What makes a woman Special?

What makes a woman Special?

Women are special creatures- we are different than men and that difference must be taken into consideration in our training and nutritional programs.

What is it that makes women special?

  1. The obvious physical characteristics
  2. Our monthly hormonal cycles

At different times over the past couple years, I noticed myself having extreme mood changes, symptoms of depression, complete physical exhaustion and total lack of motivation.After realizing that these symptoms came at the same time each month, I finally connected my symptoms to PMS.My PMS was negatively impacting every aspect of my life for about 2 weeks of every month!As I researched the subject I found that many women, as they have children and enter into their 30’s, have more PMS symptoms.Up to 85% of women suffer some of the 150 symptoms called PMS.

What caused my PMS? I am very healthy and fit, so why was I suffering so badly? My knowledge of nutrition led me to a possible nutrient deficiency.I started simple supplementation of key “hormonal support” nutrients including:B-6, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and B-12.

Three months into my faithful supplementation I had my first symptom free cycle!!

Every female needs to realize the important role that vitamins and minerals play in supporting our natural hormonal cycle. Regardless of weather or not you suffer negatively from PMS, the female hormonal cycle affects every woman.As the mother of 3 young girls, I believe that from birth there is a “time of the month” for every female.

If you do suffer PMS, there is hope…before turning to an antidepressant or taking the pill for relief, please try the following supplements:

  • Vitamin B6*: 100mg per day
  • Vitamin E: 400-600 IU per day
  • Calcium: 1,500 mg per day
  • Magnesium: 800 mg per day
  • Fatty Acids( like fish oil or flax seed oil): 2-4 gms per day

Or you can benefit by taking one of the my great Hormonal Timing Pill supplements

Remember YOU are in control of your body, life and legacy.




309 Replies to “What makes a woman Special?

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I have been trying for ages to pass the word onto women regarding similar info I had researched regarding suplimentation and PMS. You’re post was well put, well rearched and I’m sure will help so many! We don’t have to be victims of our monthy… visitor! yay!

  2. I was just thinking about this issue. I have been having horrible mood swings lately around my time of the month. Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. Thanks for that! I am gonna try it! BTW I will have a pic of me in my Buffmother shirt sent to you this week! I want to look good and sometimes that is a rare moment LOL 😉 Keep training hard & doing a fabulous job beautiful!


  4. GREAT POST!!!! PMS can really be a downfall for us women. I swear I have about 4 different personalities when PMS rears its ugly head. More poor husband 😀

  5. Ah indeed, the extra vitamins, rest, water and good daily exercise alleviate many problems we suffer at various points in our life. Wait till you hit these menopausal years…I can give you the natural herbal supplements to combat that as I have those down pat. LOL.

  6. Man, I read this at the perfect time!!! I have PMS so bad right now and with the exact symptoms you had………….I will be giving this a shot for sure! Thanks for the very insightful post 🙂

  7. This is a great post! I think every woman who reads this is going to find it helpful.

  8. Thanks, Michelle. I will be checking into these supplements today. I am about to do a yoga workout. I think I will try to do yoga on Sundays.

  9. Agree supplements do help. I have not been taking mine this week (as I have been ill) and man am I suffering now – back on track today!

  10. Thanks for the info Michelle. I know my PMS has gotten worse over the past few years. Makes me a little scared for menopause!

  11. Thanks Michelle! I think supplementation is one of the most confusing things for most people. I have been on your HT pills now for one month and I feel so much more alert and good, not near as tired as I was.

  12. I have your supplements.. and got lax in taking them.. getting back on track with tracking my cycles again.. and identifying where I am in my cycle.

    You are a great motivator, Michelle!

  13. Thanks for today’s blog. I have noticed my PMS symptoms getting worse over the years and my doctor has encouraged taking all the vitmains and minerals your blog has mentioned. I hope that in a few months I can have a PMS free month!

  14. Wonderful reminder to take my vitamins!!! ha ha! Thank you for the encouragement! These 8 days have flown by! Great morning back work out – and phenomenal music from Pandora! Love it! Keep up the great work Michelle and ladies! Waa hoo! ~ Eva Diva

  15. Thanks Michelle for this information, I will be sure to try some of your recommendations for sure. xx

  16. Supplementation with the HT pill has been wonderful for me. It’s important to add in what we need as women to be our best!!

  17. I will definitely try to keep this in mind when I workout during my TOM! Thanks alot Michelle.

  18. I am off to the gym to do upper body today. Thanks for the information about supplements, this is something to really consider.

  19. Yay. I love this post. I have been battling pms a lot lately and I see how tracking is going to go a long way in helping it not rob me of so much each month.

  20. This is vital info. So many women suffer, and I was one of them too, until I found out about the vitamins you list.
    It is a lifesaver, thanks!
    Power walking and weights today.

