Eating FAT!


I am feeling much more well rested today~ yay!! It’s already day 4/21 for our Hot Hiney Habit contest~

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Yesterday we had a really good Rally Room CHAT! Thanks ladies for taking time to “hang out”.  After the chat I got DEEP in to researching more about diets.  I posted some of the info here:
I’m going for it with the Ketogenic induction phase- It takes extra disipline on my part to go totally NO CARB, but I’ve done it MANY times– so it’s not too hard! A couple key learning I came away with yesterday were: to be sure to limit protein to only 125 g daily (protein can actually turn into glucose in your body and prevent ketosis) and to consume extra salt.
If you are wondering where to start with it, I’d recommend getting the book and READING IT~ Here’s a link:
‘New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great.’ by Jeff Volek

I bought this new version (of ATKINS) yesterday, however I’ve used the original Atkins book for my reference for years.
Here’s a list of foods I’m allowed to eat:
I planned to do a heavy leg workout yesterday but ended up taking the day off– it was cycle day 25 and I was pooped from the previous days workouts AND I from STANDING more again– it’ll take a bit to get used to that!!

Anyhow, today will be legs

And this afternoon will be fun, we have Dentist appts and shopping with 4 kids on tap~ It’s rainy here today.

Have a great Thursday!!


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