Lincoln, NE Team BuffMother Gathering June 26th

You’re invited to the Team BuffMother is Gathering in Lincoln, NE on the evening of June 26th, 2014!!!

The $20 ticket insures your admission to the Girls NIGHT OUT style event Including your meal. As the event draws closer we will be providing  more details.  For now please #1- SAVE THE DATE and #2- BUY YOUR TICKET!!

Limited tickets available so Purchase today!!


More details on the FACEBOOK event page.  Please feel free to join there and invite your friends!

Michelle Berger and Suzi Velinsky will be your hosts for the evening. Please join us for a meal, a short seminar and fun!! Feel free to contact us with any questions
This $20 ticket insures your admission to the Girls NIGHT OUT style event plus a meal. Join us for the fun, you’ll learn a lot, meet some new friends and find tons of encouragement.

Limited tickets available so Purchase today!!

I know you may feel…

Yey ladies!! I can’t believe the final week of our 2014 SuperSTAR Success contest is already here!!

This week’s Challenge is to FINISH the contest!!

Please know that 10 weeks is a long time and I understand if you may feel you didn’t stay as intense or focused or as consistent as you had hoped, but no matter what you did progress!! Just Trying creates a lot of mental and physical changes that you need to acknowledge.  PLEASE FINISH and complete your entry.

The act of FINISHING itself is a HUGE WIN! You owe it to yourself,  you have nothing to lose and a FREE “BuffMother!” shirt to gain for your final entry submission!!  I also know that once you take stock of your results you will be surprised at how you did change in MIND, BODY and Spirit!!

This past weekend, NDSU Bison Basketball team played SanDiego State University in the March Madness Division 1 tournament.  They exceeded everyone’s expectations.  I love how well the Bison BB team did…a true testament that “Success breeds Success”!!  As their football program have been National Champs for the past 3 years.  I have all the confidence in the world that NDSU will be a GREAT Division 1 contender in all Sports as the years move forward!! GO BISON!!  It’s a great reminder that if you want to be successful surround yourself with success!!

Are you unsure of your goals, mission or purpose in life?? No worries, start attacking an interest and pray…you will be lead you to your goal, mission and purpose! God drives us to accomplish our dream, through our actions!!
“How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.” -R. Buckminster

Here’s a great pic of my 3 girls from this weekend:

Gracie, Tia and Layla


My POA for the week:

*Not much UPPER BODY, due to very sore right shoulder.  I’m giving myself 2 more weeks off most upper body stuff. On a side note, my shoulder was very sore from just running even…that’s how I know I really need to baby it still.


M- run hills outside with some sprints at end and do some extra bike afterwards T- legs and possibly some steady bike

W- longer run of intervals + extra steady, about a 30 min total duration. Outside if possible. Th- try a few upper body things- stuff that isn’t heavy or use much of the shoulder– some biceps?  kids are out of school…will be very active

F- LEGS AGAIN hard!!

Sa- run @track maybe!! Acceleration work plus some fun stuff with kids, like long jump

Su- off workouts, but will do pics and stats and final entry stuff.


Here’s the log from my last run on Saturday. On treadmill…the first 20 mins were intervals ranging from 8 to 9mph with the incline of 2-3.5%, easy minutes were done at 7mph. The second 15 mins was a steady pace of 8mph, 7:30 pace at 2.5% grade.  I ran hard but felt good!


 My weight today is 128.0 and I am on cycle day 14.  Feeling good overall, but still a bit more tired than I’d like.  I learned some new info about hemoglobin and ferritin (iron) levels this past weekend plus have been doing some research on the treatment options for MTHFR gene mutation.

I’ll share more about all that with you very soon!!

My “final” contest weight goal will be 126…I don’t plan on doing any sort of dehydration or depletion for my photos. However if you’d like some “photoshoot” prep tips, look for me to post those later today in the forum.

Time for me to ATTACK my to do list!

Let’s kick it in this week,  Ellie

most snow?

Ok, first off I am in shock! Woke up to the biggest snowfall of the year this morning~ INSANE!



Yesterday I had a RECENT cardio record!! I’m so proud of myself for doing it!  I have a big time “hate” for aerobic training, but all the research I’ve been doing concerning my track training has inspired me to TRY to improve my VO2 max.  Anyhow~ I got in a total of 1 hour and 18 mins of cardio (although 10mins was walking–so I’m not sure it officially counts as my hr doesn’t get elevated much from just walking??)


Today’s workout will be CHEST, TRIS and ABS + intervals on the BIKE.

Tomorrow I’m hoping the weather may clear up and snow melt enough for us (my kids and I) to visit the track in the afternoon??  If not tomorrow we will do it on Sunday!  I need to test out my quad/hip flexor a bit.  I’ve been babying it since I strained it 2.5 weeks ago.


I’m off to get my bills paid and work on paperwork– it’s so much fun I save it up for months to do all in one day, LOL!! Speaking of bills~ do you know how much it costs to buy shoes for a family of 6? Including 3 girls?