  21. I can have major mood swings when pmsing and l have to stop realize it is an imbalance my kids are much happier when I eat well around this time. A happier mommy makes a happier house! Thanks Michelle for the list to supplement it is good to know what my body needs so I can prepare better. I look forward to trying your Hormonal Timing system

  22. Still going strong! New workout pants tonight I’m hoping. Thanks for the PMS information!

  23. It makes sense. All this time I thought something was wrong with me. I notice that there are times when I feel depressed and there are times when I don’t feel like doing anything. I have the hormonal pills. I can’t wait to try them and track my progress. Thank you. Today is my cardio day. Lots and lots of water!

  24. 🙂 My 20 month old always wants to walk on the treadmill when I finish my workouts – its fun to encourage her (she walks a 50 minute mile, tee hee!).
    Women ARE special, we are goddesses! Love your blogs, Michelle!

  25. In my mid-20s PMS was so bad I went to my gynecologist and broke down in tears telling her how I was making crazy decisions one X/month every month, but didn’t even realize it ’til my boyfriend pointed out that I was making these decisions at “that time of month”.

    After I finished crying, all she said was, “Vitamin B12.” And I just looked at her and she repeated herself and told me to go buy it right then and there and start taking it and that’s all I would need.

    That’s truly all I needed and it only took about three months to get me straightened out and I’ve been fine ever since, 25 years later. My 13yo and 14yo girls supplement extra B vitamins, too. I don’t ever want them going through what I did. We also all exercise regularly.

    Thanks for your wise post!

  26. I have been having terrible mood swings and some depression right before that time of the month and I went to my obgyn and she put me on the new birth control pill “Jazz” and after reading all of the side effects I stopped after two weeks. I plan on buying H.T. on payday and praying that it helps. I am only 37 yrs old and hope I am not starting premenapause. Today is a cardio day for me. Thanks.

  27. I’m waiting on your book, and I too plan on tracking my cycle better and taking advantage of your suggestions regarding resting, supplementing, and being the woman I’m designed to be! Thanks Michelle!

  28. Thanks for the info. as I’m battling a yeast infection on top of the monthly friend….I think it is from all the meds from when I was in the hospital back in April. Oh well, yesterday got a great workout in on the weights….packing for our trip – we fly out in a few hours. Have fun this week.

  29. I’ve been wanting to do this since it’s not as hot here in Dallas. My husband does bike riding, I go to the gym & my son doesn’t do anything. Occasionally he plays in the back yard but I don’t think he gets enough exercise. He’s a thin child because he’s a picky eater. I know that we need to do more things as a family & get everyone involved. I could use more exercise outside of the gym, too. I think I’m going to suggest that we got for a walk & take the dog or shoot basketball.

  30. it’s so true that going on the pill is not the solution, proper nutrition and KNOWLEDGE about how to work with our natural hormones are…my book “Hormonal Timing” addresses this.

  31. yep…that’s so true. We women need to be taught how to live and workout with our hormones! that’s why I believe so deeply in my Hormonal Timing training method!

  32. My PMS is worse now than ever. I do take vitamins but not on a consistent basis. I’m going to try this and I’ll let you know how it goes. P.S. I turn forty in 23 days!

  33. I have found the same problem as I am getting older. I have found supplements do help. I am not symptom free however. The worst are the cravings. I would love for those to go away. I believe it is all tied in, not only being deficiency but also being tired makes me want to eat more. I am going to look into your hormone pills. Thanks.

  34. Thank you SO much for all of your information on suppliments! I was extremely happy to find out about glutamine in your book, typically I have known about the potassium in bananas but I also know too much potassium can put you into cardiac arrest, I also know that bananas have a natural sleep aid so they are best taken before bed. I hope this glutamine takes effect soon because WOW my legs hurt. But I’m already seeing more definition in my stomach! 🙂

    Plus I suffered HORRIBLE PMS from a very young age and was put on the pill, but it turns out I have hemipolegic migrains so it almost killed me after 7 years so then I have just had to suffer through it every month.

  35. Thanks for the Vitamin Info. I celebrated my 42nd birthday yesterday. I will need to do some extra cardio today.

  36. Well I had a setback last night…ended up in the ER last night because my face, feet, arms, and fingers were swollen…so needless to say I am off my feet today hopefully for not too long. Still eating clean though!

  37. Thank you. I have written all the vitamins down, some I already take, others I’ll need to start taking.
    Funny you should talk about kids and exercise. My husband is out of town, so my walks with the dog at 5:00am are put on hold because I have a four year old son. He woke up with me yesterday and today and asked to take the dog for a walk. And then when I said we will go to the cones and back, which is about 1/2 hour walk total, he said no, let’s go farther! And the best part is we talk the whole way. It’s great.

  38. I will try the vitamins that you suggested. It seems every passing year that time gets a little worse. Especially the fatigue and lack of motivation. Every month comes a day when I ask myself, “Why am I so tired?” and then it dawns on me.

  39. I will definatly be looking into the supplements and food alternatives. My husband knows when Im going to start befoe I do.
    Start the kids out early on shutting off the tv and moving, when they become adults it will just be a part of the day.

