"All Star" Lisa of TN

Lisa of TN How Team BuffMother has impacted Lisa’s life: I spent most of my 20’s yo yo dieting, trying the latest fads and gimmicks. […] Read More

Hormones control everything!

I had just given birth to twins by C-section… My body was stretched out, fat, and disgusting! The following program is designed specifically for women […] Read More

Sexy Hormones!!

Hormones ~ Start Tracking Today! I believe in the power of your hormones! I am actually obsessed with HORMONES, lol!  HORMONES control EVERYTHING!! I track […] Read More

40 days to Fit! Day 37~soon to be exercised, buffed and beautified!!!

HEY ALL~ I am up, kid less, supplemented, coffeed, fed, journal-ed, ; soon to be exercised,buffed and beautified!!! The day is really shaping up nicely~ I love […] Read More

Why do I LOVE the UFC?

www.BuffMother.com I LOVE the fact that the fighters are RELENTLESS!! They have to train like mad, the entire time being RELENTLESS… the fighters that quit […] Read More