Jan 2016

Happy 2016 or should I say twothousandsexteen!?

Hi….so 2015 didn’t end as I had hoped. A bladder infection kept us HOME on NYE. I was so bummed that we had to cancel our BIG plans….

I did get in a tiny leg workout yesterday morning while I was hoping to feel better.

Warm up on bike

Dead lift (Romanian) 95x10x3sets

Squat 135x10x3sets

Bulgarians one set body weight x10

Knee extensions 2 sets 90#x15

My 2016 Resolutions :

#1- BE POSITIVE at all times and Laugh More
#2- Workout on average 5x’s a week
#3- Get up earlier, my goal is 6 am on week days
#4- Eat at least 2 servings of GREENS every day this year–365 in a row!!
#5- Add at least 100 new videos to my YouTube channel this year
#6- AND…this Year’s theme is “twothousandsexteen!” meaning, my goal is to be sexy and enjoy some a lot of good sex this year!!
Today was a REST/Sick day for me…tomorrow I will do at least a light workout.
I plan to take pictures, measurements and stats~

I am so EXCITED, this year will be GREAT!!!!

Eat your Greens in 2016!! #celery #buffmother #greens #twothousandsexteen

Hike day

Just got back from a 44 min hike around our land with Travis and little Cuji– all of us needed the fresh air and a bit of exercise…crazy how the same run can be done in about 15 mins.  That’s why I don’t walk/hike more, I like to go FASTER, HA!!

Feeling about the same as I did yesterday– the bladder is still a bit sore, my kidneys ache and now the effects from CIPRO are coming on. Typically that means headache, itchy skin, overall body aches and my eyes feel really dry.  Anyhow, 4 more days and I’ll be off it.

Come Monday, I’ll make an appt with the Urologist …I need to look into my kidney function.

Gonna watch the ARKANSAS bowl game now and UFC tonight!!

Have a great Saturday!


Hike day

Just got back from a 44 min hike around our land with Travis and little Cuji– all of us needed the fresh air and a bit of exercise…crazy how the same run can be done in about 15 mins.  That’s why I don’t walk/hike more, I like to go FASTER, HA!!

Feeling about the same as I did yesterday– the bladder is still a bit sore, my kidneys ache and now the effects from CIPRO are coming on. Typically that means headache, itchy skin, overall body aches and my eyes feel really dry.  Anyhow, 4 more days and I’ll be off it.

Come Monday, I’ll make an appt with the Urologist …I need to look into my kidney function.

Gonna watch the ARKANSAS bowl game now and UFC tonight!!

Have a great Saturday!



Where is my motivation this Monday??

Were you are like me and have found that starting the NEW YEAR on a long holiday weekend was less than ideal timing to stay on track with diet and exercise??

AND, now that Monday is here the MOJO is still not anywhere?? Well, suck it up buttercup, get moving and FORCE that Mojo to rise!

3 tips to get your Motivation rollin’:

1- MOVE– do what I call “1 min Mojo” sessions.  Just get moving for even 1 min to feel your mental and physical motivation rise.  Examples: march in place, do a set of push ups, hop on one foot (30sec each), walk up and down a flight of stairs 3 times, walk outside to get the mail, shadow box, etc…

2- LISTEN– listen to an upbeat song or one with a great message!  Feel free to even sing along.  A few great ones I love:

3- READ– read an article or part of a book about how to get motivated or how to workout. Seriously I have a shelf full of fitness, diet, exercise books and reading just a few pages about how my body works fires me up!  Google it, read it and get motivated.  Try these articles:




Welcome to REALITY, those RESOLUTIONS do not happen without a bit of work!!

BUT, It works if you work it~


Journal It! January!!

Hi Ya!! First off thanks so much for your effort to JOURNAL so far this year!! I just love reading your posts! The workouts inspire me to get mine done and your thoughts are so inspiring, you are full of HOPE for the year to come, I just love it!!  thanks for sharing!!

