Another new bikini!! Target rocks!!

Another new bikini! and my bikini day #1~ It was the challenge for the week 6 in the SX70 contest, but I had a wacky week so I’ll double up this week with my minichallenges.

I’ve done great with my every day in May after the 2 days I missed- I haven’t missed anymore since.

Wed- Legs and chest with my little bro- this turned into a personal training session for him 🙂

Thurs- Bowled 3 games and 30 min upright bike
Friday- 11mins of ubike and floor work- abs/stretching a few lunges and leg lifts
Saturday- a killer leg workout!! hightlights included: 3 sets of 155×6 on Squats, 115# Deadsx12x1 set- this is my recent high- a couple months back I couldn’t dead at all due to my sciatic/back injury, and 170#leg extensions x10reps- I lifeded hared and heavy! BOOSTING Style!

Now I am just waiting for my food to digest and I am off to the gym for back, sh, bi, abs and some stair mill!!

Later babes!!




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