  40. My two daughters will accompany me to the Y sometimes. I try to encourage them to stay active as much as I can

  41. The changes get worse the closer to menopause I get. I truly do not want to have to take hormone replacement, so I want to start now to try to regulate my hormones naturally. Thanks for pointing me in a good direction!
    Did my first really hard workout since early in the year this morning! My legs are shaking but my ankle feels fine. YAY!

  42. Thank you for the post this morning… I will definitely hop on board with those supplements! Good to know there is a solution:) Hit the gym early this AM… it’s going to be 98 today in Seattle!

  43. I will try these and see!
    Thanks Michelle. Very muggy here in Quebec Canada… Went out and did the back to school uniform and supplies thing this morn(Thats a workout itself) Doing Legs this afternoon.

  44. Going to try more vitamins..thanks for the info…I did the p90x program today…legs and back…

  45. Supplements do help. It just takes time to figure out what works. Charting my cycle has helped a lot. Preparation for TOM is key 🙂

  46. Thanks for the information. I am lucky as I have never had bad PMS symptoms but I have noticed once I hit 40, I am for fatigued and irritable at that time. I will look over my vitamins!

  47. Thank you for your valuable info. I to have been noticing major changes in my mood over the last 7 years. even while I was pregnant with my daughter my mood was so much different than when I was pregnant with my boys. My monthly cycle is off as well. And I am also not a big fan of the pill. We have been doing alot of swimming activities as a family this summer, as well as at the gym we go to my boys 9 and almost 13 can work out with me on a few cardio machines and most of the weight machines (not the free weights yet) and they really enjoy it. They also get to do scheduled programs with the workers at the gym like basket ball, kick ball, swimming etc… today while my two youngest where at VBS my oldest and I went to the gym and did cardio and weight machines mostly legs and abbs.

  48. yep, hormones have a lot to answer for… I thought they would tail off once I had kids and reached my 30s but they still play a large role in my moods and have a huge knock on effect on the rest of my life…thanks for the info on supplements!

  49. The right supplements, diet and exercise help with PMS…I used to have horrible cramps, and my cycles were crazy…following HT, I am more regular without all the “not so fun” baggage

  50. Great Posting. This is so true. I never thought that just a few supplements could be so helpful. I am going to try it. I have hit my 30 and noticed that I have absolutely no energy at all anymore. I have ordered your Hormonal Timing Supplements though. As soon as they get here, I am ready..Can’t wait to see results. Has anyone experienced a change in sleep patterns. I have only been able to sleep about 2-3 hours a night for quite some time. Any suggestions?

  51. Michelle, this is great information. Over the last few years, I’ve had quite a battle with the hormones. My medical doctor put me on antidepressants and antianxiety drugs and told me that my weight gain was because I was “older” (at 40). Two years later, I found out that I was in menopause and had very little estrogen in my body. I was devastated. After all, my son was only 3 years old! Then, BAM! Full blown symptoms of menopause. My gynecologist put me on a synthetic estrogen with no progesterone. I thought I was better, because I didn’t have hot flashes. After reading extensively about HRT, I dropped my doctors and went to a doctor that put me on bioidentical hormones. I’m still working on the right dosages, but things are looking up. I also take several supplements too. All I can say to any woman is supplemements are a must!

  52. at 51, and about 1 yr since my last cycle, i was about symptom free while I tried the vegan diet for about 3 months this year. Having added animal protein back in has brought back some ‘good’ female issues… :-}}

  53. Wow. I’m so happy to read this. I have been having a really bad bout of depression recently and I even considered getting on medication. It is near that time of month for me…but it’s been really bad I can’t stop crying and there isn’t anything to really be upset about. I’m going to try and supplement instead of medicate. Thank you!

  54. This info comes when a of mine SIL is almost going out of her mind monthly. I will pass it on to her. I have been forced out of the PMS game with a medically needed hysterectomy. It brings it’s own joy and confusion.

  55. Yes it seems pms is something most of us have in common. Day 8 went well for me. I did my cardio on the bike trail this morning and worked out at the gym for 2 hours this evening.

  56. I love the article on PMS. I should get back on my vitamin pills again. I finally got some time to do 4 miles in the park. I am watching what i eat and drink which hopefully will help with the end result.

  57. PMS hasn’t been much of a problem for me & for that I am thankful. Nutrients do play such a strong part of our lives – physically and emotionally! I get tested and have my supplements tailored for me and it makes such a difference in vitality. Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

  58. The most amazing natural supplement for sleeping is “Melatonin”. I used to get 3-4 hours a night and now I use Life Exension Melatonin.. I sleep full nights always! It’s totally natural and I recommentd to everyone with sleep problems. Try it!

  59. Oh wow!! I have tracked my hormones and timing and all that forever it seems and always prepared for a bad week or two…I just never knew what to do to help fix it. Diet and exercise weren’t helping at all…so I will for sure give this a try! Thanks!!!