My day was spent in “recovery” mode…I slept in and rested in bed most of the day.  Much like the last 4 days, but today I actually felt better while doing it.

I just now finished a 20 min easier than normal interval run and some stretching. It was good to shake off the dust and sweat a bit.

I’ve been researching some cleanses and think that in a couple weeks I’ll be up to doing one.  I also tried to get a Dr. Appt, but it’s been over 3 years since my last visit to him so I have to get a new referral in first.  So, I’ll work on that more tomorrow.

I also worked a bit on some YouTube, Website and Facebook stuff…

Tomorrow, I have got to get some cleaning done around the house and make progress on getting Gracie’s room painted. PLUS, get in a workout at some point.  MY goals for the next 30 days are a daily workout, to eat 2 green veggies daily and a carrot. Carrots are a GREAT veggie for me!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Eats Mon-Wed

Monday- 1/4

Coffee with Half and Half- 2 cups .5F

Chicken Breast, Carrot, small amount of honey mustard 2P, 1C, .5F

Protein Shake 2 scoops, Spinach 2 P, 1G

Potato Chips 1C, 1F

Cran/Pom juice mixed with lacroix 1C

Fish (smoked herring) Cucumber with Ranch 1P, 1G, 1F

5P, 3C, 3F, 2G  but not enough water


Tues- 1/5

Coffee with Half and Half- 2 cups .5F

3 eggs over easy cooked with butter 1P, 1F

BIG spinach salad with Chicken, Walnuts, Olives, Italian Dressing, Feta Cheese and Red onion  2P, 2G, 2F

Low Carb ww Tortilla Quesedilla– cheese, olives, chicken, buttered, with sour cream and salsa + extra chicken

Tomato soup– only about 1/4 cup with about 4 crackers, I was craving sweets and this was my choice– it was sweet!

6oz cran/pom juice

Felt pretty good today, got HUNGRY due to LEGS!


Coffee with Half and Half- 2 cups .5F

2 Carrots, 1 stick cheese

1 slice pizza from Casey’s (so yummy!)

Cucumber with Ranch

Chicken with rice noodles, golden mushroom sauce,  and sunflower seeds

4oz cran Pom juice

peanut brittle (130cals) Treat

Not a great day…I was very tired, weak, woke up at 11am, still feeling the sickly effects.

So…for days 1-3 I’ve improved, but need to get more focused.  I have an issue, I flounder in my eating when I DO NOT workout very hard.  I’ve been working out at about 50% this week, so my eats reflect that.  I’ll do better on my eating as I feel better and as I can get in normal workouts.

a hop-pity hop good time!

Hey ladies, I am certainly feeling better each day. Today, I’ve been up and moving more– I just finished a short workout. Filmed this little silly video for you– (should be done loading soon)

Plus did 3 sets of squats 10 reps at 135, a bunch of body weight stuff, some more bouncing, biking and knee extensions.  It was not super intense, but good for me today.

I got some cleaning done, but not nearly as much as I had hoped~ Seriously I am cleaning impaired. I hate it!

I also ordered a bunch of stuff from AMAZON. Several of the supplements listed here actually http://chriskresser.com/treat-…-utis-without-drugs/

Got an appointment with my Gyno for the UTI stuff, figured he could refer me to the urologist again if he wanted.

Also, had the insurance adjuster here regarding our lightning strike and they found a separate claim in that we need a new roof– hail damage.  THEN,  just as I was finishing my workout the ceiling started leaking– SHEESH!

A week down!

We are a week done with 2016…crazy how I feel like I’m still on day 1 of it, ha!!

A Tiny, very weak biceps workout got done last night and shessh am I sore from it!  Good to know it worked but it’s also a reminder that my body is in a state of “REPAIR” right now. Being on an antibiotic and weight training means you need to be CAREFUL!    I updated my eating journal here http://www.teambuffmother.com/blog/eats-mon-wed

I started a blog post yesterday, but never finished it– it was about HUMP day, so I’ll post it next HUMP DAY, lol!

