Experienced Boosting Leg workout in detail with Video

I’ve had a ton of requests for more workout videos demonstrating an actual workout for an experienced level lifter who is in their BOOSTING phase.  […] Read More

Boosting Attire

warm up bike Inverted pull ups 3×10 under; over; bicep Knee ups front 2×20 Knee ups left side 2×10 Knee ups right side 2×10 Edge […] Read More

Really Boosting! FITBIT

Last night I got in a good squat workout Warm up bike 7 mins Bulgarians- body weight Squats- 45×10 135x10x2sets 155×10 135×10 Dead lifts 135x10x4sets […] Read More

True Insights

Finally!!! I have time to sit and truly blog!  I’ve been so busy keeping up with all the new member registrations, questions, contest info and […] Read More

Holy Cow, time flies!!

Can you believe it!! We are on the start of week #4 in our Summer Slim Down challenge! http://www.teambuffmother.com/…mer-slim-down-week-4 As you may notice the focus […] Read More