Be thankful to lose 50 pounds

  On the top of my mind today are many things.  One of which is WHY some clients really succeed vs. all the others who […] Read More

Just RUN June!

Happy June 1st!!  I just love JUNE, it’s an amazing month and this month our Theme is JUST RUN June!  I’ll be posting fun information […] Read More

April goals…day 1 and 2

MY APRIL GOALS: fab abs daily, workout all days in April at least 11 mins, splits stretching 5 days/week, blog daily, cook a family meal […] Read More

Seek and you will find

I have been SEEKING this year. Matthew 7:7-8: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be […] Read More

Dating -marriage tip

DATING is another FIT marriage tip for you.  You need to still date your spouse like they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend!! You must take the […] Read More

Dec 2016

Site is now upgraded….last day to join Secret Santa! BuffMotherVIP 12/1/157:27 AM HI Ladies!! Our hosting company just made a huge upgrade to our […] Read More

June posts

An off day BuffMotherVIP 6/6/1612:10 PM I actually took a complete day off of workouts yesteday!! ….probably the first day in about 40 that I […] Read More

Jan 2016

Happy 2016 or should I say twothousandsexteen!? BuffMotherVIP 1/1/164:30 PM Hi….so 2015 didn’t end as I had hoped. A bladder infection kept us HOME on […] Read More

December 2015

Holiday fun!! BuffMotherVIP 12/9/1510:05 AM Christmas time for us is KICKED OFF by Gracie’s birthday fun… her origianal due date was actually Christmas day– she […] Read More