Here’s mine with their new shoes (although only 1 pair worked- the other 2 will have to be exchanged)



Cycle day 20 today~ Weight 128 woke up well this morning; not hungry but forced myself to eat 3 eggs this morning, plan to drink a pot of coffee today–it’s one of those days! ; feel up to organizing–that’s totally hormonal for me ; I do have energy even after my big workout day yesterday!!


Have a super FRIDAY!!



Track Excitement!

HEY YA!! Contest day 41!! S2S~ Day 41: Sexy Daughters?

My body said NO to my plan to workout yesterday…I had yet to take a rest day all of April– and My BODY KNEW IT!  So I had NO REAL WORKOUT YESTERDAY~ I did get in 100+ AWESOME Smith Lunges with 100#’s on the bar!! my booty is so happy, lol!!

Today I’ve got in my 20 mins fasted cardio on the bike

I’m gonna lift and go for a run in just about 10 mins!

I’ve been on the computer all day researching the US Track and Field events for Junior Olympics.  I registered as a coach and will soon be forming a track club here selfishly for myself and kids, lol!  Next year if all goes well we’ll open it up to other kids in the area.

I’ll be training for the 800m with my son and my girls will train for some events too–not sure which ones just yet for them?? — so we’ve got about 8 weeks to get ready for the Arkansas Meet, it’s on June 15th in Little Rock .

I’m excited about it!!

Gotta go for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to post a bit more!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. I’ll start my workout after I check out from

Suck IT IN, baby!!

Our Week #7 Mini Challenge is to do 10 stomach vacuums each day (10-15 secs each).

You will see your waist get smaller this week!!! Vacuums are simply sucking in your tummy!
I find they produce HUGE results~ they work your TRANSVERSE abs. “T-ABS”
These are highly important muscles that act as a “girdle” around your waist. The muscles run HORIZONTALLY and HOLD your organs in place. They are stretched out after pregnancy and need to be rebuilt. VACUUMS will do just that! They are worked whenever you practice good posture, and will respond even quicker if you aggressively work at rebuilding them through exercises like vacuums.

One of the easiest ways to do them is to stand with your hands on your knees and suck your tummy in. Try to pull your belly button to your spine. You can do vacuums anywhere anytime- I did some last night while brushing my teeth and this morning sitting in the car.


You can do vacuums anywhere anytime- I did some last night while brushing my teeth and this morning sitting in the car.

Have fun with this mini-challenge and you will see some results in you waist!

Work it girls!!


Not just BUFF… Beautiful too!! ~Shine in 49: Day 38

I’ve got 15 days to go until my birthday~ whoohoo!!! cheerleaders Why is it that I get so fired up to be fit for my birthday EVERY YEAR???   It’s so motivating for me!! I just love feeling my best on “MY DAY”!!

This year Travis is actually going to be home on my Birthday!! He’s missed more than half of my birthdays in the past 10 years due to travel.  Anyhow~ the whole family will be here for my day and trust me we will have a PARTY! And the whole week AFTER my b-day is going to be a VACATION for me- I will be totally UNPLUGGED and KIDLESS!! They are going to MN with Grandma 🙂

Yesterday was a great “RESET” day for me with workouts– but not so much for my diet.  I had more dairy than normal, more junk than normal and ended up going to bed with a tummy ache.  The goal today is to get DIET on track and I’ll be good to go for the next 15 days until my 37th B-day!!  The goal is to not only be buff for my birthday, but BEAUTIFUL also.

I’ve been doing my best to add some extra effort on that department- I got another facial yesterday to help my face be glowing and radiant. I also bought some “manicure” supplies, a new “miracle” face cream and have an appt with my dermatologist for Friday.  I’ve also got plans to get a manicure, pedicure, hair highlight/trim and I will also be TANNED for my day!!  It takes effort to be beautiful 🙂

Today- my girls are determined to go buy some summer clothes- and my son is determined to go spend the night with his lifelong buddy.  He’s had this friend since he was 2!

I’m just loving the final push of our Shine in 49–we have just 11 days left!!  Thanks so much for all the effort, posts, encouragement and thoughts about the contest!! You ladies are “SHINING STARS”~ I love you!!

Have an amazing Wednesday!!


OUR CC!!!~ Day 32!!

We had a conference, listen here:



Until this morning, I had no idea this weekend was a HOLIDAY?? OM-Goodness!! where have I been??  Yesterday was the first day of summer break and I’m already exhausted!  LOL! My kids are fun and great, but it’s going take a bit of getting used to them being home.