    Cardio done today…have done it everyday now except my rest day (Sundays). Haven’t missed one day yet! Woo Hoo!!!

  60. Had my first Softball game of the season last night..we lost but it was glorious anyway because we all made new friends. Second one shceduled for tonight if the rain holds out..not looking good.

  61. Still struggling with my evening snacking (binging sometimes) but praying alot. Will start my exercise program on Monday – writing it up now. Everyone have a great day.

  62. I believe in supplementation. I wrote down what I ate so far today and notice that I have consumed less then what I normally would of by this time in the day. I am going to try to keep it up.

  63. I have tried melatonin. It does not seem to work for me. I have the 3mg tablets. How many mg do you take? I am willing to try anything.

  64. I definitely plan on also making fitness a priority once I have a family. Fitness is a life long journey and I want to be strong and healthy for as long as possible.

  65. It sure does make a big difference by getting all your vitamins in, bvitamins, fatty acids and eating nutrient rich foods, helps with balancing the moods and cutting off cravings, im on cd2 and moods are great!, i have more energy! dont have cravings feeling great!

  66. Thank you for this great information. I started taking Calcium and Magnesium supplements a few weeks ago due to severe back spasms. When I started my ” time of the month” last week, it was to my suprise that my mood swings were less,everything was better, even the associated pain were less. I was so greatfull and now I know that women need these kind of supplements to help us with these mood swings. Great tip from you,thanks!

  67. I did my workout on my healthrider last night just to keep up with my commitment. But then I stayed up too late and ate an additional snack. Feel tired this morning. I have two different exercise cycles for different days, so I exercise 6 days a week. I have not adjusted to this much exercise yet, but I am starting to like it.

  68. Bought “The Eat Clean Diet” today. I’m excited to read it and get some new recipes…

  69. Great post of women’s speciality. My wife thinks chocolate is the key to surviving her monthly cycle – guess it’s got the vitamins and minerals she needs at that stage.

  70. Yea! Now I know why I’m so tired and can’t seem to keep up with my kiddos’ energy. I have not been taking anything at all and I turned 30 last fall and noticed I was even more tired and cranky. I will be buying this asap. Do I take everything every day?

  71. I try to remember to take my multi-vitamin but I am so BAD at taking pills! I need to make a stronger effort to remember this!

  72. Thanks for the info on the supplements. I take some of those now but I like how you talked about what they were for. I also had a good compliment from the doctor today. She said my heart sounded like someone who exercised! Wow!

  73. Good to know. I feel like I’ve been having more symptoms in recent years, but didn’t know that it’s normal for things to change. I already take some of those, so I’ll definitely check into the others.

  74. i take supplements as well, but i have frequently heard results from studies that show no benefit from supplementation. the body can’t assimilate the supplements and they just pass right through. doesn’t stop me from taking them though! although i have heard that you should not supplement vitamin E, that our bodies get enough of it from diet alone and that too much of it can do more harm than good.

  75. I have been taking supplements, but not regularly. I just got your book Hormonal Timing in the mail yesterday and I’m excited to read it and I just ordered some of your supplements. If I’m gonna do this by God I’m gonna do this right:)

  76. wonderful to hear your belief and result from taking vitamins!! they really do help~!! Way to go on your workouts, you’ve been doing great this week!!!

  77. I am into vitamins for sure! When I was younger I got sick all the time (colds and whatnot) and just felt like junk. I started taking vit b complex, multivitamin, calcium, etc. and started feeling fantastic! I don’t take the fatty acids frequently enough..I am going to have to pick some up.

    Ran 30 on treadmill…didn’t lift yet…kids woke up…I hope to do legs later today!

  78. I know some of that info is a “fallacy” certain marketing people like to use as a scare tactic…it is true some supps absorb better than other and you do get what you pay for to a certain point. But to make blanket statements like that about supps is crazy!

  79. Thanks for the article. I did not know PMS often showed more symptoms as you got older. I never had anything when I was younger, but have noticed some more recently. SO, THANK YOU FOR THE ARTICLE ABOUT SUPPLEMENTS. I will have to try it.

    Ab day today.

  80. I just started taking more vitamins. I’ve noticed that when I’m working out more I can get crabby at the kids, so more vitamin support and nutrition is on the go.

  81. I have started taking my HT Pills and grabbed my hubby to go to the gym with me.
    Lots of lifting. I am sore already , but I can tell my metabolism is speeding up. I am getting hungrier more frequently, yet I’m wanting the healthy food not the emotional food.

  82. Agreed. I have never experienced PMS, but do know many women who do, especially as they get older. I train daily, drink plenty of water, and take supplements. I take them to help me continue improvements with my training, nutrtion, and even to keep me going on days when I feel like calling it quits. Keep pumping!