Today, I have the HVAC guy coming around 1:00…so my entire day is revolving around that.  Our upstairs heater/ac hasn’t worked since the lightning strike. THE PLAN is to workout AFTER he leaves, hopefully he won’t be here all afternoon!

If anyone is looking for a good devotional, Here’s one by a lady I love– Havilah Cunnington


Gotta roll, have a good day!


Wrapping up the week!!

I had a good week despite being sick.  I got in my workout even if it was TINY each day and I ate my 2 greens and a carrot each day!! BIG WINS!!

I also got my butt to the Dr. I hate going to the doctor! I feel like a hypochondriac when I go…I am seriously too in tune with my body that doctors probably think I’m a little nuts, Ha!!  The Dr. gave me a refferal to the Urologist which was my goal. He also gave me a prescription for some “emergency” antibiotics for my UTI issues.  Gotta have those on hand at all times!  And he wants to test my thyroid, testosterone, insulin/a1c and creatinine levels, since I’ve gained 10 pounds since May.
Just a reminder that to workout, workout clothes are optional…got in a great 11min workout last night for upper body +booty and abs all in my everyday clothes, Did my workout in my jeans…as many rounds as possible in 11 mins of 10 push ups, 10 inverted pull ups and hanging hip ups…did about 7 rounds #noexcuses #noregrets#sweatpink #buffmother #motivation#UltimateResults #pullups #pushups #workoutproof

I could totally do a workout like this during a lunch break and not even break a sweat. That’s the great thing about STRENGTH TRAINING- you don’t always have to shower afterward!

Just now, Got an interval run done on treadmill…easy mins at 6.4 hard at 8, 7 total intervals 17mins was my 2 mile mark- 20 mins total for 2.3 miles….feeling much more normal! Yay!!

Weight is still same as on Jan 1 (141) despite drastically cutting calories this week, but that’s honestly a win since my activity level was so low, plus antibiotics cause toxins and water retention.   I should do a set of pics and measurements this weeknd. I need a good new BAD baseline.

We had a tiny bit of snow this morning. Can u see it?

Now it’s time to hang with DH, watch some Football. My Alma matter NDSU is playing for the national championships again! they’ve won it for the past 4 years!! GO BISON!!

Have a great weekend!



Feeling so much better the past couple days!! YAY!! I had enough energy to get my laundry folded and do dishes even! HA!!

the POA is to get back to it, with weights as my main focus.  ALSO, I will keep up my running– been trying to run M, W, F or Sa each week– 3 solid runs a week– each 20 mins of intervals for the goal right now, once the weather warms up, I’ll get in some hills and sprints outside.

POA for week of 1-11-16  (POA= PLAN OF ATTACK)
M-Chest/Tri and interval run
W- Back/Sh/Bi and interval run
Th- mish-mosh recovery lifting day…whatever isn’t sore and some extra abs
F- Chest/Tri and interval run
Su- off’ish– do at least 20 mins on bike

For the remainder of January I am committed to working out every day, eating a carrot daily + 2 greens + other foods
Been dealing with some bad GUT issues– lots of pain in my tummy so trying to get that “recovered” this week.  I keep on thinking I need to go on a liquid diet, but then I get too hungry, lol!

Today’s eats:

Coffee with half and half – 2 cups
Apple cider vinegar with water
Kippered Snacks and Spinach

Let’s have a great week!!

On the attack! Stats/Pics

11 days into 2016 and I’m on the attack!!

Back to my OBSESSED mentality, got up at 6:20 this morning (closer to my 6am wake up goal!)

Worked this morning on Rally Room stuff and other catch up from the weekend.

Be sure to mark your calendars!! We are having a 10 week SuperSTAR Success CONTEST, it starts Feb 1st!!!

