Finish Week 1 STRONG~ SSS 01

Let’s Finish Week #1 STRONG– weekends can be tough, but if you can stay strong through it you will set yourself up for getting results in week #2!!

I am going to be STRONG this weekend~ Ladies let’s keep our mojo STRONG all the way through week 10!!! (can you tell my “truth hammer” for is STRONG?)

At the end of each week you’ll find a place in your SSS journal to summarize how you did that week and make a plan of attack for next week:


Homework for week 01~

  1. Be sure to do Mini-Challenge #1 take your STATS and STARTING Pictures.
  2. Get your WEEK 01 workouts done– take a JUST DO IT mentality– Any movement counts!!

Stay engaged and accountable by posting a comments and encouraging others– that’s how I stay STRONG!!

Your STRONG friend,
Michelle Berger

P.S. If you missed any of the info for the week, you can always find it on my BLOG~  Here’s a nice summary for you….

Holy Cow, time flies!!

Can you believe it!!

We are on the start of week #4 in our Summer Slim Down challenge!…mer-slim-down-week-4

As you may notice the focus is to AMP up the intensity on your ab work this week!

My POA is as follows:

(some of this may be adjusted as I’m traveling a lot this week)

Phase 5 Boosting

Monday – Back/Shoulders/Bi’s, ABS

Tuesday – Chest/tri, Intervals

Wednesday – Lift Lower Body, ABS

Thursday – Back/Shoulders/Bi’s, ABS

Friday – Chest/tri, Intervals

Saturday – Lift Lower Body, ABS

Sunday – off!

Bench Press or Chest Press lbs.
4×10,6,6,6 reps.
Incline Chest Press lbs.
4×8,6,6,6 reps.
Cable Flys or Incline Flys lbs.
3×6 reps.
Chest Dips or push ups lbs.
2xfailure reps.
Barbell Tricep Extensions lbs.
3×6 reps.
Kick backs lbs.
3×6-8 reps.
Daily CORE- during rest between higher rep sets or post intervals
Pull ups- assisted lbs.
2xfailure reps.
Lat Pulls or Hammer Lat Pull lbs.
4×10,6,6,6 reps.
One arm DB lat rows lbs.
4×10,6,6,6 reps.
Rows or Hammer rows lbs.
3×6 reps.
Military Press or Dumbell Press lbs.
4×10,6,6,6 reps.
Upright rows lbs.
4×8,6,6,6 reps.
Lateral or Front Raises lbs.
3×6 reps.
Barbell Bicep Curls lbs.
3×6 reps.
Dumbell Hammer Curls lbs.
3×6 reps.
Daily CORE- during rest between higher rep sets or post intervals
Squats lbs.
4×10,8,6,6 reps.
Butt Squats (squeeze) lbs.
4×10,8,6,4 reps.
Smith Lunges (think front leg) lbs.
3×8 reps
Knee Extensions lbs.
4×8,6,6,4 reps.
Leg Curls lbs.
4×8,6,6,4 reps.
Walking Lunges lbs.
2×15 reps.
Calf Raises lbs.
4×10,8,6,10 reps.
Daily CORE- during rest between higher rep sets or post intervals
Lower Back Extensions lbs.
3×15 reps.
Knee Ups lbs.
3×25 reps.
Crunches lbs.
3×15 reps.

Been having fun with the hubby during our “staycation” kinda sad it has to end so quick, but also VERY excited to go to Lincoln on Wednesday to meet our SSS2014 winner Dannielle plus hang with SUZI and meet up with nearly 50 other BuffMother’s on Thursday night!!

It’s going to be so much fun!!

Hope you have a fun week ahead too!!


Poke in the booty…bikini day 2

HI Ladies!! Today I am up and at ’em early. I’m expecting a VERY productive, VICTORIOUS day!!

My neck and shoulder are feeling much more NORMAL.  I am not 100% but well on my way!


Today’s contest post contains some fun thoughts about regaining your sexy mojo~ be sure to share some of your ideas!

S2S~ Day 31: Sexy MOJO


Also, We have our CHAT TODAY!!

