nap time news break

The girls are down for a nap so I thought I’d share my last couple workouts with you, lol.

Here is my workout in brief from last night…DH was late again, I think he needs a spanking!

10 min r-bike
20 min stairmill!! I love that machine the whole time I did intervals. The last 4 of which were all out at the highest level 14 and recovery was at 7 for those. My heart rate was around 190 (this is very high…don’t attempt unless you are in superb physical condition, typically 160-180 is as high as you need/want to go) post interval and recovered fast down to 140-150 in less than 1 min of rest. This shows good conditioning…Next my goal is to do all of my intervals at this max speed!! and increase my rest intensity
7 min of semi- cool down on elliptical…
By this time I was tired of waiting for DH to lift with sooooo I started my weight workout.

Lift back, shoulders, bi
Lat pulls paired with bicep curls 3 sets of 6-8 reps
Rows paired with shoulder press 4 sets of 10 reps
Pull ups
10 assited
8 unassisted
One arm lat rows 4 sets
Hammer lat pull one set- hubby arrived at this point and so we didn’t get to workout together afterall :(- he did legs
Hammer behind the neck shoulder press paired with barbell bicep curls 3 and 2 sets respectively

The kids had fun at the gym–Cinderella was there!!

Kids class at the gym 10:15
Warm up u-bike 10 min
Legs for me!
paired circut again
leg press/laying side leg lifts
all the way down squats/seated calf raises heavy sets #105
115!!! this is a pb for me on these. I think my knees and my back are getting used to this form woohoo

Regular squats
115x10x2 – my squat was squatted out at this point Smiling

Barbell lunges/leg curls 2 sets

knee extensions/ hip abduction 3 sets

knee ups/ decline sit ups/ cats/ supermans

All of this only took an hour.

****in other news**** DH pulled up the website to the hotel we get to stay at in LA this weekend!!!! I have never experienced anything so cool in my life. I am gonna be like a kid in a candystore this weekend! Yipppieeeee!!

Here is the link if you are curious to the hotel and to the UFC!!!

Love ya,



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