HI Ya!

Time to write my POA for the week. POA is PLAN OF ATTACK…we all need one and should make one weekly.


S- Treadmill run plus mish mosh of back, abs, booty

M- 20mins bike; LEG DAY

T- Track day

W- Bike in AM; Back, shoulders biceps

Th- chest, tris, abs– KID’s last meet of 2015 “Conference”

F- Track Day

Sa- at least 20mins of something – we’ll see how sore I am

Su- Track day

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Yesterday was a very minimal workout day as I was WAY SUPER SORE from running at the track on Thursday.  Everything was sore, my arches, my abs, my quads, my groin, the muscles in-between my ribs, etc… Nothing like running fast to make a person sore!

I got in 20mins on the bike, but had no energy to do anything more.  I also had to eat a TON yesterday– My body was in big time recovery mode!

Today, I am less sore but still feeling it.  Time to hit the treadmill for a run and do some other stuff– abs, booty and some upper body (mainly back) stuff.

Time for me to get off the computer– trying to have a “break” from it!

Enjoy your sunday and be sure to make your own POA!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

What’s your POA?

HEY YA!! I’ve recently been slacking on making a workout POA for myself.

Not this week~

Monday- Legs and a run (typically I don’t run on leg day, but sometimes, It just has to happen…I’ll do the Leg workout earlier in the day, then the Run in the PM)


Tuesday- train with 6 challengers at Go Performance gym in Bentonville. I’ll be teaching them the workouts from my book “Hormonal Timing” for lower body- we’ll be doing both the boosting and the buffing leg workouts! Then next week we’ll do the upper body ones.  That way all they have no excuse not to get in their lifting workouts at home with a ball, set of db’s and a chair– NO EXCUSES BABY!!


W- back, shoulders, biceps plus a hills interval run

Th- chest triceps and boxing intervals


Sa- Run intervals

Su- off


I’m in my “Boosting” phase so I’ll be striving to lift HEAVY!

another thing I’m going to be focusing on from my 6 E’s for success items~ EDIFICATION. I’m going to make a list of all the people who I’d like to EDIFY and strive to edify them in many ways!  It’s a long list so if I could do 1 a day for a year I may scratch the surface


FYI– just to keep you up to date, I did a good leg workout on Friday, plus did a boxing workout (I got to spar with my friend Mark), I ran yesterday and today I did a short chest workout plus I’m going hunting now.


What’s your POA for this week??



I am home!! YAY!! I’m so happy to be HOME!!

This is an odd homecoming for me– my “re-entry” has been SPECTACULAR!! I’m rocking it today (except I forgot about our chat)!  Typically it takes me a full week to get back in the groove after time away!

So…Summer is here and I’ve implemented my new chore system.  The kids can make some serious CASH each day if they want!  Every chore pays a dollar. They must do at least 1 a day, If they do not they owe me a dollar.  AND each day has a deadline. Today’s is 5pm, but I for-see most days the deadline being noon.

The bad thing about this summer is my son has football at 6am a few mornings a week almost the entire summer?? That means I have to get up earlier than when school was in session to get him there.  SMH (shake my head)

Our trip to MN was fun! We surpirsed my BIL for his 40th B-day and I also got to visit with my new little nephew, Johnny! He’s a doll!!

I haven’t lifted since last Wednesday– so LEGS are on tap- I have ran 3 times this past week.  Including last night on my trail–

I have 9 days until my birthday~ MY plan is to hit it hard!! My POA is simple yet intense:


W- Lift Legs

Th- Track workout F- Lift upper body Sa- Track workout Su- Lift legs

M- Track workout T- Lift upper body

W-Track workout

Hope JUNE is going well for you too~

LET’s make it GREAT!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Super STAR Success Finalist- Lindsey K of ND

CONGRATS to Lindsey on her amazing transformation over our 10 week contest. She averaged losing a bit over a pound a week and definitely shaped up here post baby body!!  I’m so proud of you and very excited for the MOJO you’ve regained as a busy mom of 2!! 

