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Hankering a HIKE!

Today I was hankering a hike in the woods!

Travis joined me…we left here at 2:44 and got back at 4:08.  Counts for at least an hour worth of “workout time”.

This morning I also logged 20 mins on my bike.
Now it’s time to relax and get ready for


Tomorrow!!  It’s the first day of our ABS August challenge– here’s your summary for week 1!



Week 1:

Today- Info and Instructions: “Fab Abs” Day 0

Aug 3- 30 Ab exercises: “Fab Abs” Day 1

Aug 4- After Baby ABS! “Fab Abs” Day 2

Aug 5- 6 pack of COKE: “Fab Abs” Day 3

Aug 6- Sit up Test: “Fab Abs” Day 4

Aug 7- “T” abs challenge: “Fab Abs” Day 5

Aug 8- After running ABS: “Fab Abs” Day 6

Aug 9- Ab wheel or Repeat: “Fab Abs” Day 7

It’s All ABS this AUGUST!!

I’m off to Mentally prepare to kick my belly in the butt this AUGUST!

Your BufMother, Michelle

In case you missed it, here’s a daily printable calender~…8/FabAbsCalendar.pdf


ABS AUG day 1 of 28!!!


Hi Ya’ll!!

It’s day 1, the SUMMARY post for our challenge is here– bookmark the link so you can always find the challenge for the 28 days!


Also, for all VIP Rally Room Members be sure to download my AFTER BABY ABS book for free!! It’s packed full of great secrets on ABS!…s-book-free-download




Your 3 ASSIGNMENTS for today~

1- Take your starting pics and stats as outlined in yesterday’s post Info and Instructions: “Fab Abs” day 0


2- Set your goals based upon your stats/pics. Keep them attainable and ACTION based, some example goals:

  • to lose 1 inch off my tummy
  • do 10 mins of ab exercises daily
  • add in 3 interval sessions/weekly to help burn fat
  • eliminate dessert from my diet
  • increase my fiber and protein intake, etc…
  • Take these 28 days to establish at least 1 good TIGHT TUMMY habit


3- Do this Day #1 “Fab Abs” Challenge: complete at least 10 reps of 20 different AB exercises. I’ve shown examples of 30 varieties ~

30 Ab exercises: “Fab Abs” Day 1


 I’ll be editing this later today with my info~


At the end of the Challenge please submit a “Fab Abs”  28  challenge Final to or on your blog titled “Fab Abs Entry for __________ (your first name and last initial)”

Name: Michelle Berger
user name: buffmother

Height: 5-7

Starting weight: 136.2 at time of measurement.  133.5 on morning of 8-3-15
Ending weight:


Starting waist relaxed: 27.5
Ending waist relaxed:


Starting waist sucked in: 26.5
Ending waist sucked in:


*Optional extra stats can be included like cycle day, caliper or body fat measurements. cycle day 20


Starting Front photo:
Ending front photo:


Starting side photo:
Ending side photo:


Thoughts about the contest~ a short essay about how the contest helped you, what your favorite info was and your progress during the 28 days:


My goals, get back to a 25 inch waist!!! Gain Muscle, Gain Fitness, Lose bodyfat.


Thanks and Let’s get FAB ABS!!


Accountability is vital!

Just a note…ladies it’s vital you post somewhere for accountability! Did you get in your workout today??

Post so you can look back and know the truth about your effort during ABS AUG! The truth is often times we forget the times we’ve slacked or we do the opposite and throw in the towel because we weren’t perfect.  POST so you know your truth…be accountable to yourself!


Legs and ABS done!!  Got in my 20 exercises for today…also took my starting pics, made goals and took measurements. On the not so perfect side, I had bread today…it bloats me big time!  Gonna resolve to have no bread over the next 27 days!


Can’t wait to see the changes my body makes in the next 28 days!!

Another Contest, Why Not??

Here’s the link to day 2 for our Abs contest:

After Baby ABS! “Fab Abs” Day 2


And Yes, I am hosting and promoting another contest– “Lose it for Labor Day” sponsored by Gym Angel!


A 28 day weight loss challenge, starts 8-12-15, join to win over $1500 in Gym Angel prizes and $$$$ CASH! — details here:


Consider joining it, it’ll help you focus even harder on getting your abs to pop!





Uffda, I am feeling my workouts from the past 4 days and the fact that I was “inconsistent” the prior 2 weeks. A person can certainly get out of shape quick! But the good new is you can get in SHAPE again QUICK TOO!!