11:00 AM Central Standard Time


Yesterday, I was at a loss for what to do…I wanted to workout, but didn’t feel ready to do an upper body workout– so I just did intervals + extra cardio

20 mins of Running intervals + 10 extra minutes of running then 10 mins on the Elliptical alternating going forward and backward; 40 mins total


I thought this was funny~ Poked myself in the booty on day 2 of or sexy bikini challenge:



Ladies…as you go through your day today I urge you to remember~ WE are VICTORIOUS! What’s a VICTORY you’ve had already today?

I know for me, I’ve already taken my NO2 Supplement, Scanned some pictures for my kids, I did the dishes and I spent time promoting my business.


My plan is to ATTACK~! the day with my truth hammer- “I am Victorious!!!!” I have a short but powerful list of To Do’s today:

1- devotion/prayer time with God 2- work on organizing for my taxes 3- complete at least 1 workout program for clients 4- workout- Back, Shoulders, ABS


Let’s be VICTORIOUS today!!

Love, Michelle


I’m putting this here for a personal reminder to myself (taken from

Some of the things I am going to be staunch about during the finish of this contest are:

  • FASTED cardio!  i have not done much of this the past 2 years….just because I am in  a nice “comfort zone” with my body.  Well This buffing phase I don’t care about being comfortable…I want to see some fat loss!
  • Low-Low Carb diet…I am going to shoot for no more than 2 servings of Carbs a day.  The only way I am able to accomplish this is to go in with a NO CARB mindset.  I do that because carbs always “slip” in~ they are SNEAKY!
  • Smaller portion sizes- I typically have portions that are 25-30grams in size.  I’ll be shooting for 20g portions these next 2 weeks.
  • EXTRA Cardio- 20 mins EXTRA- 3 times a week and ONE LONG cardio day- 45-60 min session.

All of that combined with what i normally do WILL eliminate some fat off this body and I’ll be more ripped than I’ve been in quite a while!! I am ready to FINISH STRONG!!


ALSO~ I keep forgetting to do my journal–

p.s. 6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day– yesterday was day 17 and today was day 18– i feel good- confident, nice energy, waking up well in the morning.  I still feel like I am buffing– so that’s nice because I am (until tomorrow!)
  2. Weight–yesteday I was 128. Today I am 130…BUT I expected that– I had a high salt evening last night.  I sweated so much during my workout that I felt like I needed salt so BADLY.  I drank some hot water with 2 bullion cubes in it- YUM! and I also drank some pickle juice and ate a BIG pickle just before bed (get your mind out of the gutter!! it was an actual pickle!).
  3. Sexy To do’s- I am to put on a pair of heels as I walk around my house today.  It makes me feel sexy, plus I need to condition my body to wear heels again.
  4. Workout– 20 mins fasted bike- then later: Back, Shoulders, Biceps
  5. Meal POA– proteins and greens. I’m really hungry for and omlete and tuna today– those will be on the menu for sure!
  6. Sexy Actions–I am going to send some flirty texts to Travis today

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Yeah that’s right ~ I’m gonna be buff!!


How do you like my truth hammer for today: “YEAH that’s right..I’m gonna be BUFF!!!”

My Buffing phase ends today c-day 19…but that’s not gonna stop me from being BUFF for my birthday.  I’M GONNA BE BUFF!!

Good Morning my friend,
Today I am here to tell you “I’m Gonna Be BUFF!!”

That’s my “Truth Hammer” and I plan on using it!!!
Truth Hammers CRUSH DOUBT
Truth Hammers Enforce Belief
Truth Hammers POUND in the TRUTH
Truth Hammers OVERCOME!!

And so far all is well in the diet category:
coffee with cream
Brussels sprouts
a carrot
3 scrambled eggs

My planned workout today will be to get in a full body lifting workout and some intervals on my upright bike.
Plus, I’ll stretch a bit afterward~I uploaded a bunch of new videos to my you tube about stretching, try some they feel GREAT!


Have a Killer day!!
YEAH that’s right..YOU are gonna be BUFF!!!