#1-General INFO and Questions~

Name:  Lindsey K of ND

Number of children and ages : 2
Age: 32
Why did you enter the “SuperSTAR Success” contest by BuffMother? To lose the baby weight…she was born in March and change my habits to be a better example for my family!
What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days? Rally Room, preparation for each week POA and meal planning
How do you feel about your success? Fabulous!
What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals? Getting to the gym on days following bad nights of sleep and changing habit of ice cream with my hubby after kids go to bed.
What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?  Buffmother and the RallyRoom are awesome!  BuffMother is so encouraging and makes this journey accessible to any women in any circumstance.  More than anything, there is consistent information, motivation and accountability.  LOVE!
Can I have your permission to post your entry and photos online? Sure

height: 5’ 11

Starting  Date:__8/29/12_______ weight:___165.0________
Ending Date:__10/31/12_______ weight:___153.6_____ 11.4 pounds lost!!
Today’s cycle day- not sure…don’t have a cycle due to nursing

Please list the following measurements:                                                                                             Before     After
Bust (around breasts the biggest part):                                                                                               35”           34”
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides):                        34”           33”
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):                        36.5”        35”
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part):                                                                                       32”           28.5”
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part):                                                                                    30”           27”
Hips (the largest part of your butt):                                                                                      40”           37”
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):                  42”           41”
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):                                                                        12”           11”
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):                                                                          12.5”        12”
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap):                                                                                                20.5”        19.5”
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap):                                                                         23.5”        21.5
Calf (about 7” below knee joint):                                                                                          15”           14”

Where are you in your journey?  I’ve made major progress over the last 10 weeks.  I lost the remainder of my baby weight and then some and I’m feeling stronger, more confident and happy to be back in my pre-pregger clothes.  My daily habits have adapted considerably and take less thought…like my water intake, protein and green focused meals, etc.

Did you reach your goals and aspirations?  Yes, my goal was to be more fit at 32 and after two babies than before.  I’m  feeling leaner than before and have been bit by the lifting bug.  I hadn’t focused on strength training since college so it’s amazing to be back at it.

Where do you see this challenge brought you?  It brought back some of my focus to me when I was accustomed to caring for everyone else first.  Now, at least I’m on the daily agenda!

Do you have any lingering concerns?  No, just hoping to recommit and focus on my next goals.

Do you feel you made an impact on your legacy during this contest?  Yes!  I’ve got my mojo back!

your WHY?  I want to show my daughter, now 7 months old, how to be a strong and confident woman and lead my family by example. I tell myself all the time…be the example and also challenge= change! J

Did you feel the support group helped you stay on track?  Yes, I enjoy the rally room but read more than blogging myself.  I’ve fallen off over the last several weeks but look forward to staying connected.  Knowing there is a network of women out there striving toward similar goals is motivating and  inspiring.  Plus, whenever I have posted, I got great feedback and positive boosts from the ladies.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?  I set my POA every Sunday and making those intentions a conscious decision helped me.  Also, making sure I kept the house stocked with my good eats was crucial.

Did you reward yourself when you hit certain goals along the way?  Yep, I finally got my hair cut since having the babe!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment?  I loved the weekly challenges and will miss those or have to set them for myself again!  My favorite weeks were the 100 lunges a day, 10 vacuums per day and the three greens a day.

#4- Comment about your HORMONES 
Did you GET to know your body? Yes and no.  I still don’t have a cycle due to nursing  and have been tracking how I feel but I think it will take a few more months for me to figure out my c-days.

Did you learn about your good c-days, your bad c-days, your weight fluctuations, etc?… Sort of.. I had much more awareness of my body and  how I was feeling.  It was the first time I was really evaluating how I felt daily and considered the impact that hormones could be playing.  Before this challenge, I never even considered hormones as a factor.  OF course with two small kids, I always assumed my physical and mental state was a reflection on how much sleep we were getting.  Now, I’m aware of our sleep but also hormones, water, nutrition, etc.
Did anything surprise you?  Yes, I was really concerned about nursing and keeping up my production while upping my workouts and changing my diet with significantly more greens.  I worried that it could make our baby, Joy, gassy or something if my milk changed.  Thankfully, It hasn’t had any negative impact on that front. Yay!


#5- Favorite Journal/Blog Posts
take a peek back at your blogs– what were some of your favorite entries from the 10 weeks?  Probably just my enthusiasm and eagerness at the beginning of the 10 weeks.

Did anyone else’s impact you along the way?  Yes, definitely.  I love that the RR is filled with women of all ages and stages of fitness.   Whether someone was prepping for a competition or just trying to lose some lbs, the group is very inviting and supportive.  They continue to inspire me to get better!




Suzi V. of NE, SSS winner!!

Suzi V. of Nebraska, the 2012 “SuperSTAR Success” 1st place winner!!
(a 10 week transformation contest)

Name: Suzi V. of Nebraska
Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): two – 10 & 6
Age: 42

This personal note Suzi included with her entry says it all~!!