Congrats to everyone joining our ABS AUGUST!! you are off to a killer start, be sure it’s going to provide results– this is my pic from when we did the challenge in Feb– lots of changes in just 4 weeks!!


Today’s workout-


warm up on bike

After Baby Abs 7×7 — 6 exercise circuit x2

Pull ups 6, 6

knee ups on roman chair 15

Bent over barbell rows 95#x19x3sets

Bicep curls 55x10x2sets

Inverted pull ups 3sets x 10 reps

44mins lifting

Then ran 4 hills 17 mins

Ran 6 mins on tready, 2 hard mins at 8mph the rest at 6 to finish

1:07 total workout time



COKE is good for your belly!

My accountability for today…

Just rode the bike for 22 mins then finished up with a COKE.

COKE is good for your belly! Seriously, you’ll get a 6 pack from this COKE…

6 pack of COKE: “Fab Abs” Day 3


**Edit to add**

did Chest after I blogged. During the workout I taught my 13 year old DD to bench! she’s a natural

Bench 45×10






BB (45)x10

Machine 55×10



Tri-extensions (skull crushers)



Dips 6, 5

Total workout time for the day 55 mins


felt much stronger today than last chest workout


Yesterday, I finally vlogged again

My vlog for today~ 8-4-15.  I need a video editor for my youtube channel. Any takers? or does anyone know a good place to hire someone?? Plus I’m stoked, MY 16 year old is now driving!!


I am SOOOOO sore today, especially my in my legs but I also feel it in my abs and back.


We are going out as a family for Pizza tonight, they also serve salad and other stuff, but I will be having at least 1 slice of pizza.

Then tomorrow we are trying to go floating/rafting up in Noel, MO. Should be a fun time if the weather cooperates.


Thanks for all the great posts and participation today– I love that you are all so in love with our TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! Let’s keep supporting each other forever!!




I also put up my DIET BET video– be sure to join us!!



Ahhh a little BREAK!

We had a fun family outing yesterday on the Elk River. We rented a 6 person raft and floated for about 4 hours.  Everyone was BEAT when we got home!


Before we went I got in a killer interval run outside for 22 mins 7 intervals total 4 loops and 3 hills…then did my sit up test. 48 in 60sec.


And it’s nice to have our Day 5 Abs Aug challenge be a bit of a break from the traditional AB EXERCISES cuz I am SORE!!


Have fun sucking it in!



p.s. just did a short little 11 min workout today for the booty

3 sets in a circuit-

rear leg raises (laying on decline bench) 10 together, 10 wide

mma squats 10 each side

booty pops 10 each side

Standing leg raises (abductions) 10 each side

Standing hydrants 10 each side

10 second vacuous

also I’ve completed about 10 of the 15 vacuums for today’s challenge, each one gets a little harder!!

Got Lucky!!

Headed out for a short run to warm up for my workout today without knowing what the ab challenge was for today…I got luck to find out it was

After running ABS: “Fab Abs” Day 6


ran for 11 mins

Abs for 11 mins

Then lift for 25 mins-

Squats, Hip Ups, Knee Extensions and a mish mosh of other stuff between sets.


Total workout time 47 mins.

As predicted I’m “NESTING” today (cycle day 25), so cleaned my closet, organized DH’s hunting stuff and cleaned the laundry room.  That took about 4 hours.

Before that we went to Gunner’s football scrimmage, it was fun to feel “FOOTBALL  in the AIR” again!!


Tomorrow’s the last day of our first week of this ABS August challenge–

I can already feel my abs getting stronger, Can you?


And here’s tomorrow’s for your quick reference:

Ab wheel or Repeat: “Fab Abs” Day 7


Have a great Saturday, hope to get even more lucky as the evening progresses


Enjoyment ahead!


P.S. Here’s Week #2

Week 2:

6pack of PEPSI: “Fab Abs” Day 8

6-pack of LACROIX: “Fab Abs” Day 9 

Want SORE abs?: “Fab Abs” Day 10

6pack of MUG: “Fab Abs” Day 11

Ab Secrets: “Fab Abs” Day 12

Stand and Dance abs: “Fab Abs” Day 13

Revealing Abs info: “Fab Abs” Day  14


Keep up the great work, it works if you work it!!

Your BufMother, Michelle

In case you missed it, here’s a daily printeable calender~…8/FabAbsCalendar.pdf


Week 3 is looming….

