Don’t feel like it?? Shine in 49: Day19

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like it??!  I … “fake it, till I make it”!!

In all honesty I use this motto often.  I don’t always feel like an enthusiastic, positive, productive, outgoing, confident woman.  Many days, many weeks even I have to “fake it” at first…but I have learned that eventually the Mojo starts rolling and what at first was an all out effort can be EASY!!

“Fake it till you make it!!!”  it works!!

So my 4 focus points in business for the next 2 months will be:

1- clients- be sure each trainee is getting plenty of support
2- rally room- blog daily, comment on at least 5 blogs daily, add valuable content
3- workouts- I need to get in a workout daily, lead by example, EXERCISE is medicine
4- partnerships- I want to forge partnerships with other businesses that will add value to our TEAM


Let’s keep striving to be our best- and if you don’t feel like it sometimes go ahead and “fake it”

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like it??




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  1. What tha heck Michelle!!? You are literally speaking to me everyday in these blogs…it’s almost eerie. Lol. Great article.

  2. Me too! Eventhough my super hero was WONDERWOMAN I find myself taking on too much and end up taking steps backwards but instead of giving up and quitting like I’ve always done in the past, I make myself “Just Do It” on the things that are a priority. I truly feel more fulfilled when I just get it done. I also have been finding that my work outs are starting to be more routine and less something I force myself to make time for and that has made things a lot easier too.

  3. Fake till you make it – its one of the steps that we use on the Nia teacher training program. We all have doubts at times, low energy, what the point etc..but working through it we get stronger and we eventually get there. Did you not say theat fitness is a journey not a destination?

  4. I seriously had one of these moments this past week…was holding back tears at work but I had to just refocus and put my happy face on…I had to step away for 5 minutes (where no one could interrupt me) and have my moment and then regroup…the pressure was still there but I ended up becoming what I was trying to be…HANG IN THERE!

  5. Fake it til you make works for me. I also tell myself just do it for 15 minutes if you still don’t feel like it then I can stop. Usually I do feel like it and glad I did made the effort in the first place.

  6. Yep works for me too, or during workout/cardio I tell myself, ‘5 mins then you can stop’, and I keep doing it until I get to the last few minutes..then I say to myself..’dont let yourself down now’ and get it finished…keeps me going!

  7. Sounds like a good motto to go by. The thing that most keeps me going and keeps me motivated is thinking about how I will feel when I get closer to my goal weight and how I will feel more comfortable in my clothes. I had so much energy last time I was close and I will get there again. This injury may slow down my progress at achieving my goal, but it will not keep me from achieving it.

  8. Good evening, everyone! I’m with you all on trying to figure out priorities … just when I get something figured out it all seems to change. So hard to figure out how to do just enough that we aren’t exhausted, but not so little that we get a little bored. Well, gotta go … I think baby is waking up and husband is out of town again!

  9. I took a spin class today to get motivated again. I usually workout myself but I took the day off from work. I love working out in the AM, and it was my favorite instructor! Legs on tap for me for Saturday.

  10. Remember where I came from. I was overweight, a gym hater, depressed and could look at my body in the mirror. Now I can wear a string bikini at the beach and know I look great. I’ve got to push through to maintain and perfect what I’ve worked so hard for!

  11. I keep telling myself it isn’t that long (heck it’s almost been 2 weeks and that flew by) and that I need to lead by example! Half the battle is getting to the gym and preparing meals. Then you end up working out and eating right because it’s right there in front of you.

  12. Totally true, time flies by weather you are heading toward or away from your goals. Choose wisely 😉

  13. My hardest battle is food. I can seem to fight through the excersize…most days…even with my frequent migraine headaches. Get the meds in asap and rest then get going at what ever pace i can. It is my medicine for stress feeling down getting the air flowing and the pain and fog out of my head. The eating….i eat most everything healthy until late in the day. Sweets are my sabatoge and are keeping me from seeing that svelt cut body. I am strong and see some change but want more:)! I need to walk away from the kitchen and give my self ten to thirty min and say “this ti shall pass”. Cravings will usually pass especially if you get up and get moving….or maybe your just tired get a fifteen min power nap anything but the sweets. Picture my ideal body (Michelle’s 🙂 ya think i can do it?) and am i willing to give that up for the junk. Any better ideas ladies? this is a tough one.

  14. Keep pushing hard to get past those cravings!! And if you have to have some food- opt for protein or greens…they are the best choice for you in the evening.

  15. I understand and agree with the fake it till make it. But I also lean on my support group and accountability partners to remind me I am doing good and it will all be worth it whatever it is I am trying to reach.

  16. My problem is not having to fake it, I just sometimes have so much to do, it is hard to dedicate an hour to myself! But I have been making sure I do.

  17. I just saw all the pastel jeans & chinos that are new out for summer; I will buy a pair at the end of this challenge!! Keeping healthy snacks in fridge helps when the hormonal munchies strike but it is tempting 2 think if u make a bad choice it’s all over3 pounds lost this week, so it’s a bite of the elephant! (my elephant legs)

  18. I am doing fine with food….have been for about 12 days strong now. I love to RUN. And I have an injury now that is keeping me from running my first half marathon of the season tomorrow. My achilles is bruised and inflamed and every step in running shoes hurts. 🙁
    I am working out still….spinning and weights. But if I can’t run, I will go crazy. So one week off… running until next Friday.
    I did have popcorn and twizzlers last night in my depression. I was so sad that I had been training for months for this half marathon and the sad reality came to light that it wasn’t going to happen on Saturday. 🙁
    Oh well….as they say, life goes on!

  19. I agree with Michelle. The workouts are medicine! When I work out I feel better mentally emotipnally and physically. not that i don’t have days I would rather just sleep longer or just sit and in front of a good movie (this rarely happens with 4 kids). I judt know I am better when i get some kind of ecercise or active stretching. Phillippians 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God had called me.” keeeping my eyes forward and upward not looking back where i fell so to speak. PRESS ON ladies. 🙂

  20. sorry you feel so swamped, I’m pretty sure most of us are OVER BUSY like you– just do your best- even 4 workouts a week can produce great results!! that’s just 4-6 hours of your time 🙂

  21. OH yes, there are so many fun cute clothes out this season– time to hit the gym so you can go buy some!!

  22. I look at other people who have succeeded in their goals, and that motivates me. Also, a pre-workout drink like BSN’s N.O. Explode helps with the energy and focus during workouts. I would also suggest that people take progress pictures. The scales may not show the results like the pictures do!

  23. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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