Buffing Relentlessly!


Well…tomorrow we are set to start week #6 of the BBB challenge and last week was my BEST week thus far, minus the fact that I didn’t get the mini challenge done. I tried to workout with DH but he was just to busy with work….so anyhow I am hoping this week we’ll get to workout together :)

My last week went like this:
m- run, 4 sprints, abs hard!
t-legs and abs hard- c-day 1
w-off–but I did do 40 push ups c-day 2
t-back, sh, biceps, abs and intervals on treddy c-day 3
f-legs c-day 4
s-chest, run intervals d-day 5
s- c-day 6 Nothing yet for my workout

My POA for this next week includes-
2 days of sprints
3 other days of intervals
2 leg workouts
2 back workouts
2 chest workouts
3 extra cardios–add 10 mins to warm up and 10 mins cool down after intervals

Diet will be STRICT
two gallons of water daily

Today’s weight is 128
Goal for Friday is 125…

I know I can get there…because I am guessing about 2  of those 3 pounds that I need to lose are water…so really I am shooting to lose 1 real pound this week :)…I’ve been eating extra salt on my STEAK the past 2 nights, lol!

My plan is to try and take pics each day in my bikini~ it should be good motivation for the gym.

Today so far, I’ve spent the majority of my day cleaning and I’ve got a BIG puke mess to clean up still….DS puked a ton last night on the carpet  :sick:

Off to GET ‘er Done!!

GET some rest today girls…we have a big week of being relentless ahead of us again!!!



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