HOLY COW! The first 2 weeks of the Abs Challenge has gone by fast just 2 days left and we’ll be in our 3rd week of the ABS CHALLENGE.  If you are like me and have “SLACKED” a little on your ab work this week that’s okay…Just RESOLVE to get it done daily starting again TODAY!!  Your Waist will THANK YOU!!


If you have any questions or need anything, PLEASE feel free to “hit reply” to this message– I am here to help!


Also, I really need some of you to join in on our next contest on  We start on Wednesday and the goal will be to lose 4% of your body weight in just 4 weeks– The EXTRA focus will help you, Trust me…it works!! Message me if you have any questions about it.  I’ll truly be helping each participate with valuable training advice.  Join Now!!


Today’s AB challenge is one of my favorites…it’s fun and easy~ Let’s do it now!


Stand and Dance abs: “Fab Abs” Day 13


Here’s tomorrow’s~

Revealing Abs info: “Fab Abs” Day  14

Week 3- Repeat Week:

Day 15 – 6 pack of COKE: “Fab Abs”

Day 16 –  After Baby ABS! “Fab Abs”

Day 17 – 6pack of PEPSI: “Fab Abs”

Day 18 – 6-pack of LACROIX: “Fab Abs”

Day 19 – 30 Ab exercises: “Fab Abs”

Day 20 – 6pack of MUG: “Fab Abs”


Let’s keep working it, I promise you it works if you work it!!

Love ya,

Your BuffMother, Michelle

Limited time!! Free trial for HT Pills~

Hey there,

Limited time!! Free trial for HT Pills~…l-with-subscription/
I sure hope you try them and are excited as me to see some results in the mirror!!


I am an impatient person. I want what I do for my workouts to work

and work FAST!


How about you?  Do you ever do a workout and expect to

see changes immediately in the mirror?


We all do!


Fast change can occur if you work out systematically and with EFFICIENT
and EFFECTIVE results in mind.


The same holds true concerning our diets.  Take these facts into consideration:


  • After puberty your essential muscle growth is over and your muscle starts to deteriorate.
  • As you age you lose muscle.
  • “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”
  • The act of pregnancy further accelerates your muscle loss.   
    The amount of protein your baby needs to develop requires the baby to
    steal protein (muscle) from you!
  • Dieting and aerobic exercise without strength training causes muscle loss.
  • Pre-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women have lower
    hormone levels causing accelerated muscle loss.
  • Weight training along with a healthy balanced diet re-builds your lost muscle.
  • Supplementation bridges the “gaps” in our diet helping us to rebuild and
    Re- nutrify our bodies FASTER after having babies.

Supplementation + the CORRECT workouts + TIME = amazing results. 


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Limited time!! Free trial for HT Pills~


You deserve it ,


Mini Vacation?

Hey all!!

So…I’m on a mini vacation.

My husband is off work this week, so that pretty much means I need to be also, lol!! I’ve have been working a tish– Gotta still get things done! Like the start to our DIET BET contest!!  I figured I’d share the day 1 info from it with you here today– It’s going to be a good 28 day focus to add to our ABS AUGUST and my photoshoot prep.  My shoot is Sept 17th.


Yesterday I took off of workouts, I was BEAT UP! So sore from the previous few workouts that I could hardly move. Feeling much less sore today and ready to attach a Chest/Tri and interval workout PLUS do 2 abs days:

Day 16 –  After Baby ABS! “Fab Abs”

Day 17 – 6pack of PEPSI: “Fab Abs”



Today is DAY 1 for our Gym Angel “Lose It” 28 day contest…please officially join us here


Day 1 is here!! I’m fired up because my scale was already nicer to me today than yesterday– it’s got mojo already!!


As your leader….I will be posting daily workout ideas for you- most of the workouts only require a resistance band and minimal time…just 11 mins most days.
You can find the daily workouts on the GYM ANGEL facebook page

and here within our DietBet game.
You can get a free PDF containing all 28 days here–

Also, I have an app that contains the same program!  Info on that is here:

Be sure to keep inviting your friends to join in…Aug 19th MVP will win a bottle of Gym Angel’s Slim Angel and Detox Angel game starts Aug 19th! JOIN US~

  • Goals= Workout for at least 11 minutes EVERY DAY during the Game
  • Use the suggested workout ideas, diet challenges, daily themes and fitness focuses to keep you on track towards winning the bet and long-term success.
  • Encourage others with comments, friendly competition and through tags, etc..
  • EVERYONE is welcome to join!! Males and Females, Kids, Adults and even PETS!!
  • Post for accountability SOMEWHERE! On, In my private women’s only site On Facebook, twitter, instagram….accountability is KEY!
  • You are highly encouraged to snap a workout proof photos and weigh in often for this challenge…I’d love to see them!