Did Measurements and Pics finally!
Video for HighT~  https://www.facebook.com/KFMHi…68806463197/?theater
Video for BuffMother, too…


Push ups warm up

Bench 45×10 warm up, 95x10x3sets
Incline Flys 30’sx10x3sets
Dips 5, 5
Tricep Extensions 40x10x3sets
paired with Bicep Curls 40x10x 3sets
Abs between sets
On ball 2sets of 20, hanging knee ups 10x2sets, knee ups 20 reps

Run on Treadmill 2mile mark was 17:23, slower today than Saturday–my recovery had to be at 6.0 instead of 6.4 after 3rd interval, my legs were tired. Probably because I had just ran on Saturday and that day I didn’t lift prior to running.  20mins total, 7 hard mins, 2.26 miles.

Had to be done by 3pm so I could go to Gracie’s basketball game at 4pm.

I’ll add my stats to this post later, I can tell you I weighed in at my low for the year, 139.8! so nice to be under 140 again!

014013010005004003002Today’s eats:

Coffee with half and half – 2 cups
Apple cider vinegar with water
Kippered Snacks and Spinach
Supps- vitamin pack+others

Turkey, Pecans, Carrot
More Supps including a Slim Angel

Cheese stick

Hamburger with tomato and pickles


Today’s Date:__11-12-15  1/11/16  height: 5-6.5     weight:_136.2 139.8

Today’s cycle day- cday 10

Please list the following measurements-

Bust (around breasts the biggest part):37,  38
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides):35, 34

Waist- relaxed (the smallest part): 28 30
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part): 26.5 28
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 37 38
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 42 41
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 11 11.5
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):12 12
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap): 20.5 19.5
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap):22 22
Calf (about 7” below knee joint): 13 33

Ill-  10 14
Ab- 18 20
Th- 9 12
Tri- 7 12

So…in the past 2 months, I lost muscle and gained a lot of fat. YICK! My goal is to reverse that trend in Jan. and be ready to attack our 10 week contest come FEB 1!!

At a crossroads

I feel like I am at a crossroads in my life.  Change is bound to happen when this “feeling” comes over me.  Dayle’s post really hit home with me today.  It’s time for me to make some DECISIONS that will lead to the change I want in my life.

I’m going to dig deep, pray and journal for the next few days, about what I truly WANT for my life in the near future.  Time to CROSS THE ROAD to a better me!

One thing that I know I DO want is to feel more healthy and lean.  I hate having this tummy pooch that I’ve developed the past few months.  I’m also so sick of my bras not fitting~ Seriously annoying!

Workouts are going great this week!! I feel so much better than last week– YAY!

yesterday I rode the bike for 20 mins in the morning and got in a solid leg workout in the late afternoon.

Warm up- body weight moves
Dead lifts 95x10x3sets
Squat 45×10, 135x10x2sets, 155×10
Knee Extensions 4 sets– did a bunch of single leg– worked hard
Hyper Extensions 3 sets to exhaustion
Leg Curls 40x15x2sets
Lunges Stationary 45x10x2sets
Also did just a  few abs– I was sore from yesterday and from doing BELLY BREATHING all day

Today will be a bit more tricky to get workouts done, I’ve got several errands on tap and am already “LATE” to get going!

Time to roll, have a great HUMP DAY!



LSD means Long Slow Distance…it’s a common term in the world of track. My 3.24 mile for 31:19 run is my LSD, HA!   That’s a long way for me to go~ Did it outside too, first run outside in quite a while. (thinking it may have been a bit longer distance, my phone gps doesn’t seem to work on my trail and on hills)

Was inspired to eat Bacon this morning…it fueled a good run outside!
Pic is me touching toes felt good!!

Been very busy the past 2 days- But also feeling very excited!! I’ve had some realizations and ANSWERS to my recent discontentment with my business. I’m excited to roll out the changes!!  One thing is to do more features on BUFFMOTHERs, One each week!!

Which means…I’d love to interview YOU for a feature on www.BuffMother.com!! If you are interested in sharing your story with the world, please comment and we’ll see about getting you featured!!! (fyi- I’m in the process of overhauling my the site, it’s soon to revolve around sharing inspirational stores of TEAM BUFFMOTHER!) Also, your success doesn’t have to be directly related to my program. All you need to be featured is a “BuffMother MINDSET!” and be female

Gracie’s got another basketball game today, it’s against a big rival team…should be a good one!