-Michelle Berger, aka “BuffMother!”

p.s. here are the stretching videos


Birth-Day Snow-Day~ day 17/70 SSS2011

Birth-Day Snow-Day~ woke up to it pouring snow- we got about 2 feet in a matter of 8 hours! So the kids got another snow day today. What a wonderful present for the twins to have the day off 🙂 WE are going to do cake, presents, etc…in just a bit!!

Weight is down a bit to 132 the past 2 days thankfully! I am really feeling strong and recovering nicely from my workouts– I am finally in shape enough to feel like I am truly getting in shape!

last night’s workout:

Tan for warm up
Chest press 2 sets



Abs between sets- knee ups on bench

Bicep curls- HS mach

pull ups 6.5
Hi lat pulls- HS mach-one arm at a time

low lat pulls- HS mach

Haning sit ups- 20 reps

roman chair knee ups- 30 reps

Standing lateral raises 10#platesx20reps
ran intervals- 10 mins warm up all @2% incline
easy min 6mph
hard min 8mph
easy min 6.5mph
hard min 9mph
easy min 6.5mph
hard 2 mins 9mph
easy min 6.5mph
hard min 9mph
easy min 6mph
hard30 sec 10mph
easy min 6mph
100 smith lunges- 4 sets@50#

I plan to do some upper body tonight and my lunges too! Football was canceled due to the snow again.

Have a great night!!


Time for some chillaxin'

workout is DONE!! Chest, abs and intervals!!! Now time for some chillaxin’!

here’s how it went:

Warm up- tanning
95x10x3sets -abs between- reverse crunch pulsese and crunches and
115x10x2 sets- abs between knee ups and leg raises on bench and bench dips also

Incline hammer press
abs between sets- knee ups on roman chair and hanging sit ups

Fly machine-
2 sets
45×20 reps
ABS between sets- Boxing drill- side to side shoulder movement

Tricep extension machine
Abs between- hanging sit ups

11, 9

Incline flys
paired with isolation bicep curls
2 sets
and tricep extensions with BB

Run intervals- 15 mins total easy mins at 7mph hard mins at:
1x1min @8 mph
3x2mins @ 9mph

I started taking creatine again today to see if It’ll help me recover from my mma training~ OUCHIE!! I am sore in some weird places, lol!

have a TERRIFIC DAY!!!

Love ya,


PB Day!

Today’s workout was with DH again…we’ve workout 3 days together this week!! FUN STUFF!!
Today…I hit a recent Bench pb~ 135×6 times; 145x3times and I did 155×1 with a LITTLE TINY help 🙂
Here’s the breakdown of my workout
Warm up chest press 2 sets and 1 set of push ups (15 reps)
Bench 45×25 95×10 135×6!! 145×4 (3 by myself, the 4th with assistance) 155×1- like a said with a tiny bit of help
135×5 Wide Hammer flat Bench machine 90×10 110×10 140x8x2
Dips 10 (another recent high), 8
Incline Flys 40’sx8x2sets
Tricep push downs- 4 sets lots of reps!
Intervals on treadmill- 20 mins most high mins at 9 with recovery at 7. 1 min was at 10.8mph
In an e-mail today I read the following and though it was good enough to share:
“The goal of life is NOT to be happy. The goal of life is to know what time it is. In the words of King Solomon:
“Everything has its season. And there is a time for everything under the heaven.” “A time to be born and a time to die.” “A time to weep and time to laugh.” “A time to wail and time to dance.” “A time to rend and time to mend.” “A time to be silent and a time to speak.” “A time to love and a time to hate.” “A time for war and a time for peace.”
What time is it for you ? 
Have a super fantastic day!!

My son is 10!


Today’s been all about getting prepped for my dear little boy’s 10th Birthday tomorrow~ WOW! I can’t believe he’s that old already! I love it but hate it at the same time. FYI~ it’s cycle day 28 for me, so hormones are running wild…tears are at the surface.

I just had a little happy cry about Tom Watson doing so well in the British Open golf tournament today.
I think it’s an awesome story already, but it’d be soooo cool if he could win it tomorrow! I’ll have to be sure to watch at least part of it.

