Fab Abs day 1: 30 Ab exercises

It’s DAY #1 in our “Fab Abs” challenge

Thanks and Congrats for joining this QUICK 28 day focus on whittling our waists!

Your 3 ASSIGNMENTS for today~

1- Take your starting pics and stats as outlined in yesterday’s post Info and Instructions: “Fab Abs” day 0


2- Set your goals based upon your stats/pics. Keep them attainable and ACTION based, some example goals:

  • to lose 1 inch off my tummy
  • do 10 mins of ab exercises daily
  • add in 3 interval sessions/weekly to help burn fat
  • eliminate dessert from my diet
  • increase my fiber and protein intake, etc…
  • Take these 28 days to establish at least 1 good TIGHT TUMMY habit


3- Do this Day #1 “Fab Abs” Challenge: complete at least 10 reps of 20 different AB exercises. I’ve shown examples of 30 varieties below~

Ab Adductor V’s
Ab Ball Rope Climb
Ab Crunch- feet on floor or feet up
Ab Crunch Pump legs up
Ab Flutters
Ab Isolation Crunches
Ab Jump Twists
Ab Scissors
Ab Wheel
Ball Crunches
Bicycle Crunches
Dumbbell Side Crunch
Ball Oblique Crunch
Lower AB Leg Lift
Lower Back Extensions
Knee Ups
High Knee Abs
Hula Hoop Abs
Oblique Sit ups and Crunches
Oblique Twist Crunch
Sit ups Variations- Old School, Hands on Hammies and Labor
Pilates Leg lifts- Low and High
Pelvic Tilts
Planks- beginner and side
Roll Ups
Reverse Crunches

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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