  83. I’ve noticed that its gotten worse only recently. ORdered the HT pills and waiting to start them. 🙂

  84. Teaching 45 min. cardio-sculpt interal class today and 45 minute Pilates sculpt this morning~excited about a great workout week ahead! =)

  85. I definitely experience PMS systems and feel like it is getting worse. I am glad to know I am not alone and there is a way to manage it. I had a busy weekend and was not home a lot so I lost focus a little. Ready to start the week off right!

  86. Staci! I am sure supplements will help you~ keep rockin’ your eats today!! that’s my plan too!!

  87. Thank you for telling everyone about the vitamins! I pray anyone who has trouble w/PMS will esp. try those B vitamins! They really do work!

    Thank you, Michelle, for being such an inspiration to me!

    Today: 2 cups coffee w/ 1/2 n 1/2, 1/2 c. ff cottage cheeese and a 1/2 pear. (so far!).


  88. It’s true, after 4 kids and turning 30 this year I have noticed that I can be a total crazy lady at times. I’m sure my hubby will have no problem with me buying some vitamins after he hears it just might tame the beast inside me

  89. I was wondering if your “pill” helps with thyroids. After reading your book and keeping track of my PMS and whatnot’s, I have found that I might have an over active thyroid. I would like to try other means before jumping into this with the doctors. Thank you for the time and effort you give to all of us women! 🙂

  90. I did my 45 min of cardio today even though I didn’ t feel like it. Now I know why because my cycle started tonight. I just ordered the HT book yesterday, so maybe next month I will be able to combat things better!

  91. Wow! When I feel that way my husband is always asking me,”What is your problem? What can I do to help you out.” Half of the time, I don’t even realize I am acting that way. Thank you for the information. You are such a great inspiration to all woman.

  92. good job on getting it done Jennifer…pushing through on days when you don’t feel like it is how you get results!!

  93. I am not sure on that…but I do know weight training and exercise really do help thyroids function more optimally. I agree with you that you need to have it checked out by a doctor.

  94. day 8 and still going great! I love the challenge and the fact I have to answer in each day. It keeps me remembering to do each thing I am suppost to be doing.


  95. On day 9 and feeling great, the supplements help and eating clean for an entire week is so invigorating, I am loving how I feel. Not much weight change yet but not giving up.

  96. Day 8!

    I had a stellar work out today. I did upper body with the focus on my back and chest. I then did 1 hour of Pilates. On the supplements, I need to increase my Magnesium and I also take B12. I take 100mg per day of B12 but I live in a high mosquito population area. The mosquito tend to leave me alone if I continue to take B12. I do not know if it is a wise tail or not but I do not get bite so I keep doing it.

  97. Still sick – it feels like forever since I felt good. Trying to keep my eats clean since I can’t really workout the way I want to. Believe…believe…believe!

  98. Exercise is key!! and so are supplements~ you’ll feel great after a couple months of proper supplementation and exercise!

  99. I was JUST telling someone I thought I needed to go back on Zoloft…my depression and PMS symptoms have become so hard to handle. Mt stress is off the charts with a job, full-time school and kids…there’s no time to exercise hardly! I started the pills today…and I will find time to exercise!

  100. I am learning the importance of rest- skipped workout yesterday in order to get the sleep I so needed. I was running myself into the ground. After finally getting a good night’s sleep, I am rejuvenated and ready to take on the gym and the world today!

  101. Yes I have been deficient with my proper supplements AND exercise and the negative affects on my body and over all is just insane! So I have been starting off with walks and taking a higher supplemental dose. 🙂

  102. Day 8,
    I have been living the the emotional ups and downs of PMS for ages! How wonderful it would be to be free! Core class and legs today… gonna be a challenge!! 🙂

  103. Fortunately I don’t have have many PMS symptoms, but, I find energy levels seems to drop sometimes. I really need to keep track to see when they occur. I do find that when I wasn’t exercising I was tired all the time. Also need to look at taking supplements you spoke about, as we don’t normally get everything we need from what we eat. On a side note: A couple of us gals at work are starting our food logs and we are going to share each week…being more conscious now. I took 2 oreo cookies to eat and took a bite of one and didn’t finish it because i knew I would have to record if I ate it, lol. I won’t deny myself, but I wasn’t really craving it, it was because the kids were eating. So I was proud of myself for not eating them, 🙂

  104. Day #8 – did early morning cardio with the intention of doing core/chest/arms tonight. Just got the kids to bed, and gotta admit, I’m tired. Think I’ll hit the sack early, come back stronger tomorrow!

  105. Day 8!! 1 full week down 😉 You know I never thought about the vitamin deficiency being related to PMS symptoms…hmmm. I’ve been so bad at taking my daily vitamins but after I read this I pulled out the vitamins and will make a conscious effort to take them daily. Thx again for the insight!

  106. I am sure I have a deficiency but not sure what it is. I no longer have a monthly cycle I am 41 and had a complete hysterectomy in 2006. I can’t seem to loose weight if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  107. 42~~~I hate how PMS distracts me. Hard to get up and go to the gym and impossible to control appetite.

