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Our “BuffMother” 28 Day Video Trainer App for Iphone and Androids~

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the 28 Day Video Fitness and Diet Challenge by BuffMother includes:
1- 28 video workouts with basic exercises perfect for the beginner  (many use resistance bands) –EXTRA emphasis for ABS and BOOTY!
2- simple diet recommendations with daily food focus challenges
3- regain your youthful shape in just 4 weeks with as little as 11 mins a day in the comfort of our own home!

Other features~
App Nutrition – Follow a suggested diet system, food lists and food timing information is included.
Updates- This app is designed to evolve though regular updates. So stay stay connected and Michelle will continue to bring you new workouts and nutrition advice.
Workout log – Easily keep track of the workouts you do day to day with a log built right within the app.
App gallery – Be the first to see Victoria’s newest photo shoots as they are released along with app exclusive only photo’s.
Quick links- to Social media and other helpful BuffMother sites- including a private women’s only social website.

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Thanks, Michelle

p.s. I also have programs available on the free Evlove Discover app on iphones