OVER 500!! female super hero's~ WOW!

Marvel comics was just purchased by Disney~http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090831/ap_on_bi_ge/us_disney_marvel_entertainment
And guess what Marvel lists over 500 women super hero on their site database~ AMAZING!! http://marvel.com/universe3zx/index.php?title=Category:Women&until=Kismet

I only thought there were a handful: Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Elektra, CatWoman, Xena, Lara Croft, GI Jane, etc….  It’s very refreshing to know that we are represented!!!

Anyhow, I have not felt like the biggest super hero recently, I’ve been dealing with a bit of the “sickies” this past week…so I’ve been rather lax regarding my workouts.   I’ve decided on a new plan of how to attack my workouts for the reminder of the week and next week~
the “Every Other DAY” workout routine 🙂

It’s nothing new to me…I’ve used it in the past a lot and taught it often to my clients.  Working out HARD at least EVERY Other day is a GREAT way to keep momentum without having to feel guilty for taking some extra days off.  The way I do it is workout hard 1 day and then don’t even let myself  “think” about working out the next….All in all it works well for me when I am very busy with other projects
(right now I am VERY busy with a website project; an upcoming CONTEST (the SSS contest starting 9/14); and prepping for the OMAHA event on the 26th&27th of this month).  It’s also a good little “break” and we all need those from time to time! That said, I did NOT workout yesterday~ so today I will!  I have upper body/abs and intervals on tap!! WHOOHOOO!!  I expect that I’ll feel like a superhero in my workout!!! 2556282orig - Copy



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