“T” abs challenge: Fab Abs Day #5

Day #5 is upon us in our focus on our ABS or Core or Tummy or Pooch or Gut or Beer Belly Laughing


Okay so you get the point…we are in a continual war against our belly and constantly use our core in basically every move we make, so It is vital that we work towards keeping it strong!


In you workout today, and as you go through your be constantly focused in tightening and engaging your core.


The Day #5 Fab Abs Challenge is to do at least 15 vacuums of about 10 seconds each as you go through your day!


Vacuums are simply sucking in your tummy!
I find they produce HUGE results~ they work your

These are highly important muscles that act as a “girdle” around your waist. The muscles run HORIZONTALLY and HOLD your organs in place.
They get stretched out from pregnancy, weight gain, inactivity, sickness and they need to be rebuilt!!  VACUUMS will do just that!
T ABS are worked whenever you practice good posture, and will respond even quicker if you aggressively work at rebuilding them through
exercises like vacuums.

One of the easiest ways to do them is to stand with your hands on your knees and suck your tummy in. Try to pull your belly button to your spine. You can do vacuums anywhere anytime- I did some last night while brushing my teeth and this morning sitting in the car.


Remember it works if you WORK IT!!

God Bless,




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