Experienced Boosting Leg workout in detail with Video

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Check-in time and Week #4= NO DAIRY!!

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SSS Week 02: Mini-Challenge NO BREAD

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Working the Gams

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Week #1 MINI CHALLENGE – take measurements/stats and pictures

SSS Week #1 MINI CHALLENGE – take measurements/stats and pictures *** Be sure to begin with the END in mind, by reading through the form***SEE […] Read More

All about preparation– SSS: week 00

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SuperSTAR Success 2014~ Sign up NOW!!

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Good Old Friends!!

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Track and SANDWICH day :)

Had a good mother’s day– took the day off of workouts, but I was certainly actively resting.  I did a good amount of raking, other […] Read More

Favorite Upper body exercise??

I love benching!! What’s your favorite Upper body exercise?? I bench press in this Video… Have a lovely, SUNDAY!! -Michelle