Birthday Countdown

Every year I get to this point of the year and feel the need to AMP it up for my birthday.  60 days from now (June 14th) is my 39th birthday. My last one in the 30’s– eeeeeeekkkk!


My PLAN! is to follow a good plan for me and my life and goals! I took some time to write up a plan for myself just now and I’m excited to have such a great trainer, lol!!

The way the plan is written is in 6×10 day segments or micro-cycles.  The first 20 days will be about regaining consistency, focus and increasing my fitness level all the while nursing my shoulder back to 100%.

The Next 20 days will be  about really pressing in and getting stronger, more fit and more muscle!

Then the final 20 days will be GO time in regards to the “finishing touches”…leaning up, firming the butt and of course making my ABS POP!!


Today is cycle day 9 so I’ll be doing BUFFING STYLE workouts the next 10 days.  My weight is currently 131.4; my goal for this first 20 days is to get back down to a “real weight” of 127-128 which should be easy since I’m still holding vacation and inactivity weight.  I’ll plan to take a set of progress pics after the first 2 weeks to make my goals for the next 20 days.


POA for this week:

Tues: Run hills (6) recover, eat and do legs early evening

Wed: Upper Body and Intervals on bike or other method Thur: Longer run with sprints(4) at the end Fri: Lower Body in the am Sat: off Sun: Upper body and Hills (6-8)

Yesterday, my MONDAY was a rest day of sorts. I spent my whole afternoon at the hair salon trying to get the PINK out of my hair.  The “hair chalk” totally would not budge.  We had to process it twice and there is still some pink in it, but it looks a million times better!!

Time for me to get a couple things done and then hit the trail for hills!!

60 days to go!!




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