ANYHOW~ he’s got a friend spending the night tonight and another coming over for his little “party” tomorrow. It’ll be really nice! I am baking a cake to decorate right now~ GUNZ wants it decorated “UFC”…so I’ll have to turn on my lright brain a bit to get that done.

I had a good leg workout! “SQUAT” was my truth hammer today:

r-bike warm up 10 mins- chatted with a couple pastors from my church

105x10x3sets- another recent high…my back is doing good!

Seated calf raises
90x15x5sets- straight, toes out, toes in, straight, straight

Dead lifts
65×10+10conventionalx 2 sets

worked out my jaw a bit talking to my friend and doctor -Dr. Earl

Leg curls-
70x10x3 (a bit of a sore left hammie)
Leg Extension

Smith lunges
70x10x3 sets on a step

Butt squats
70x10x 3sets

A few abs inbetween sets: knee ups on roman chair, ab wheel, knee ups on bench.

and that was it!

Hope your day was GREAT like mine!!


p.s. There’s been a HUGE response already for the “40 days to fit” challlenge…please join and feel free to share it with your friends! EVERYONE is welcome~ here’s the link

Wonder Woman Wednesday

I woke up today pumped to workout back/sh/bis and SPRINT fast today~ I feel energized like “wonder woman”!!

So~ I hit the gym at about 11am and got in a good, good, good lifting workout. I’ll do my sprints later this afternoon~ it’s going to be HOTTTT here today!

Warm up- tanned and r-bike 10 mins

Lat Pulls

paired with lateral raises
10# platesx10repsx3sets

Pull ups
6,5, assit 20#x6reps, assist 30#x10reps
paired with Knee ups

Hi-Lat row (hammer strength machine)

Seated rows- 2 sets, sore lower back
paired with Ball crunches- on set, sore lower back

Shoulder press

bicep curls machine

shoulder press machine backward- one set of 15 @50#…good stretch!

Wide cable lat pulls (on knees)
paired with posedown bicep curls

with cable bicep curls

My food so far today has been no carbs except for a bit of sugar in my coffee:
sugar free energy shot
protien shake 25g pre workout; 25g post workout
egg drop soup (I posted the recipe in the RECIPE section)

Your freind,


High Expectations!

I have had HIGH expectations of myself all day today~ and guess what, I’ve risen to the challenge and have had a VERY successful day so far! I love that feeling!!

My workout today went like this:

Warm up- tanning and talking with my sissy
r-bike 10 mins
chest press 70x15x2sets

115×7,6, 5

Tricep bench dips
4×10 finished each rep with a inverted plank

Hammer strength seatedchest press

Incline Flys

Tricep extensions (skull crushers)

paired with bicep curls

A total of about 4 sets of abs during the workout~ I plan to do more later.

Ran intervals on treddy total of 18mins- 7 hard intervals (8,8,8.5×2, 9×3) I recovered at a pace of 6-7mph…I was very tired!

The rest of today has been spent working on my training programs, cleaning, organinzing, etc…the girls have been watching some movies.

My computer is in the shop until Thurs, so for now I have to share with the kids 🙂 It’s amazing how slow this old best of a computer is compared to my newer one! AND it’s also amazing how much the kids actually use it~ they are a totally different generation!

My POA for this weeks looks like a lot of cardio, heehee! I’ve got to shed the FLUF I gained over the 4 day weekend. I hope it goes away FAST! I’ll start no carbs tomorrow and keep that up until after my shoot. I really hold a ton of water from carbs and my body doesn’t lean up unless I really cut carbs. I always like to go into a photoshoot carb depleted and with as little water on my body as possilbe.

here’s the plan:

M-done with half over half of it~ chest, tri’s, abs, intervals +cardio …I have 30 mins left on the ubike

T- Starting the “NO CARBS”- eeek!! 20 mins warm up- LEGS and post lifting 20mins steady cardio

W-Back, Sh, Biceps, INTERVALS- sprints!!!

Thursday- chest/tri/abs +60mins cardio


Sat- start boosting! LEGS and food are in order!! and FUN UFC FIGHT NIGHT!!!

Sun- off day

I expect to see some AMAZING Results from my efforts this week~ you should too!! You can only get something if you EXPECT it!

Love ya!!