With 20 more days to go in my 30 day in a row workout challenge, I am feeling good, yet hormonal as I’m on cday 25.  The past 3 days have looked like this-

Wed: 6 rounds of PBJ’s for my workout- I used Perfect push ups- added some rotation to my bulgarians, barefoot jumpin and did 3 sets of knee ups for abs too
Tues: Ran hills 6 (the first 3 no walking between–5 HARD MINS!) and 4 sprints
Monday: Full Body lifting (8th day in a row for workouts)


















My workout today is full body lifting routine I was supposed to do yesterday– and maybe a run?? I’ve been working out at home, so I’m not sure, it’s HOT and VERY WINDY here.  Maybe if I hit the gym I could use their treadmill.  WE’ll see as the kids want to go to the pool??  And tonight my girls have a Softball game in a neighbor city…means time will be cramped.

Okay, Sorry so scattered, that’s what my hormones do to me!



“All-OUT April!!” Is ON!!…I am going all out on my running this month~ prepping for my first 5k race in 10 years~ eeekk!!! What’s your fitness goal for this month?

Let me catch you up on the past 3 days:

Friday I worked out like a banshee…I had 30 mins and I got in a killer HEAVY upper body lifting workout during that time– I even threw in some abs. Then, I came home did a Zuzuka workout– ZWOW #11… I had a hard time mastering the mule kicks…but I think by the end of the 10 mins I figured them out– it’s fun to try new exercises!!

and then I Saw a couple long lost friends in the mirror..Ms Hammie and Miss ITband! My running legs are coming back!!

Right after this picture on Friday, I went for a great 5k (3.1 mile run) of intervals outside.

THEN I strapped on my boots, put on my pants and hat–and got my FIRE ON!!  Here’s a picture of our fire that we built Friday night at the base of TWINS Falls…there was a bunch of old wood that had washed down the gully– Travis and I lit it up and a BLAST doing it!

Saturday, was another busy, active day–without and official workout.  I was SORE from my workouts on Friday + Tired from staying up so late on Friday night.  Somehow I found the energy to run errands, bring Gunner to a friend’s house, and I dug up about 20 little yearling trees from my old house to bring out to the farm.

On Sunday, I worked in my garden. While I was out there, I got SCARED to death by this big BLACK snake.  When Travis heard me scream he knew it was a snake and came to my aid in killing it.  He held it down with the rake and I cut it’s head with the clipper you see on the ground.  NASTY Thing! Black snakes are not dangerous to humans, but I don’t like having this big one around to scare me or the girls.  I’m sure there are plenty more out there to help keep the rodent population under control, lol!

Anyhow, even after seeing the snake the girls decided to go down to the creek.  I bought them all new boots to wear on their journey. Aren’t they CUTIES?!

I’m almost done planting my garden– got some seeds left to plant.  AND I have a bunch more trees to transplant from town….I’ll be keeping busy outside for a while…I LOVE IT!

I had tentatively planned to do a hill run yesterday, but opted out of it.  I’ll be getting my run in today instead.   It’s actually been working great for me to run M, W, F  each week.

Well, I have a “to do” list to attack!!  Have a great MONDAY!!


p.s. The 21 day kick the habit winners are announced :

15 days to GO!!…PLAN it!

15 days

Submitted by BuffMother on Sun, 2006/02/12 – 10:52am

Hi ya gals….
You all seem to be busy beavers today 🙂

I hope you are setting some time aside to rest a bit today, I have been all morning. I am also continuing to “feel” better little by little.
Gracie though is sick again today…poor thing 🙁

The birthday party went well the girls got…little bikes with training wheels, princess and tinkerbell suit cases, strawberry shortcake shoes, puzzels, play guitars, painting books, baby dolls and a few other litttle items. We had a good time!!!

Then last night Travis and I got to go on a date!! MAN I love him, I could spend every second of my life hanging out with him, we have so much fun together. His birthday is on Thursday and He will be 36…no one ever believes he is that old. I don’t believe it either!

So for today’s workout HMMMM…I think I will go running outside this afternoon and do some biceps and pull ups, abs and other junk. Probably no gym, but I love it there so maybe (if Gramma is up for watching the sick little GRACIE)

I am off to shower,
Have a relaxing day,



15 days to GO!!…PLAN it!

15 days to Go and it’s Sunday…meaning a day OFF for me!

No link today…just this Task:

Take 15 minutes to plan your attack for the upcoming week.
Write down your plans for the week, organize your prioritized to-do list and get ready for the week
before you are in the middle of it all.
Planning is half the battle,

Have a relaxing day,

Fun Day!

I have a fun girls lunch today with a friend of mine who I’ve not been able to hang with often recently due to us both being so busy…followed by getting to hang with my buddy Emily at her new photography studio!! I am so excited for her to finally have a “place”…Growing up is so fun, lol!!

I’m also neck deep in working on my website updates and trying to get our next contest organized.  FUN, FUN!!

The contest is going to be our shortest yet–  just 21 days!  The goal is to help get everyone involved a jump start towards their 2012 goals and to help establish new habits.  They say it takes 21 days to attain a new habit~ i think we’ll be able to accomplish just that!

I should be able to post the official contest announcement by tomorrow at the lastest….Promise me that once i post it, you’ll invite your friends?? :bff:

I’m off to get some work done before the fun!

Your Friend, Michelle