Finish Week 1 STRONG~ SSS 01

Let’s Finish Week #1 STRONG– weekends can be tough, but if you can stay strong through it you will set yourself up for getting results […] Read More

Holy Cow, time flies!!

Can you believe it!! We are on the start of week #4 in our Summer Slim Down challenge!…mer-slim-down-week-4 As you may notice the focus […] Read More

Poke in the booty…bikini day 2

HI Ladies!! Today I am up and at ’em early. I’m expecting a VERY productive, VICTORIOUS day!! My neck and shoulder are feeling much more […] Read More

Yeah that’s right ~ I’m gonna be buff!!

  How do you like my truth hammer for today: “YEAH that’s right..I’m gonna be BUFF!!!” My Buffing phase ends today c-day 19…but that’s not […] Read More

Birth-Day Snow-Day~ day 17/70 SSS2011

Birth-Day Snow-Day~ woke up to it pouring snow- we got about 2 feet in a matter of 8 hours! So the kids got another snow […] Read More

Time for some chillaxin'

workout is DONE!! Chest, abs and intervals!!! Now time for some chillaxin’! here’s how it went: Warm up- tanning Bench 45×20 95x10x3sets -abs between- reverse […] Read More

PB Day!

Today’s workout was with DH again…we’ve workout 3 days together this week!! FUN STUFF!! Today…I hit a recent Bench pb~ 135×6 times; 145x3times and I […] Read More

My son is 10!

Hidy-HO!! Today’s been all about getting prepped for my dear little boy’s 10th Birthday tomorrow~ WOW! I can’t believe he’s that old already! I love […] Read More

Wonder Woman Wednesday

I woke up today pumped to workout back/sh/bis and SPRINT fast today~ I feel energized like “wonder woman”!! So~ I hit the gym at about […] Read More

High Expectations!

I have had HIGH expectations of myself all day today~ and guess what, I’ve risen to the challenge and have had a VERY successful day […] Read More