Hormones~ Track ’em : Shine in 49 day 8

Hormones ~ Start Tracking Today!

Hormonal Timing Chart (from my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved”)

I believe in the power of your Hormones!

  • I am actually obsessed with HORMONES, lol! HORMONES control EVERYTHING!!
  • I track mine daily,
  • I analyze other’s daily,
  • I research them constantly and
  • I believe hormones can make you fat and
  • HORMONES have the power to make you thin.

This belief is what has led me to build the body that won 5 figure titles
the year after having my 3 and 4 children after a c-section and what has keep me
buff ever since! This belief is how my clients gain GREAT results so very
quickly, and this belief is what the HORMONAL TIMING program is all about.
Many of you who’ve read my blog or books (know some about what I am
talking about, but for those of you who do not, I encourage you to start by
simply tracking your hormonal cycle.

Hormonal Timing Chart (from my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved”)

Cycle Day 1 is the first day of your period. Things you should note daily
include :

  • Weight
  • mood
  • appetite
  • energy level
  • motivation level
  • focus
  • stress level
  • strength
  • soreness
  • water retention (bloat)
  • pain
  • libido
  • etc…

Tracking for as little as one month WILL open your eyes to the affects your
hormones have on EVERY aspect of your life.

As you track for 2 to 3 months patterns will emerge…you will see when
you are just “off” or when you are “ON”, when you feel confident and days when
you just want to hide in a cave, you will notice what days are GREAT for sex and
what days you typically say NO WAY!

KNOWING all of these things about yourself
will open up a whole new understanding of how to plan your life, allow
you to set realistic expectations for yourself on a day by day basis. WE as
women are NOT the same on monthly cycle day 5 and cycle day 25! You must realize
that!! And account for it in your life, your fitness, your diet and your

You may just “UN-Mask your inner person~~ Who are you REALLY?”

So I implore to you….Start charting NOW!!

Hormonal Timing Chart (from my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved”)


And for you sweet young ladies that don’t have monthly periods~ if you
have ovaries you still have a cycle~ chart your symptoms and you will “see”
when your hormones are being nice and when they are being naughty


On to today~

We are on Day 8- of our contest- it’s a Scheduled  UPPER BODY, ABS and INTERVALS Day!

FYI~I am totally impressed with the way you all have attacked your YOUR
week 1 Workouts!! YOU are off to an impressive start- let’s keep
that focus and FIRE for the entire  remaining 6 weeks!!!

Start tracking your HORMONES today!!!!

Your soon to be your Shining BRIGHT friend,


P.S. Your workouts for today

Day 8- Mon-Repeat Day 1= Upper body, Intervals and ABS



15 Replies to “Hormones~ Track ’em : Shine in 49 day 8

  1. I’ve printed out the hormone tracking sheet and the daily charts as well. I don’t have PMDD like I did before going gluten-free, but if eat even a little bit of flour or even sugar at the wrong time of the month I get symptoms again 🙁 I’m going to use the last column to track whether I’ve had gluten or sugar…

  2. I’m so excited as we go into week two. I am a little tired today , but I am going push through todays workout with a positive attitude. I know I will feel much better after 🙂
    To all the buffmothers out there we can do this just have a little faith.

  3. What effect does taking birth control pills play in this hormonal timing? I have crazy, irregular periods even on bc pills. It is starting to concern me…

  4. Tracking hormones is really important I see. I’m going to keep a closer eye on my chart from this point forward.

  5. What is the hormone tracking sheet these ladies are talking about? I’d love to be able to print something where I can track easily and regularly. Thanks!

  6. if you click on the link you can download it– it’s from my book that explains my whole system “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” by Buffmother! Check it out on http://www.buffmotner.com or on amazon 🙂

  7. You still have a cycle– start tracking it-
    Are you taking them continually (getting no period) or are you taking them normally?
    if you are taking them normally the first 2 weeks of the pill pack are your buffing weeks and the last 2 weeks of the pill pack are your boosting weeks.

  8. good to hear your diet changes have helped your hormones. DIET really does affect our hormones!!
    Good idea on keeping tabs on your intake of sugar and gluten!

  9. Michelle,
    I have been taking these bc pills since August 2011. Some months I have no period, sometimes it is normal, and sometimes I’ll have a period mid-cycle (week 2 of the pills). I’ve been told I may experience menopause early. I started taking these pills to help regulate my cycle and help with loss of libido, and lots of anxiety. They don’t seem to be helping in any aspects listed–though at this point I don’t want to get pregnant again. Thanks for the information you provided–it is much appreciated.

  10. I do notice a lot what about where my cycle is and how I eat. Its crazy how your body reacts!

  11. the pill is pretty much only good for birth control in my opinion–natural is almost always better!

  12. i’m reading about ur hormone timing…before i buy into it…it makes me nervous to take pills that can possibly effect my body negatively long term down the road….what can u tell me about that to put my mind at ease?

  13. There’s nothing that is dangerous in these– no actual hormones, just vitamins, minerals and a few herbs.

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