Have a great Thursday!


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The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

GREAT week!!

I had a great week of workouts, got in one daily and felt like I am making progress. I feel so much more healthy this week too!! YAY for ENERGY and MOJO!!  I can do better on my eating, but overall making progress there too– my weight was down to 138.8 yesterday. That’s 3 pounds off this week!

Just now I did intervals on treadmill– 2 mins at 8mph x 5, recovery of 1 min each at 6mph,  all at 2% grade– 2 mile mark was 17:07 and 20 mins of 2.33mi total

Yesterday I did a heavier than lately leg workout–

Bulgarians for warm up- body weight x10 reps each leg
Squats 45×10, 135×10, 155×8, 155x6x2sets
Deads 95×10, 155x10x3sets
Knee extensions 90×15, 115×10+5vmox3sets
Hyperextensions for booty 2 sets
Ball sit ups
knee ups 2 sets of 30
Lunges 65#x6 2 sets stationary, 1 set forward lunges

Friday I did a heavier boosting chest workout and some punching of Bob for intervals.

Today’s plan is to watch more football and the UFC fights tonight!
Enjoy your Sunday!!


As I mentioned yesterday Had a stellar week last week

M-Chest/Tri and interval run  did it
T- LEGS did it
W- Back/Sh/Bi and interval run Did lifting, waited on run for Thurs
Th- mish-mosh recovery lifting day…whatever isn’t sore and some extra abs Did run outside for 30 mins
F- Chest/Tri and interval run Lifted and did boxing intervals
Sa- LEGS got legs done!
Su- off’ish– do at least 20 mins on bike Ran intervals

5 lifting workouts (legs twice!!), got in 3 runs and even did boxing intervals.
Eating was ok, but not the best…will work harder on it this week.

This week’s plan:

M- Back/Sh/Bi and abs
T- Chest/Tri and interval run
Th- Back/Sh/Bi
F- Chest/Tri and interval run
Su- interval run

I’m back up to 141 this morning, It’s a MONDAY and I’m also on cycle day 23 so holding some water is to be expected.  I’ve been really HUNGRY recently~ It’s nice to feel like I have a metabolism.

Kids are off school today, got to drive them around a bit, but other than that I just need to get some work done around the house.

In other SAD news, our local Wal-Mart is closing.  Now the closest grocery store will be 30 mins away!  So stupid!! they opened the Wal-Mart here 2 years ago, and drove the other Grocery store in town out of business and now Wal-Mart decides to shut down this store. It’s STUPID! Corporate  bologna!

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Our MISSION is to impact the world, As a BuffMother we will lead by example in our own quest to be healthy, fit and strong.  WE will strive to be BUFF and leave a legacy of wellness that will positively impact all future generations!

Boosting is ON!

HI Ya ladies, I am on cycle day 26 and boosting is on Full Boar.  For me a few things happen when I am boosting.

*I become hyper focused (meaning I don’t multitask well at all and I forget to do half of my “normal” things)

* I also get super unfocused= I’m distracted easily, like now I’m in the middle of my leg workout

*I get lazy, can’t seem to shower, can’t seem to get going on time

*I go into nesting mode, pretty much the only time I do clean

*I get antisocial- thus blogging gets put on back burner

*I retain tons of water- especially in my boobs, a full size extra this week!

Many times too, I feel very unproductive. Not this month! I am getting things done~ Did you see this new video?

I also got the invite put together for the SSS contest!  Be sure to send your friends to www.BuffMother.com to sign up! We start Feb 1!

AND I did some of my nesting on BuffMother.com– changed the menu, added some stuff, etc..

My workouts have been weird all week…tues, I took off, just hurt everywhere; Wed, did chest and then later ran intervals on treadmill went faster and longer, and today I am in the middle of legs.

