Chest yesterday, Legs today….

Hi All!!
Busy day in store for me today, so this is first post is gonna be QUICK!!
I got in a good CHEST, TRI workout yesterday…I had to switch legs to today as I was still not feeling 100% and figured why waste a leg workout if I don’t have to, lol!

So this is what I did yesterday:
Tried to run…made it .7 mi- knee still weird

Chest press (bowflex): 100, 100, 120 all by 10
paired with Tricep extensions on bowflex same wt and reps

Incline flys 30’sx10x3
paired with bench dips 10×3

Flat bench flys 30’sx10x3
paired with knee ups 25-40×3 sets

Tricep kickbacks 15’sx10x4 sets alternating arms

Old School sit ups 2 sets

bike ride with Gunner around neighborhood…about 15 mins

So far today I did 11mins ss on u-bike
ran on length of the street- knee pain
Stairmaster intervals 6 hard mins at level 30; 5 easy at 24
Thought I’d try running again- one hard length of the street- and knee went weird again…so no real running for me today and maybe I need to just NOT for a couple weeks

And at 2:00 I am going to lift legs HARD!!

Eating is good but hard! Hoping I will get in the groove by tomorrow~
I’ll check in later today!!

Well howdy again!

I am BACK from the gym and done eating my post workout meal, YUMMY (asparagus and eggs with a bit of ham)!!,
I sent 26 shirts out to all the entrants in the “Why I love the RR essay contest. WHEW!! That was a BIG JOB~ Thanks again for the wonderful heartfelt word! I think I am going to “feature” many of them on my blog over the next couple months and get some ready to post on the main site soon.

Here is my workout:
45×10+10 full
paired with seated calf raises

Leg press (wt not counting machine)
paired with laying side leg lifts
20repsx3sets, 15reps x4 (alternating start leg)

Conventional DL’s (been a while since I’ve done these)
paired with hammer strength knee extensions (one leg at a time)
45×6 switch legs +4 additional on each leg

Smith lunges
Butt squats
50x 10 totally dying…my legs were shot!

Smith lunges
paired with sissy squats
25repsx2 sets

Leg curls
paired with knee extensions

one set of starter lunges about 12 each leg

Feeling GOOD!! It is storming here- VERY LOUD THUNDER!! I just said “HOLY COW GUNNER!!” to my boy because I don’t think he’ll have Baseball practice tonight –That makes me a happy momma

Love you all!




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