Dear Michelle!

First I want to say…”I LOVE YOU”…is that weird? LOL

Seriously, I’ve been on a rollercoaster since I was in college, now at age 42, I look & feel the best I have ever felt!! I am thanking you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me and all the other women. You have made your mark in the world, and changed my life for the better!! I now look on the outside, how I’ve always felt on the inside. And I my husband and kids would love to thank you too…mentally & physically, they now have the best Me here in the present!

God Bless You, Suzi

Congrats on your win and SUPER STAR SUCCESS!!
Your friend, Michelle

Before Picture

After 10 weeks Picture


BEFORE: DATE taken- 8/20/2012

Height: 5’1”
Weight: 120.6
Bust: 36
Waist: 28
Hips: 36
Thigh-mid: 21 ½
Thigh-upper: 21
BF%: 16.8 (home scale)

AFTER: DATE taken- 11/1/12

Height: 5’1”
Weight: 111.8 8+ pounds lost
Bust: 36
Waist: 27 1 inch lost
Hips: 34 ½ 1.5 inches lost
Thigh-mid: 19 ½ 2 inches lost
Thigh-upper: 19 ½ 1.5 inches lost
BF%: 16.0% (home scale)

General INFO and Questions~

Why did you enter the “SuperSTAR Success” contest by BuffMother?

To get better with eating Whole Foods!…plus teach myself how to continuing eating healthy on the weekends! And of course the hopes of trimming my lower body!

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?

BM RallyRoom and Team BM Facebook! Took midway photos, report journal & stats! Weekly POA. BM Chart Cycle!!

How do you feel about your success?

AWESOME!! Took my head, heart and body to a place I only dreamt about! I’ve beaten my “monthly weight rollercoaster cycle” that I’ve been on for YEARS!! I feel more in control of my life now…mainly due to Hormone Timing!

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?

DEFINITELY WEEKEND BINGING!! Took the first month to really teach myself! The second month I changed my attitude to “it’s just another day to be healthy”. No More 4 days good, 3 days bad…it’s all about 7 days good!!

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother?

It is so MUCH MORE than just looking good…it’s a way of life! Understanding your hormones is really the key! When you understand them, you don’t have to fight them, you just work with them! AND this is NOT a new fade diet; it is a lifestyle change where you learn to make better choices!

Where are you in your journey?

I am very interested in getting certified to be a PT. And definitely would love to compete in a fitness challenge someday SOON!

Did you reach your goals and aspirations?

Yes, I wanted to take my body to another level of fitness!

Where do you see this challenge brought you?

Definitely took me into a new chapter in life. Freed me of self doubt, and listening to others tell me I can’t do it. I feel so alive and ready to make positive changes in all areas of my life!

Do you have any lingering concerns?

Only that I may have moments where I listen to the negative comments about my changes. But I know this is an awesome thing for me and my family!

Do you feel you made an impact on your legacy during this contest?

Yes my kids love having a “strong & healthy Mom”. They know that protein keeps them full, and “snack” foods are not really food!!

Did you feel the support group helped you stay on track?

Absolutely Yes…in countless ways!

Did you reward yourself when you hit certain goals along the way?

Bought myself some new jeans…because I was tired of pulling them up all day!! Woohoo!!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment?

Energized!! Food use to control me…then control my moods. I am so empowered by making the right choices day to day!

Can I have your permission to post your entry and photos online?

Absolutely Yes!

Please Comment about your HORMONES~
Did you GET to know your body?

Definitely yes! My monthly cycle controlled my eating, moods, and choices more than I ever imaged the could… but they don’t know!

Did you learn about your good c-days, your bad c-days, your weight fluctuations, etc…Again Definitely yes! I use to think my “boosting days” were me being tired of being good, but it was just me being physically tired & hungrier. I love taking advantage of the buffing days, then sit back and maintain during boosting. I stopped fighting my cycle, I work with it now!

Did anything surprise you?

YES, I feel so much better staying away from dairy!!

Favorite Journal/Blog Posts
Take a peek back at your blogs– what were some of your favorite entries from the 10 weeks?

One of my favorites would have to be when my “neigh sayer” friend turned positive and gave me her son’s old lifting set!! Then of course my “Aha Moment” when I truly realized I was a weekend binger…but not anymore!!

Did anyone else’s impact you along the way?