Gotta finish my workout, see ya later!


SSS contestant info~ the basics

FYI, I sent this email today- I’ll also be posting updates for the contest in our FORUM AREA– just copying this here today to be sure everyone sees it!

10 week SuperSTAR Success– Feb 1st thru April 10th, 70 days to SEXY! the 2016SSS contest! PLEASE~ Sign up on www.BuffMother.com

Prep week starts Jan 25th– this is where we get you ready to rock the 10 weeks.  Get support items in place, food prep, support prep, workout program, etc…

Contestant Email sent 1-23-16

Thanks so much for signing up for the  the 2016 Super STAR Success (SSS) contest!!  All contestants can use the code SSS16 to save 35% off in my shop.

There are 2 place you can participate:

  1. within http://www.TeamBuffMother.com
  2. within our secret private TEAM BuffMother! FaceBook Group

If you have not yet, Be sure to get registered/approved on the site(s) as a member ASAP!!
Both areas are FREE, private and women’s only! A “premium” VIP membership upgrade is available within our Rally Room. “VIP’s” Get access to extra support, downloads, features and coaching.

The base-line recommended support material for this contest is my 10 week SuperSTAR Success journal.


However, I’d highly recommend investing in the full BUNDLE pack. You will be equipped with a few amazing workout program options, my books: Hormonal Timing and After Baby Abs


VIP’s in www.TeamBuffMother.com FREE access to the free download of the SSS 10 week journal.Located here:


The 10 week contest that starts Feb 1st, 2016~  Ending on April 10th. Please help us spread the word, we want as many ladies involved as possible.  To sign up have them go to www.BuffMother.com

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing much more “get ready” info…
Then once the contest starts you’ll be getting 1 or 2 emails weekly to help keep you focused~

**To ensure delivery please add michelle@buffmother.com to your safe sender
list and address book **

NOW is the time to for you to become a SUPERSTAR SUCCESS!!!
Let’s DO IT!!!
p.s. Remember All contestants can use the code SSS16 to save 35% off in my shop.


Hey everybody!!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!!  I’m taking today off its cycle day one and wow it’s a doozy. Yesterday I went for a little hike/hunt with my husband we were doing some predator calling.  The only thing we managed to call in with a bunch of crows it was crazy. There were about  30 crows circling us and crying and going nuts.

I am excited for the secret of success contest, we start in one week this week is about preparing and I have a lot of support videos on my YouTube playlist called the superstar success playlist. Those videos will be updated but the information and content is still very very helpful. Check out the week 0 ones and also there is full workout examples, too.

Today we are chilling out watching the show Peaky Blinders and also planning to watch the football games this afternoon really low key just trying to make it a true rest day.

lOOk back to See Forward…

For myself, I’ve found it very helpful to look into my past to see how best to move forward toward my goals. Honest evaluation of current habits, current mindset and current behaviors vs. those I had when I was at my best.

Today I’m just going to look back a month, lol….

At the end of December I posted my blog “Obsessed”…I was determined, on fire and totally excited for what was to come in 2016~  http://www.teambuffmother.com/blog/obsessed

“Bring on”FITNESS OBSESSED MICHELLE” for the next season of my life!  I’m telling you this as a warning, HA!!  When I unleash this my OBSESSIVE BEAST it’s crazy and competitive and compulsive and unrelenting!


Yes that’s the mentality I want for this SSS contest. 70 full days of being obsessed, maybe even being a FREAK about it!!

Then a week later I made my Jan goals/resolutions~

My 2016 Resolutions :
#1- BE POSITIVE at all times and Laugh More
#2- Workout on average 5x’s a week
#3- Get up earlier, my goal is 6 am on week days
#4- Eat at least 2 servings of GREENS every day this year–365 in a row!!
#5- Add at least 100 new videos to my YouTube channel this year
#6- AND…this Year’s theme is “twothousandsexteen!” meaning, my goal is to be sexy and enjoy some a lot of good sex this year!!

