No Junk!! POA!

My NO JUNK focus today ON!!! I had a bit of a candy, junk food, low nutrient fest the past 2 days- BAD BUFFMOTHER!! It was a little fun though :hehe:

The POA is to get focused to be ripped and healthy for the CALI event!! I am stokked!!!

Now that my nasty “initial sorness” from resuming workouts is over and my lungs are healthy I’ll add in some intervals.

Oh- I did add in some yesterday- on the upright bike I did 20 mins total with 5 30 second intervals pushing the speed on my bike up to over 24 for 4 and over 25 for the final interval. I am really focusing on speed during my bike intervals- trying to get my fast twitch muscles activating! After my intervals I did quite a bit of stretching and some leg lifts, calf rotations, abs, etc…

After I post this blog I am going for a run! a no pressure one- so no intervals and probably around 20 mins duration.
At home Lift Legs

Lift Chest/Tri/ABS and bike intervals
Football game for Gunner

Lift Back, Bi, Shoulders and run intervals


off Dr. Appt and Dance for the girls

Lift Chest/Tris/ABS; Run Intervals


I have 3 focuses this week:

1.NO JUNK!! except for 1 daily treat allowed in my diet 🙂
2.Get in all of my workouts!! NO EXCUSES
3.Have fun with my kids! Gunner is off school on Monday and the girls are off all week again. I worked at ton last week due to needing to catch-up- this week is more about having fun!

Let’s have a GREAT Week Ladies!!



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