little off with my diet in 2 ways.  1- I have a BIG TIME love for beer,  lol!  I’m planning to really keep my consumption of beer to a minimum over these next 6 weeks! 2- I have been finding that I wait too long to eat lunch many days and the end up in an energy slump for my workouts– gonna work on that!

#3 Commitment to your goals~ Quitting is not an option..

I’m committed!! I haven’t quit in my fitness for over 12 years now…I will never quit!! I’ll be striving to lead by example as BUFFMOTHER forever!!

What are you goals?
love ya, Michelle
p.s. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have in a comment below or in our forum area

Not working out makes me stiff…

Not working out makes me stiff…

My last real workout was on Friday, I had done legs. Then Saturday we did some burning, meaning I did some raking, cutting shrubs, throwing logs. But yesterday I literally did nothing. Layed in bed watching tv all day and SHESSH I am so stiff from that today!

Today is cycle day 3, but I opted to go ahead and start buffing with this workout:

warm up bike 5 mins
Bench Press
warm up set 45×20 reps
during rest- Knee ups on bench 15 front/5 rt. side/5 left side 3 sets

Push ups
10 reps x 3 sets on handles (did pigeon toe pikes between each)
during rest-Old School sit ups
25 reps x2sets

Incline Flys
30’sx 10x3sets
during rest-Ball Crunches
15 front/5 rt. side/5 left side 2 sets

Tricep Extensions
during rest-Reverse crunches

Kickbacks (tricep)
10’s x 10x 3sets
during rest-Cats/Dogs
5 reps each way x2sets

I really noticed that I have been taking extra time between sets, so I timed it today to be 1 min., need to keep doing that, especially during buffing!

Ran Intervals outside- warm up 4 mins, 1 min uphill, 1 min downhill x 6, cool down mins = 20 mins total

I weighed 140 this morning, but that’s a bit of bloat from the weekend. I’ve been consistently around 138, I expect to see that tomorrow morning.

Here’s my countdown pic for today….84 to go!

Now I need to eat some GREENS, haven’t gotten in any yet today…plan is for a big salad!! YUMMY!!

Have a great evening,


Half-Way Done!! SSS wk 06

HALF WAY DONE in the SSS contest!! be sure to fill out the halfway done report in your Success journal– answer questions, be honest and get EXCITED to hit these final 5 weeks harder than the first 5!! Let’s do it!!

Homework for SSS week #6

  1. Halfway done report
  2. WRITE down you food intake 3 days this week(all of it!)
  3. Try on bikini Daily

… DIET!! Let’s focus hard on diet!!

p.s. Next week~ We’ll talk about ABS!!


Keep your diet simple

Hi Ya’ll…I’m back as promised and feeling the MOJO!!

Had a great chest, triceps, abs workout– plus I did 11 mins on tready after– 4 hard mins at 9mph

Here’s the lifting

Warm up bike 10 mins


45×30 reps warm up




135×5 +1 with assist

here’s the video






Incline flys

30’s x10x3sets



15’s x10 x 2sets


abs between sets- super mans, ball sit ups, hanging knee ups, ab wheel, knee ups on bench


My vlog today is all about the KISS diet…5-4-3-2-1 baby!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Revealing Abs info: “Fab Abs” Day 14

Day 14 of our Fab ABS challenge~
Please watch this short video….It’s 4 Diet Tips that will help reveal your abs:

4 diet tips to reveal your abs
1- hydrate
2- protein
3- increase fiber
4- supplementation

ALSO, for your ab workout today, it’s time for you to PRACTICE your sit ups.
Do the following– I’d recommend having a timer and be sure to secure your feet. A curl bar or DB’s work well for this-

20 sit ups nice and slow
~rest 30 seconds
20 sit ups as fast as possible
~rest 30 seconds
15 sit ups nice and slow
~rest 30 seconds
15 sit ups as fast as possible
~rest 30 seconds
10 sit ups nice and slow
~rest 30 seconds
10 sit ups as fast as possible

GREAT JOB!! and way to finish week #2 strong!!
Let’s plan on having a stellar week 3,
Love ya,
Your BuffMother, Michelle

Ab Secrets: “Fab Abs” Day 12

“Fab Abs” day 12 is all about Ab Secrets!!

First off let’s talk EXERCISE~ let’s LEARN more about your tummy and how to apply exercise and diet strategies that will create an optimal waistline.

I am a big believer that ab work can be done daily…and should be done that often when you are in “REBUILDING” mode. If you want to truly transform your tummy, constant focus and EFFORT is the only way you’ll get the change you desire. It’s not just doing SIT UPS– it’s more than that– That’s why we’ve had daily EXERCISE Challenges in this contest to expose you to a variety of exercise that shape your tummy.

Fab Abs day #12 Challenge–  read the 4 pages (attached and below- click to enlarge) from my AFTER BABY ABS BOOK And DO This circuit 3x’s

“C” ABS– 10 Ab Crunches focus hard on CRUNCHING hold if for 3 seconds each crunch

“T” ABS- Plank for 20 Seconds – keeping core tight and sucked in

“E” ABS- 10 Knee ups on a bench or chair…focus on LOWERING your legs slowly- resist the stretch, take 5 seconds to lower them on each rep

Have a super INFORMED day #12!!

Love ya’s,


p.s. you can also take today and this weekend to “make up” any missed challenges!!

After Baby Abs ebook8 After Baby Abs ebook9 After Baby Abs ebook10 After Baby Abs ebook11A






Fab Abs day 1: 30 Ab exercises

It’s DAY #1 in our “Fab Abs” challenge

Thanks and Congrats for joining this QUICK 28 day focus on whittling our waists!

Your 3 ASSIGNMENTS for today~

1- Take your starting pics and stats as outlined in yesterday’s post Info and Instructions: “Fab Abs” day 0


2- Set your goals based upon your stats/pics. Keep them attainable and ACTION based, some example goals:

  • to lose 1 inch off my tummy
  • do 10 mins of ab exercises daily
  • add in 3 interval sessions/weekly to help burn fat
  • eliminate dessert from my diet
  • increase my fiber and protein intake, etc…
  • Take these 28 days to establish at least 1 good TIGHT TUMMY habit


3- Do this Day #1 “Fab Abs” Challenge: complete at least 10 reps of 20 different AB exercises. I’ve shown examples of 30 varieties below~

Ab Adductor V’s
Ab Ball Rope Climb
Ab Crunch- feet on floor or feet up
Ab Crunch Pump legs up
Ab Flutters
Ab Isolation Crunches
Ab Jump Twists
Ab Scissors
Ab Wheel
Ball Crunches
Bicycle Crunches
Dumbbell Side Crunch
Ball Oblique Crunch
Lower AB Leg Lift
Lower Back Extensions
Knee Ups
High Knee Abs
Hula Hoop Abs
Oblique Sit ups and Crunches
Oblique Twist Crunch
Sit ups Variations- Old School, Hands on Hammies and Labor
Pilates Leg lifts- Low and High
Pelvic Tilts
Planks- beginner and side
Roll Ups
Reverse Crunches

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!