It’s so easy for me to FORGET my resolutions. Does that ever happen to you?? I’m going to really try to keep them in the forefront of my mind this year. Certainly reviewing them monthly will help– but I’m also going to print them off and put them around my house as a reminder!

Over all I am off to a good start on them. The 6 am morning wake up thing has been a work in progress. The past 2 weeks I’ve managed to do it 3 days each. Today, as every week day I got up at 6, fed my DH and got him and the kids off to school, then went to sleep again, was having bad Period and tummy issues last night and this morning.  Once I got up (at 10am), I did feel better…The plan is to do the 6am wake up the remainder of the week.

My goal for February is to figure out and stick to a strict protocol to heal up my gut, to detox with some cleanses, dig into the blood tests from the Dr. that I’ll be getting done tomorrow.  Along with keeping up with doing all I know how to stay free of a UTI.

2 of the big things I started today to assist with that is NO COFFEE and NO DAIRY.  Coffee because it really seems to upset my tummy and dairy because I know in the past when I’ve been strictly off it, I’ve felt so much better. Less inflamed, less toxic, less cellulite, leaner, better tummy function, etc…

Some other things I plan to implement are to make and drink bone broth and learn more about fermentation.

Fitness wise, more of the same this month– just progressing with my weight training workouts and running.  I want to be sure to add in more outdoor runs, hill runs and sprints in the coming weeks.  The weather forecast looks very nice so it’ll make it much easier!

This week’s POA~

M- chest/tri, and intervals
T- Legs
W- Back Shoulders biceps
Th- Chest Tris and intervals (run) BUFFING STARTS
F- Legs
Sa- Back, shoulders, biceps and intervals (run)
Su- off

Today I got in my chest workout

warm up bike 5 mins

Bench 65×10, 95×10, 115x8x3sets
I flys 35’sx8x3sets
Bowflex press 50×15, 80x10x2sets
Bicep curls 55x3sets
Tricep extensions 50x10x3sets
Curl bar bicep curls 50×10
Kick backs 10#x10x3sets
A few abs between sets– probably 3 sets total

Ran intervals– added in some extra warm up and extra stretching between many of them treadmill was on a total of 27 mins for 3.1mi easy mins at 6mph, hard at 8– felt much better the second half than  the first half

Overall it was a good workout considering how badly my tummy was hurting last night and this morning.

Herring and half avocado with salt
Carrot (boiled), salmon, celery
Ham, pickle, mustard, walnuts

Dinner is going to be left over baked chicken and something?? not sure what just yet, I left over have quiona in frig, but I ate that last night and seemed to make my tummy bad! I may go for just the chicken.

Sure hope you are as fired up as me!! To have an awesome next 11 weeks!!

Love ya,


Busy week!!

Hey ladies, I can’t believe how fast this week is flying by!!  I got my hair done today, yaya!! Feel so much better!!

Just a reminder that we are starting the SSS contest on MONDAY!! Be sure to GET READY and invite your friends!

I’m in the middle of my leg workout so I gotta roll, See ya on HUMP DAY!@!

Hump day, frump day?

Frump? is that a word??  Let me look it up for you….Here’s a funny description from the URBAN DICTIONARY

A woman who is generally not concerned with her appearance and doesn’t make any attempt to look womanly or sexy. Frumps are very common in the Seattle area. They need not be overweight but commonly are somewhat “doughy” and are characterized by lack of makeup (except for ugly art-school or Goth-style makeup), poorly-fitted, unstylish clothing, general lack of muscle tone or a tan. They sometimes wear very bright red lipstick or substitute teacher cat-eye glass to make themselves even less appealing to men although they are not dykes. They’ll often complain loudly that they can’t find a man yet make no attempt to present themselves in a manner that might attract a man (showing skin or cleavage for instance). They might even be somewhat attractive (do-able)if they made an attempt at dressing better and wearing makeup and/or a better hairstyle.

SAY NO TO THE FRUMP and yes to the HUMP!!

