Playing is FUN!

I like playing sports… but some how as a MOM it is not the norm.  Today at my DD soccer game I played catch with my son.  It was fun!!!  Have you ever wondered,  where on earth have all the female athletes gone?  I sure have!  Anyhow…
I plan to PLAY more now that my kids are 5+ years old; It is high TIME to enjoy some fun and games with them.

I’ve had a couple of good days of workouts:
Yesterday I ran little over 2 miles of intervals, then later that afternoon I did a leg workout.

Today, I did 20 mins on the r-bike, lifted upper body–
Tricep bench dips
Cybex lat pull downs
Bicep curls
Roman chair abs
then 20 more mins on the r-bike.
It was a good one!!

I am LOVING all the Relentless attitudes~ KEEP IT UP!!!!
And don’t forget to PLAY!!!



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