Look good for your spouse

Hey it’s Michelle and I’m here another marriage tip for you Look good for your spouse! AND it’s very much a two-way street! Ladies and […] Read More

Where do you love to SHOP?

Today’s Question is about shopping~ Where do you love to SHOP? Me, I hate shopping, but when i do I typically hit Target, Dillard or […] Read More

Skin Deep!

FIRST OFF!! Happy Valentines!! One of the most influential books I read about 11 years ago was “Reduce Me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer. The […] Read More

Favorite Skin Care?

What is your FAVORITE when it comes to  wrinkle cures, acne, moisture, routines, treatments? Roden and Fields…. Cetaphil and Renova Straight Vitamin E. I poke […] Read More

FAVORITE Eye make up?

What’s your FAVORITE Eye make up??… Mascara? Liners? colors? brands? looks? secrets Anisa Seibel Laura Mercier has great products! I use all of her products […] Read More

Howday!!! Final week prep videos!!! ~Shine in 49:Day 42

Hi, Howday, Hello!! Sorry I’ve been a bit bad about posting my blog   I’ve been a tish under the weather and totally distracted by “SUMMER”! […] Read More

Not just BUFF… Beautiful too!! ~Shine in 49: Day 38

I’ve got 15 days to go until my birthday~ whoohoo!!! Why is it that I get so fired up to be fit for my birthday […] Read More

Sizzlin' in 6 Week #2 Conference Call

Here is a download of the our Week #2 conference call: WAV version- MP3 version-    

14 days to go!! So little time!

Sexy Swimwear and Crochet Bikinis at ChynnaDolls.com Well the news is out “officially” by GASPARI and the my VIP  trip is now almost set.  I […] Read More

Another new bikini!! Target rocks!!

Another new bikini! and my bikini day #1~ It was the challenge for the week 6 in the SX70 contest, but I had a wacky […] Read More