40 days to Fit! Day 37~soon to be exercised, buffed and beautified!!!

HEY ALL~ I am up, kid less, supplemented, coffeed, fed, journal-ed, ; soon to be exercised,buffed and beautified!!! The day is really shaping up nicely~ I love it when I feel like this~ in control, organized, focused and KICKING tail!!!

I wanted to post my wonderful leg workout from yesterday~ in total it took about 45 mins to complete

Warm up elliptical 7 mins…I realized I like the elliptical and need to do it more!

paired with laying side leg lifts 3 sets of 20 each leg

BB Lunges-alternating legs
paired with seated Hip Abduction machine

Dead Lifts
95x10x4sets (2 stiff, 2 conventional)
paired with seated calf raises
105x10x4sets (toes st, out, in)

Smith Lunges
50×10 no step
50×10 with step
70×10 with stepx2sets
paired with knee extensions
60×10 (one leg at a time)

walking lunges
50#BB x30steps (15each leg) x2sets
paired with seated leg adductions

One set of Butt SQUATS on Smith
70×10 SQUEEZE!!!

One monster set of knee ups on roman chair (about 45 reps)

Today’s workout is Back, Sh, Biceps, ABS~ and a interval run on treddy Treadmill

Hope you have a NICE day like I am having~



10 Replies to “40 days to Fit! Day 37~soon to be exercised, buffed and beautified!!!

  1. Whew! 45 kneeups on the chair is intense! Glad you’re feeling so fabulous today! I get like that too… sometimes. LOL! More like once in a blue moon. 😛

  2. After all of that then you did knee ups?!?!!? Wow. I think after the 40 days are over I am gonna do it again and this time REALLY tighten up on my diet. 🙂

  3. Today was my leg day and it rocked. I can still feel my legs a little shaky. Great feeling!

  4. usually I do feel that way when buffing but not this week cant wait to get over this chest cold- just focusing on getting my water and maintaining until I get well- no hard to do with this loss of appetite 😉

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