Shine in 49~ Day 4…Conference Call Recording

HI Everyone!! We just finished our first conference call for “Shine in 49”!! It was awesome hearing everyone’s voice and I love the participation.  If you can make it for the LIVE call…please do!! I’d love to “dig” in and help you toward success.

Today some of the items we talked about included:

  • How the Conference calls are going to progress over the 7 weeks- set topics and  feature coaching with a couple callers each week
  • Adrenal Fatigue- eating saturated fats, protecting your hormone production
  • The Rally Room- encouraging others, finding like minded people, update coming
  • Motivation- setting goals, finding your passions, gaining momentum

Click here to listen– Recorded conference
Recording start time: April 26 2012

Talk to you next THURSDAY!!
Love ya, Michelle




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