Input anyone??

Here are photos of me taken in July. I want your input…
For Ms. Bikini America (which may be the contest I am doing, not 100% sure yet??)

What if anything should I change?

I am 11 weeks out from a contest and plan to post some very current pictures here on Saturday.
Here are my stats in these pictures:
ht: 5-7

I am so pumped to have a specific focus again! It makes all the difference in the world for my intensity during my workouts. I love It!!!
GET BUFF and have a Happy Day,



5 Replies to “Input anyone??

  1. Love the blog, Michelle. Nicely done. Looks like you could just walk on stage right now!

    Good luck. willowgerl

  2. Michelle,

    I went to the Ms. Bikini America web site to get some perspective on what they are looking for and to check out your competition.

    I would say right now that your body fat is quite a bit lower than the majority of the gals. Plus you have Shawn Philips like abs! Terrific 8 pack. You look great right now. Does the contest reward the athletic look or are they looking for a softer physique? If athletic is their thing you will score very well!

    It being a pure “beauty” contest you are at the mercy of what the judges want/value that particular day.

    Good luck picking out your outfits and knock em dead in LA in Nov.

    Greg and Andrea Kreinter

    ps: happy aniversary

  3. Thanks for all the great input. I don’t really care what the judges are looking for, I just want to look the way I want to look. If they don’t like it, too bad.

    I will have a great weekend!!!

  4. Looks to me like you are ready! 😉 You look great buffmom!

    Like you said, it doesn’t matter what the judges think or say, when you walk on that stage, you’ll feel like a million dollars and there’s no price to that!!

    Wishing you the best,


  5. Personally I think you look awesome! I agree you could walk right on stage right now. And I agree it basically comes down to your confidence exuding from you. I think you are def. the material for this competition. Wishing you the best of luck!


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