Oh Yea! Denyse, Kim, Brenda & Jen! Denyse, Kim and I even set up “weekend accountable” challenges. We had to report back to each other on how we did Friday through Sunday, highs & lows. It was very educational to my progress! I feel very blessed to have had them with me during this BM journey!



the next 3+ weeks!

HI!! I have 25 days until a fun photoshoot on August 17th….my goal is to be more photoshoot ready than I am now.  More fit, more lean and more confident in my body.  I took photos and stats yesterday since it was my first official day of “Buffing” this month.  Here are a few of the shots-



Today’s Date: 7-22-12_______ height: 5-6.5___    weight:_131.8 @4pm_____ age: 37___
Today’s cycle day-  5 (my last 2 cycles have been 27 days)
Bust (around breasts the biggest part): 36
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides): 33
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): 36.5
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part):27
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part): 25
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 36.5
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 41.5 relaxed; 43 flexed
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 11
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):11.5
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap): 19.5
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap): 21.5
Calf (about 7” below knee joint): 13.5

Body Fat Calipers:

Tri= 6 Thigh= 8 lliac= 8 Ab= 10

I’m not too ashamed of my pics, but I can see the fluffy-ness a bad diet and lax workout have provided.  I’ve really done better the past week in all areas and made it through a vicious period this month.  I expect to see my measurements go down quite a bit over the next 2 weeks.  My goal is to lose 4 pounds this buffing phase= 127 by August 6th.

MY POA for the week is intense:

M- Chest/Triceps/ABS + Intervals +20 min extra cardio T- Leg and ABS W-Back/Shoulders/Biceps + Intervals Th-Sat- REPEAT M-T-W workouts Su- off

Time to get after it!!

Love ya,



Today is day #7 in our “40 Days to Fit”…

Day #7-FIT tip- Take an evaluation of your diet by writing down everything you eat and drink for the next 3 days.  You will quickly identify your good and bad habits…use it as motivation to make better choices.


Day #7-Featured ARTICLE-


Whew!! what a week!!  It flew by…I can’t belive it’s already SUNDAY and time to make another PLAN OF ATTACK. Lots of factors to juggle this week with the kids being back home and Gunner’s Birthday on Thursday, but I know if I can focus on ONE TASK at a time I can do it!!  I’ve really been trying to limit my multi-tasking…I am addictied to multitasking- which causes my ADD to go into overdrive!  The plan will be for me to do ONE TASK daily off my nasty,  procrastination filled, do not want to, “to do” list.

My Daily goal is 3 fold-

1- complete my workouts

2- complete that ONE TASK

3- stay HAPPY!!

I knew it would be very difficult to stick to last week’s plan– so I’m not too distraught over the fact I didn’t get in all of my workouts – BUT I am very happy that I did get in the ones I did–(I did lift 3 times and ran 3 times). The workouts I got in last week kept my MOJO and  it means I won’t be in “start over” mode this week!!  Onward and upward towards my August goals!! (FYI- my goal is to be able to consistently lift 6x’s a week come August!!)

the POA for this week is as follows (2nd week of Boosting):

  • Sunday- Upper body lifting (push/pull) and running- GYM workout
  • Monday- Leg workout + 20 mins on bike- HOME workout
  • Tuesday- Chest/Tricep/Abs + running – GYM workout —  Kid’s hair cuts, shopping trip to Bentonville
  • Wednesday- Back/Shoulder/Biceps lifting workout + 20 mins cardio on bike or elliptical- GYM workout
  • Thursday- just running- HOME workout—Gunner’s 13th Birthday
  • Friday- Legs- GYM workout-Gunner want’s to go play airsoft with friends for b-day
  • Saturday- Upper body push/pull and running- HOME workout
  • Sunday- off
    TOTALS- 5 lifting workouts; 4 runs; 2x 20 mins extra cardio; 3 HOME workouts; 4 GYM workouts

Let’s have an amazing productive week!! Time to show “SUMMER” that we can still accomplish a lot despite its sweet fun distractions, lol!!

Love ya,


the Week BEGINS~ POA!

Summer is such an amazing season…so much FUN!!  But, there are still “Mondays” even in the summer!  Time to get to work…

my POA for the week is going to be tough– My goal last week was to lift 6 days; I came close with 5.  I’m only going to shoot for 5 this week~ here’s the plan:

M-back, shoulders, biceps, intervals
T- Fly to MN- chest/triceps (maybe some running??)
Thurs- start the drive home– shoot for half way. And then a mish-mosh of upper body/run at the hotel gym
Friday- am workout at the hotel b4 we drive the remainder of the way home
Sa- Lift Legs
Sun- off

Lots to do today– I’ll check in again later!