  108. i do take all the vitamins listed, but not enough of each one. i have bad pms…irritable, depressed, tired. my poor family gets the brunt of all of it too. i will pump up the vitamin mg’s and see what happens.thanks!

  109. Get taking some more of them and you’ll notice a change…Another option is to try my HT PILLs, they combine many of the nutrients into two pills- One for the buffing phase of the month; the other for the boosting phase of the month

  110. Take those supplements and realize you still have a hormonal cycle despite no period! HORMONES are VERY POWERFUL!

  111. My husband and I teach Natural Family Planning and we recommend very similar nutritional strategies to women struggling with irregular cycles.

  112. That makes compete sence. It great to know that there is away to be symptom free. 🙂 thanks Michelle

  113. Me and my boys are always dancing! That is how we get most of our physical exercise in the winter… we love it!

  114. I try to get my boys active with me.. My youngest son and I play tennis while I will shoot basketball with my oldest. I will also enroll us in a swim class together. Spring is upon us.

  115. my 5yr old is very active with dancing several days a week. I do not want my dd to be sedentary.
    I take bioidentical hormones and tons of supplements that my female obgyn recommends and I feel great!

  116. Whenever I visit my granddaughters, we always paly a game of tag. I get my exercise and at the same time we all have a lot of fun and creating memories.

  117. I don’t know what happened me to after my 2nd and 3rd child, (everyone around me noticed a change) I am stressed, I don’t feel good, I sleep ALOT and HARD, I am at my heaviest and at one point I had VERY low V-D. I told the Doc I thought I was depressed and he said I don’t look depressed! If these supplements work I am sure my entire family will be grateful. P.S. I love walking, swimming, and during Easter I braved the skates for my little girl!

  118. i bet you anything its a ton to do with your hormones!! Get after getting them leveled out and your body rebuilt- including your nutrient stores!!

  119. Kids are the best at getting in exercise that’s FUN!! Play exercise is the best ever!!

  120. I have started seeing a natural path doctor and has helped with alot of my symptoms. I am giving myself b12 injections, taking vit. D, niacinaminde, and magnesium. I am also on a yeast free diet.

  121. Almost finished with day 8. I am feeling more energetic and much healthier overall. I have been going through peri-menopause for the last six years and since my last birthdayto have not had a cycle…I haven’t had to endure hot flashes as of yet….knock on wood!!

  122. Would love to take the HT pills you have created, just wondering if they’re safe to take while nursing?

  123. I big on the vitamin regimen, too. The B vitamins help me alot. Im going to assessment my intake in my pill box as we speak. I set them up 1 week at a time. Better than taking out 1 pill at time.

  124. Thanks to you I’m now: (1) eating “cleaner”, (2) remembering to take vitamins and (3) adding strength training to my daily workout routine. But, best of all, thanks to you I am on week 4 of “7 for 7″…. LOVE IT! I just wish I had taken a before picture!

  125. Took your advice and started my weekend warrior mode. Did great with both diet and exercise today. Really stepped it up at the gym tonight and made an appt with a personal trainer to get more strength training coaching. I’m really excited!! Have a great weekend!!

  126. I ordered you pills before I entered this challenge. I am looking forward to receiving them and trying them out. Thanks

  127. Day 8 – my little 8 month old is wearing me out. He’s just started to walk (already!) but now finds it funny to run and face plant. I’m learning so much from him – mostly to be fearless and determined to JUST DO IT!

  128. Thanks for the great info, Michelle. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I do take quite a few different vitamins and supplements. I am going to review what I am taking and make sure I am getting all of the vitamins you recommend. ~ I can’t believe I am on day #8 already! I have my POA figured out and am looking forward to a great week!

  129. Good to hear it.
    I am assuming you take some joint supps and some anti-inflammation supps like vit E and fish oil?

  130. I know you are right about hormones ruling my life! I need to take control. I’ve got supplements; I just need to open the cabinet door and take them each day!

  131. I have been taking the hormonal timing vitamins for a month now. I am looking for to see super results in the next two months.

  132. I definitely have to take a look at my supplements. My multi falls short of these parameters, so I’m wondering how that might change when I get my new protein powder.


  133. I am on the hormaonal timing supplementas and they are giving me so much energy already!! I feell fantastic!!! Thanks Michelle

  134. Michelle: Thanks for opening my eyes to that I still have hormones even though I am Menopausal. I have been a blog follower of yours for a long time and would have days where I would say to myself, “Why I am so tired today or so hungry today”, Yes, just like I was having a cycle. I keep track of symptoms on a calendar now. Thanks again for all your information. I take all those supplements you mentioned.
    Chest/Tricep workout, 60 min. Cardio done today

  135. Yep and you still cycle even after you don’t have a period anymore…keep track of your symptoms and then apply buffing and boosting to accelerate your results and keep your MOJO!!