You may be asking yourself, am I a frump?? Well, I’m not the one to judge but I challenge you to do something every day this month of February to be less frumpy! NO FRUMP FEBRUARY!


Now in other news…

Our SSS contest starts MONDAY! official Sign up www.BuffMother.com

Here’s some of the GET Ready Resources I’ve put up to this point (more to come!!)

10 week SuperSTAR Success– Feb 1st thru April 10th

SSS Journal~ FREE VIP download

SSS Week 0 ~ Preparation +Extra info!!

Hump day for me is going well…

I did get up again this morning at 6, 2 days in a row…also it’s my 3rd day without any coffee!!  Doing great with that, feeling good too!
Eats yesterday were weird since I was in town half the day and couldn’t stand the thought of any fast food.

4 Eggs in coconut oil PF

Cucumber, carrot, banana and apple  (first apple and banana I’ve eaten in ages!) GCC

salmon and 1/2 avocado PPFG

green olives, big burger, pickles, mustard PPFG

bone broth 8 oz

Leg workout was good:

warm up bike
Conventional deadlift (haven’t done these in too long so went light)
Squat 45×10, 135×10, 155x8x3sets
Dead lifts (stiff and Romanian) 135x10x2sets
Knee extensions 4 sets, went heavier on last set 135#
lunges 65#x10x2sets

Side lunges- just bodyweight, I’ve found that I’ve been neglecting my side movements a ton, can barely do this!

The workout was not as long as i wanted it to be- needed to be done to cook burgers for family, plus energy was low and back was stiff, but it was good one

MICHELLE’S SSS starting thoughts…..

My SSS STARTING THOUGHTS questionnaire, Do your’s too!!


Where are you in your journey?

Oh man, my journey seems long…My twins are almost 13, that means I’ve been done having babies for a long time. Thankfully for me it’s not about regaining my pre-pregancy body anymore, it’s about keeping my body from getting old and fat.  I’ve really struggled the past couple years actually.  Been trying many methods, medicines and yet come back to the “natural” cures.  I just had some new blood work done, wondering if it shows anything interesting??  I’ll keep pushing into the natural until I find out. I have been learning a ton about the gut, bone broth, fermentation, vagus nerve, brain/gut connection, gut hormones, etc…

What are your goals and aspirations?

My goal is to weigh 129 by April 10th, I also have the aspiration of feeling sexy, confident and energetic!  I want to fit into my summer clothes nicely this year!

Do you feel that you are fully committed to completing the 10 week challenge?

Yes, I am. I love the sense of accomplishing finishing a challenge gives and I love how much difference I can create in my body over that time.

Do you have any concerns?

I am concerned about family birthday month– which is FEB we have 3 bdays and it’s always so busy on top of the already busy time. I’m also concerned about the threat of getting sick again. I’ve had a rough patch with getting UTI’s the past 8 months and if I get over trained or I over-diet or over stressed those come on more easily. Plus when I get sick over and over again making progress is difficult!

What is your reason for doing this, your WHY?

My why is my health.  I want to be healthy vs. sickly– I feel like recently I’ve been more sickly than healthy– That trend has to stop!

Do you have a support group?

Yes, the best one in the world, TEAM BUFFMOTHER! Also, my husband…he’s on a kick to be more healthy too, so that helps a ton!

How are you going to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?

Blogging daily, reading others blogs, commenting and also striving to LEARN MORE daily!  I’ll also be doing the monthly focuses in Team BuffMother NO FRUMP and FOODIE FEB to start!

Will you reward yourself if you hit certain goals along the way?

No plans on this, being happy when I look in the mirror will be my reward!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment?

I’m ready, I’m also hoping the ladies who are also in this contest realize it’s more MENTAL than anything.  My body is capable of amazing things, but often my mind holds me back.  Time to tune up my MIND so I can tune up my body!!

(this is from page 26 of the SSS journal*)

Also, be sure to join in on our FEBRUARY TEAM BUFFMOTHER focus~ Foodie and NO Frump February



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