Day #1 ~ Challenge

I am very excited to be joining the countdown to Memorial Day challenge!! Today is day #1 of 70 for me…and I’m starting with LEGS!!!

here is my POA for the week~ I am boosting…shooting to do most lifts with sets of 10, 8, 6, 4 reps.

M- Legs
T- back, intervals
W-chest, intervals
Sa-back, intervals

It is also spring break here…our plan is to do a “daily” activity as a family that costs less than $15. Today is nice and sunny out so it’ll be an outside one

I’ll check in later with more~
Let’s have a GREAT day!!!
p.s. In case you missed this~
I thought that we could all benefit from a bit more motivation towards getting the results we desire and so I thought we could use the SSS 10 week journal to help us keep focus and chart our progress!! The journal is AWESOME!! it contains a ton of info: HT info, HT charts, How to Buff and How to Boost, Detailed illustrated workouts, Key Foundations for success, starting stats/measurements, weekly challenges to keep focus, and much much more!!!

Feel free to invite other friends of yours to join us, you can e-mail them the journal and encourage them follow along this 10 week journey towards SUPER STAR SUCCESS!!! Let’s help others to achieve their goals over the next couple months!!!



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