  136. I am 47 and take birth control pills that only allow me to have a period every three months. I have migrane headaches sometimes during my period. I am going to try this vitamin regime to see if it helps with that! Thanks.

  137. Great list of supps Michelle—I take some of these, but not all—thanks for the info. I’ll add the others to my list to buy!

  138. Finding the right balance of supplements can seem so complicating and frustrating. Thanks for the help.

  139. I feel pretty lucky that I have very mild PMS symptoms, but sometimes I wonder if my food cravings (that I have given into in the past) may be related but I have never written it down to correlate it with my cyle. Thank you for the insight; will have to pay close attention next time it happens.

  140. I think that overall the more time we spend eating healthy the more are bodies are naturally in sync…but supplements certainly do help us get more nutrients- science has proven supplementing very effective!

  141. I am 41 and have had such bad pms and mood swings I sought out the help of a doctor whuo specializes in hormon imbalances. What a relief to find someone who understood wgat I was going through and recomended nutrional supplements yoga exercise and then…ssri’s and the pill as a last resort. She suggested B complex tryptophen and Sam-E along with calcium and a good womens multi vitamin. I am just begining the supplements and hope to see goid results)

  142. Good point Michelle 🙂 I’d thought about this before, but never made it a priority. I will focus more attention on this issue and see what my results are! Thanks again!

  143. I notice a change with my hormones for the past 4 years, I need to take care of that very soon!!

  144. good for you- a good doctor who knows HORMONES is special- keep adhering to her advice!

  145. Thanks for the info. Today is Day 8. I was bad this weekend and ate things I should not have. This book and your post have been like a light bulb going off. For two years I have had another girl friend around who loves to work out. I have noticed our monthly ups and downs and just thought we could not stick to anything. This has been amazing. My husband actually enjoys listening to me talk about it and agrees it makes since. Thank you for the information. NOW I need to put it to WORK! Today is upper body and intervals!!

  146. I struggle big time every two weeks, why didn’t I connect the dots sooner? At least I know about it now and can make changes.

  147. I just got my pink and purple Buffmother supplements in the mail and I’m excited to get started!! Thanks

  148. I’ve ordered my Hormonal Timing and After Baby ABS books and I’m excited to get them! I believe they will be essential tools in my work out POA!!! I have been kicking around the idea of taking vitamins/supplements but wasn’t sure which to take and how much…thanks for the tip!!

  149. Interesting!!! Well I’m making it so far!! Next week will be the test though because I’m out of town for 2weeks for my job (except the weekends)!!

  150. I have noticed the same hormonal issues for about 2 weeks before I start also. I have ordered your hormonal timing pills and look forward to getting them and seeing how it effects this.

  151. Awesome story of how you realized the power of your HORMONES!! Glad you are learning to CONTROL THEM!!

  152. The major reason I joined this program was to get hormonal help. I have always wanted to be buff and in shape so when I went looking for a plan on the web and saw your program that discussed the role and importance of hormone balance. I felt Like I had hit the jackpot. I had recently met the man of my dreams after a failed prior marriage. I started to notice some similar patterns of behavior that were effecting my relationship. He is a smart man and pointed out to me the cycle. He said my hormonal changes are like clock work and suggested that I begin to track them….. this all happend the same week I found buff mother…. I am hoping the program saves my 40 yr old body that has some jiggle and helps me to gain control of my emotions… Thanks for all your help for women… I noticed through reading your book and the blogs that we really are pretty much all the same. We can control our hormones or they can control us.

  153. I’ve been on a wild ride w/PMS, and I’m now on natural hormones to hopefully get some balance. I’m also taking supplements as you suggested, so looking forward to some relief soon 🙂

  154. someone said “hit the jackpot” with finding buffmother and that is exactly right. I thought I was going nutty w/ PMS. I knew my moods, absolute lack of focus and energy was related to my cycle but because I did not want to take an antidepressant it felt like every OBGYN I saw had no other solution. I am so eager to get going on this program!

  155. thanks…just wondering how that relates to me…have had a total abdominal hysterectomy w/ovary removal 1.5 years ago…..I think my hormones are almost non existent. Wondering…how does this affect a menopausal woman?

  156. Great post on the power of nutrition and supplementing. They definately make a difference in how we feel and behave.

  157. I’ve just finished reading your HT book and am going to order your HT pills-seems easier then taking several different vitamins. Thakyou so much for giving all this great information. My periods are very regular and even my husband points out to me when i should be starting again. Nice to know when i feel sluggish and off or sad and helpless, i need to remember, its just hormones. I have started tracking each day and am sure i will see a definite pattern. Can’t wait to get started on my HT pills. Thankyou Michelle!

  158. I’ve been taking pre-natal vitamins for over a year and a half and have been birth control free for the same period of time. I have noticed what a difference in my life the vitamins and minerals have brought. My husband noticed that the darkness under my eyes has improved immensely, and my cycle’s symptoms are so minor! LOVE LOVE LOVE my pre-natals!