Workout ideas are based upon my workout DVD system that uses bands and my butt or abs series of workouts.  Each of the SlimChick workouts are only 11 minutes in duration, so you have no excuses.  I am placing the workouts on my YOU TUBE for FREE during the Diet Bet game only:

Normally you’d need to purchase them through

DAY 1~ Hey ya!!
Today’s suggested workout – Upper Body- SlimChick Purple:

Week #1’s Fitness Focus~ Build Endurance.
Endurance is your aerobic fitness. It’s what allows you to Go, Go, Go!! This week take some time to strive to be MORE ACTIVE! Here’s some ideas on how to increase your ENDURANCE:

•    Walk more- take your dog or kids for a walk, us a pedometer and measure your steps, strive for 10,000/day
•    Stand more- refuse to sit unless 100% necessary, try a standing work station
•    Do more cleaning- End of year cleaning time! organize, give away, sell unused items
•    Get out in nature- hike or bike on trials near your home, do some landscaping, outdoor planting, etc…
•    Join a running club or sign up for a race, it will give you the motivation to hit the pavement.  BTW- running outside is so much more effective than on a treadmill, try it!!
•    Buy a heart rate monitor and USE IT!! Get in your aerobic zone and strive to stay there for 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 mins!! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your heart will get stronger and how fast your endurance improves!

Week #1’s Diet Focus~ Drink More Water!
A good goal intake is at least half of your body weight in ounces daily, but often times up to 1 gallon a day is recommended for those with higher protein intake and for those who consistently workout.  Water is vital for flushing out toxins in your body and the transport of nutrients to your cells.  Key things to keep in mind are that when you initially up your water intake you may retain water for a day or two, but then your body will regulate itself and you’ll find that the consistent higher intake of water will help you NOT retain water.  Beware that too much water can be dangerous…if you find that you are cramping or constantly thirsty despite drinking tons of water or light headed, you may be consuming too much water and flushing minerals and electrolytes from your body.  If that’s the case lower your intake and consider supplementing with some sodium and other minerals.

Today’s Diet Challenge
Eat some Fish. Each day of the week we have a set diet challenge that is meant to get you thinking about your food intake and help you get out of the “grind” of eating the same things all the time.  Variety in food intake is vital for nutritional and mental reasons.  Try some fish today!  Tuna, Salmon and Tilapia are some of the fish I eat.

Today’s Personal Challenge
Text a lot Tuesday…why you ask. It’s a fun way to stay connected, encourage others and to quickly let someone know you are thinking about them. STRIVE to text a lot today.  My goal is to scroll down through my text list and say HI! to some of those LOWER ON THE LIST, lol!
That’s all for now!! Have fun with this challenge~ We can do it!! -Your BuffMother, Michelle


Hey happy Friday friends!!

Seriously, I’ve noticed this ABS AUG FAB ABS challenge really showing some results this week!! My abs are really getting strong and my core is tightening!!


Yesterday my abs were so tired after my run of 24 mins and 6 mins of trampoline jumping that I could only do 1 round of the lacroix

Day 18 – 6-pack of LACROIX: “Fab Abs”


Today, We were trying to go golfing but the weather won’t cooperate, we’ll be going out to eat instead.  Fit in a few ab exercises and some air squats. But will be having to double up again tomorrow.


Day 19 – 30 Ab exercises: “Fab Abs”


have a good day, love ya!


Hey all…the end of the summer must mean it’s time for sickness???  Anyhow, I’ve been under the weather this week with a UTI, but truly getting better each day. HOPING (fingers crossed) to be feeling some good energy in time for my 22nd Anniversary weekend!!


Prayers would be great!!


Back and better!!

I am BACK and feeling better. Last week consisted of NO real workouts, but I was well enough by Thursday to go golfing and then enjoy a weekend away with the hubby! Fun times!!


Now I’m determinded to back to it– slowly and gently. Got in a 20 min bike ride so far today and plan to do my HT BOOK upper body boosting workout after a bit.


I’ll post more tomorrow, but just wanted to say thanks for all the well wishes.



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