Check-in time and Week #4= NO DAIRY!!

SSS Week #4 Mini Challenge- NO Dairy

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Dairy is any product made from COW’s milk.
Now to this week: NO DAIRY!! totally DO-ABLE!!! let’s rock this week cheerleaders

Let’s shoot to eliminate it from our diets this week and just see what happens~

Life without dairy is very doable and actually not bad Wink

Be sure to share you thoughts and results on this challenge.
AND let me know if you have any questions,

p.s. A couple pics  to help inspire you:

Belief quotes:

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

“One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that one’s life has meaning, that one is needed in this world.”
-Hannah Senesh



18 Replies to “Check-in time and Week #4= NO DAIRY!!

  1. Im staying on track with the weight training. Focussing on diet this week…with being a vegetarian that has thyroid issues securing enough protein is an issue for me. From what I believe limiting soy to not upset thyroid levels…but on researching body building vegan/vegetarian websites alot of protein comes from processed soy!!! so just struggling with that.

  2. I’ve had a great 2 weeks & a pretty rubbish week too!!! My hormones are playing havoc with my mental strength to keep my diet clean. I will overcome this by the end of the 10 weeks because I have to. I’ve made a pledge to myself & my daughter. I’ve written my plans & dreams down on paper & they are stuck on my notice board in my kitchen. I see it every day so it’s a reminder & encouragement when I feel a bit ‘fuzzy’

    I want to improve my life now and for my daughters future – its my legacy!!!

    I will take my stats again at week 5. I hope the bad week I’ve had hasn’t completely ruined this for me. Time to knuckle down 🙂

  3. Yay! Week 4 already! The challenge is going well so far…I’m learning so much about how my hormones affect my workouts and my moods, and a lot of it has been so eye opening! I have participated in all the mini challenges, though I didn’t succeed in the no bread one by accident…I rarely eat bread, but I just wasn’t paying attention:(( My weight is maybe a pound lower, but my body, and my STRENGTH, is changing!! I’ve been pretty on track, minus a couple days last weekend, and I’ve been sticking to my POA pretty well, and modifying when necessary:) Honestly, I was hoping for more results by this time, but I’m still working hard, so they will come! Hope all of you are doing well and continuing to stay motivated…leaning on each other has been such a help through these first three weeks…looking forward to so much more!

  4. Hey there. I’m doing alright. Time sure does fly! I took both Saturday and today off because my right hamstring is very tight, but I’ve been alternating heat and ice and it’s feeling pretty good today. Two days off in a row almost NEVER happens with me, but maybe I need to be kinder to myself. 🙂 Still no chocolate chips, hooray, although on days like today when I’m super stressed it’s really hard not to eat everything in the house. As I posted in the RR, as of last week I am down 3 lbs. I feel good. Saturday I had some ‘cheats’ because of my Dad’s birthday, but I didn’t go overboard, so I am going to wait and weigh again at the end of this week. Should I be doing measurements often?

    No dairy, no problem. I have never liked cheese and I gave up milk a long time ago. We only have unsweet almond milk, and I don’t really drink that either.

    Oh, p.s. last week I got a personal best on the leg press. 🙂 Looking to set new goals and surpass them!

  5. Fantastic 3 weeks, have had weight loss and been hitting the weights pretty heavy. Cardio is great, a few nagging injuries nothing that’s keeping me down. Awesome food choices, no bread or sugar! Getting hydrostatic body fat done Tuesday, really excited to see where I’m at. Love reading all the posts, it’s energizing to read all the hard work going on! Keep up the MOJO! I’m more focused then I’ve ever been!!
    The Joy is in then Journey!

  6. yeah, getting protein intake in no matter what is tough– keep looking for good options. have you tried hemp protein? I heard good things about it 🙂

  7. Glad to hear you took care of your hamstring– A pound a week is GREAT progress!! Keep challenging yourself, I am sure you’ll continue to see personal bests in the weight room!!! YAY!!

  8. Oh wow!! good luck on the hydrostatic weigh– I am not a water person and IT SCARED ME to death having to exhale all my air and stay under water like that 🙂

  9. The challenge is going great for me. I will admit I didn’t get all the lunges in last week, but I did do some extra throughout the week. I can’t believe we are on week 4 already!! No dairy shouldn’t be too difficult for me this week. I rarely have dairy anymore since I have discovered that I love almond and coconut milk. If we fix anything at home with dairy it’s usually a little cream or cheese. My whole family has started to move away from dairy since we discovered that both my daughter and husband are lactose intolerant. So, it’s only fair that the entire family stay away from the dairy. They can tolerate small amounts which is why my husband only uses it when needed for recipes. I’m boosting this week (my favorite part of the program) so that means more food and a treat!! Heavier lifting too (LOVE). Have a great day and an awesome week 4!

  10. Hi! I, too, cannot believe we are already starting week four! I am doing really well so far! This program has been a true motivation for me–I never would have gone this far without all the ideas and suggestions on this site! I am slowly feeling and seeing results–I have lost 3 pounds so far, and I have been upping the intensity of my workouts. I have at least attempted all the mini challenges. The no-bread was easy for me, as I had been advised to eat gluten free already. I added lunges to my workouts (not the full amount), but I have a hip issue that I am trying to figure out. Not sure how no-dairy will go, but my biggest hurdle was no M&M’s for 3 weeks!!!! I confess, I was addicted!!!! Thank you so much, Michelle, and everyone who shares ideas and encouragement!!! This is really helping me! You are awesome!

  11. Amazingly enough its week 4!!!
    I have enjoyed all that I”ve learned about HT. As far as eats, Im doing fairly well…Ive fallen a few times but Im not hard on myself… just bounce back up and have tried some new healthy foods and I love a lot of them… my favorite is fresh spinach. I use it in sooo much! Made it through the bread challenge.. not perfectly through the lunges and Im giving it my all on the dairy! I’m definitely loving the weight workouts… have noticed an increase in strength and ability to push myself. Down side is NO weight loss… but weight gain! Can’t understand it and trying not to dwell on it. Goal is/was to be down about 5-8 lbs… now its about 10-12… ugh.
    I enjoy all that you post Michelle! Love your exercise videos!! Also, love all the positive vibes in the RR! Keep up the great work! Happy week 4!!!

  12. Yeah it’s sure gone by fast— and guess what, you’ve stayed healthy!! YAY!!
    I’m glad you are supporting your hubby and DD with the no dairy mantra in your home— keep being a great example!!

  13. Glad you are liking the info presented– My goal is to keep everyone engaged for the 10 weeks– that’s a tough job! LOL!!
    Encouraging others is what we love to do in TEAM BuffMother…You certainly are helping yourself to stay motivated by doing just that!! 🙂

  14. I wonder why you are seeing a weight gain also?? Be sure to journal your diet over the next week and be sure that you are not eating too much– WEIGHT training can make a person HUNGRY, so keeping close tabs on portion sizes and food intake when trying to lose is a must 🙂 Keep us posted on your progress!

  15. I have been trying to keep up with the challenge. I did better last week but it is very encouraging to read your all’s comments.

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