Have a great day!!


Be HAPPY in the process~ Shine in 49: Day 37

HI!! my Happy Friends!! I am so happy you are my friends~ I am a very lucky lady!

Sunday,  we didn’t make it to church but we did watch a message on TV by Joel Osteen– He spoke about REDEEMING our TIME. Meaning to use our time wisely and to be HAPPY in the process. It does no good for us to WASTE our time on being negative, grumpy, worried, stressed, anxious, bitter, unforgiving, jealous, etc….

The message was a great reminder to me to be HAPPY NOW~ to enjoy the JOURNEY toward my goals~ to JUST be happy!! I am going to focus hard on this…I want to be known as a happy person by everyone I know!!

My goal for this next week is to add in more cardio and to simply eat  HEALTHY!!
I’m starting my buffing phase today, just in time to see some nice FINAL results for our
contest– we have just 13 days left!!

Our mini-challenge for this 6th week is “NO DAIRY”~

My POA for the week is to do my MINI-CHALLENGE of NO DAIRY, get more intervals/cardio in, and to get back to more of a non-vacation attitude…Memorial Day is OVER!  I missed my workout yesterday- so my streak ended at 14 days of working out in a row– my goal is to keep striving to workout every day until my b-day– so despite not hitting my goal 100%, I am still going for it!!  I keep fighting even if a lose a battle once in a while!
T-Legs and run hills
W-back, intervals (bike)
Th-chest, intervals (running)
Sa-Back, intervals (running)
Su- small shoulder workout and abs

Happiness Rocks!!


Love your Happy friend,

**My Workout Plan for TODAY**
(TUESDAY for many of us)
Warm up- 6 minutes of cardio- any type… ease into it, prepare your body and mind for an effective workout.

Lower Body #1, ABS and Intervals
1- Squats– 3 sets of 10 (3×10)
…first set medium wt. warm up, second set heavier, heavier if needed ;
last set 10th rep should be close to failure.

(At Home Option): DB Squats-
Roman Chair Knee UPS- 2×20; Rest 1min

2- Smith Lunges– 3×10

ABS: Ball Crunches- 2×15; Rest 1 min

3- Knee Extensions-3×10
Standing High Knees- 2×20 each leg; REST 1 min

4- Leg Curls– 3×10 (At Home Option: Ball Leg Curls)-

ABS: CATS/DOGS- 2x 3 reps of each position- holding both up (CAT) and down (DOG) for 5 seconds each

5- Calf Raises– 3×10

ABS: Vacuums- 2 x 5: 10 second vacuums (10-20 sec rest between reps)

and INTERVALS  outside on my hill~ fun stuff!! (typically I don’t do intervals on leg day, but I feel I “NEED” it after this weekend 🙁



“Piggy Marie”

My nick name growing up was “piggy Marie”..and for good reason.  I am a mess! I blow through my life like a tornado and rarely take the time to ORGANIZE myself the way I should.  It’s not a in my nature to care about keeping things in order– I’m more about shaking things up and taking action.

Well…I can’t take it anymore! I must get organized at least a bit more than what I am right now.  Does anyone have some good tips?

3 areas I really struggle with organizing are:

  1. my clutter- odd and end stuff around the house- where did all this junk come from?
  2. my paperwork/mail/bills– what to do with all of it??
  3. my computer- I can’t find anything on the sucker!

I think where I’ll start is with my computer.  I’m inches away from buying a new one– it will be a “fresh start” of sorts 🙂  Naturally next in line will be my office just in time for tax season, LOL! If I can get those 2 areas under control during Feb. I’ll be happy!! that’s my goal!

The good news is that my body is getting organized– the fat cells are leaving and my muscle cells are becoming more active!! This week my focus is all about my diet~ the workouts are solidified as part of my routine– now I just need to keep the diet in check! FAT is where I tend to over consume– so I’ll be watching the butter, nut and fatty meat consumption big time in order to get to my goal by March 1.

POA for workouts are: M- Lift back and run T-Lift legs W-Lift chest and run Th- Lift back Friday- run Saturday- Lift legs Sunday- off

I’m still planning on writing up a workout plan for the warrior dash- maybe I’ll have time to get that done later this week.

Also, I’m rather sure our Feb contest is just going to be a short one- 21 days!! I’ll announce that later!

Love ya’s -Michelle