  159. Thank you for the great information on PMS and what we can do to help with all of those hormones! I have two teen age daughters that could really benefit from this!

  160. Did you know I have my Hormonal Timing Pills available that are formulated specifically to help your natural hormonal balance…you should check them out! They WORK!!

  161. I’d like to start taking more of these vitamins listed, I’m already on a few. Thank you for the information on amounts necessary. Off to the health store again today! And the kids are finally healthy, we can get back to the gym!

  162. Same for me as a lot of other women I struggle with motivation and cravings for about 2 weeks each month, will have to consider supplements! Also great on the family fun fitness tips-kids love this kind of play and sometimes us adults forget! Thanks

  163. Hi! Since I am on my 30s and have children, my symptoms and menstrual pain have gone much worse… and I had always been told it was the opposite! Now I am taking Michelle´s hormonal timing pill since two weeks ago. No noticeable changes yet, but I hope it works!

  164. The hormonal timing pills have really changed my cycle – I feel so much more “on” when I take them regularly – I have been taking them regularly for about six months now and wouldn’t go without!!

  165. I already take Synthroid for my Hashimoto’s Thyroid and prescription-strength iron for my iron-deficiency anemia, as well as a Women’s multi-vitamin. I’ll have to look at the breakdown on the label to see if I need to supplement beyond that.

  166. Hey Darlene! I like you take Synthroid for my hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto’s … I find that when I keep my diet in check (healthy serving of protein, carb, good fat, and greens w/ each meal) I feel my best. When I’m not being good to my body, my thyroid seems to get wonky! I also take the supplements Michelle suggested: Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc, vitamin E w/ flax oil, and a good multi-vitamin. So important for us to take care of ourselves! 😉

  167. Day 8 – Getting out of the menstrual cycle age, and going into the menopause age.. I turn 50 in 3 short weeks. One of the reasons why I am wanting to become more fit & buff!…Christmas Eve and we are having our dinner today, everyone is going to be gone in/out tomorrow, no work out today, but for Christmas I plan on gifting myself with 2 hours of “me” time working out. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  168. Thank you for this GREAT information. I have notice in the last few months that I am having PMS symptons that i didn’t notice before. I will make sure to start incorporating the needed vitamins and minerals as well as consider your hormonal timing pills.

  169. Thanks for sharing. i have a similiar story but I noticed I became more emotional before that time of the month for myself. I am 41. This started after i turned 40. I will definitely consider the information Buff Mother has shared. I need all the help i can get.

  170. I have often had problems remembering my supplements so I bought a weekly pill container to put them in. This does help as long as I remember to refill it after the week haha. I actually found a super B supplement that contains a blend of all of the B vitamins. Merry Christmas!

  171. I take a multi-vitamin, but I think that regular exercise and a clean diet have helped to keep me feeling good….merry Christmas!

  172. I will certainly add these supplements to my daily regiment. I get horrible lower back pain during my monthly. The doctor advised that it is because I had back labour during my first pregnancy and it will never go away so I am willing to try anything natural to avoid taking drugs to get rid of that pain

  173. I have definitely noticed my PMS get worse since I’ve had my son. I take all of these except magnesium. Will try that too!

  174. I totally agree, since starting supplementation of key vitamins and minerals my pms symptoms are almost gone. thanks so much for figuring this out for me 🙂

  175. I am hoping the pills work for me……..I had the worst period ever last time! Can’t wait to see an improvement.

  176. Thank you for this info!! Wow I definitely suffer… I am going to try those vitamins for sure

  177. I’m sorry to hear your period was a rough one…mine was too, but I chalk it up to how I was a super slacker on my diet the month before- good nutrition really helps!!

  178. Thanks for the info.
    I’ve been fortunate so far with that area but great to know if/WHEN that changes.

  179. prevention is smart..good nutrition and supplementation are always a good idea 🙂

  180. Day 8 – before I had my little girl in January I had a perfect cycle. However, because I’m still breastfeeding I haven’t had a period since the birth. I know I suffer from PMS as I too suffer mood swings & more importantly the ‘I can’t do this anymore’ symptom. I’ve started using the HIF chart again in the last 8 days to see if I can chart the start date every month. Let’s hope my random moods are confined to only a few weeks of the month……not most of the month as I fear! God bless my incredibly patient & loving fiancé 🙂

  181. Heaven sent info! A while ago my family doc sent me some antidepressant meds for my mood swings. My bff takes them, she calls them her happy pill. I bought them but haven’t taken them yet, they’re sitting in my med cabinet. I’m really weary about taking meds. I will try your suggestion, thanks!

  182. I’m weary about meds too! It’s been proven that exercise works better than prozac, so try that first 🙂

  183. I didn’t have hardly any symptoms at all until I hit 25 and it’s like I’m a different person for a week. No energy. Thanks for the supplement recommendations.

  184. I am sure some of the supplementation will help with that!
    have you considered purchasing my Hormonal Timing pill…it’s GREAT!!

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