Half-Way Done!! SSS wk 06

HALF WAY DONE in the SSS contest!! be sure to fill out the halfway done report in your Success journal– answer questions, be honest and get EXCITED to hit these final 5 weeks harder than the first 5!! Let’s do it!!

Homework for SSS week #6

  1. Halfway done report
  2. WRITE down you food intake 3 days this week(all of it!)
  3. Try on bikini Daily

… DIET!! Let’s focus hard on diet!!

p.s. Next week~ We’ll talk about ABS!!


Try on your bikini DAILY!! SSS week 06

This week’s mini challenge…

SSS contest~~ WEEK #6 Mini-Challenge “try on your bikini DAILY”~

The reasoning behind this challenge is to get you looking at yourself and motivated to take action towards making your bikini look even better on you!!

I know for me trying on bikinis can be fun or painful! Know that you can create a better body…taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!! BELIEVE you can wear your bikini with confidence and you will soon be strut your stuff on the beach !!!! Know that you can create a better body…taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!!

BELIEVE you can be confident in your bikini by next summer!!!!

A fun option on this challenge is to take a daily picture of you in your bikini…I’ve done this before and it was very fun!

Get after it and be relentless, we are closing in on the finishing weeks of the SSS contest and I plan on kicking it in!!
Love Ya!!

New giveaway- Photo Contest

AHH!! Oh this week has been a weird one for sure!!

I am feeling good today– sore from my leg workout yesterday, but that’s good!!

My hips/back seem to be the best they have been in days.


My workout was- 45mins total

Warm up run 6 mins on treadmill







lateral raises with 10’s x10

Front raises with 25#plate x10

Knee Extensions


115×10- extra VMO focus finishers with 3-4 reps

Hip swivles- 2 sets

Standing knee ups 10 each leg x2sets

Hanging knee ups x20 reps

1 set jumping lunges

1 set lunges with BB on back

1 set walking lunges outside– for Cuji’s potty break

1 set stationary lunges with curl bar on back



My POA for today– RUN!  need to hit the track, but not sure I can– our vehicles are a mess right now.  Not sure I’ll have a way to get there I’ll probably just hit my trail for the first time since my ankle sprain on st. patty’s day.


Yesterday I got a bunch of orders sent, registered my son  for the OU football camp and announced our last week Gym Angel winners…and set up our new contest! You need to enter!!

I know many of you have had super TRANSFORMATIONS! Let’s celebrate your success and you could WIN a full line of Gym Angel supplements! Click the PHOTO CONTEST on the Gym Angel​ facebook page…/app_299275446867942


Mobile version-



My focus for the remainder of our 40 days is simple– keep on working out like crazy! Daily and with more volume and more EXTRAS!  Diet wise– NO CARBS! It’s go time– I can’t have any or I won’t reach my goal. Ketogenisis in a week is the goal!


Here’s a fun articl I found about protein packed breakfeast– Be sure to Eat your protein peeps!!


Now I’m off to take an afternoon shower




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

4 hours of dancing burns fat!

Hey ya ladies!!

I went out dancing last night and 4 hours of it really does help you burn calories, lol.  I also had my “cheat” meal- a burger(1/2 the bun) with sweet tater fries!! YUMMO!!

Today was spent recovering from the dancing, late night, poor food/drink choices, etc… I had a huge win though and forced myself outside for a hills run. I “just did it”…It was my slowest in ages, my lungs are still recovering from the flu, but I did it!! YAY!!  I was celebrating the fact I only had 2 more hills to run in this pic

So…in case you haven’t heard I’m cast in the movie “phone in the attic”~ a thriller!!

I remembered I had used a really cool phone as a prop in a photoshoot I did a couple years ago- so I put together a slideshow of those~


Photos by Emily McArthur
For more about the movie:

I’m a lady named Diedra in the movie who is a super sexy bartender who drives a old sports car and has quite a big role in the movie! I am working on reading the entire script, then tomorrow at 6pm I’ll be attending my first acting class ever!!

I’ve been working quite a bit today, trying to catch up with ya’ll and get some training programs written for my clients.  If you have a question I didn’t answer yet about the contest, please feel free to ask it here again! thanks!!


Here’s the forum posts about the contest again:

SuperSTAR Success 2014~ Sign up NOW!!

SSS Week 0 ~ Preparation +Extra info!!


Have a fun Saturday night!


Movie Star?

Hey, hey, hey all my BuffSista’s!! and welcome NEW BuffSisters!!
This contest promotion is going GREAT!! thanks so much for your support and help in reaching so many ladies!!
AS promised, I just posted a BIG HUGE forum post with tons of info that will help you prepare for the 10 week contest~
Please ask any questions you have there as a comment on the post so I can help you get READY
Now on to my title~ I tried out for a movie yesterday!!  I JUST DID IT! It !! I’ve modeled for years and years, but never have I really tried to act. This was certainly a VERY SCAREY thing for me to do! I am excited to delve into acting a bit more– probably should take some acting lessons, etc… the part I tried our for was in a thriller named “Phone in the Attic” and I was looking at a part as a “fit dancer” so sexy lips, big hair, a fun pair of legging (metallic cobra print) plus heels were a must!
It was a fun experience!
The remainder of my day was spent with a friend, working on her fun new business idea.  I think she’ll do well with it!  I love seeing people excited about changing the world.
Anyhow, once I got home at 7pm I was exhausted- so no workout once again!
My last “real” workout was 4 or 5 days ago– At least I feel 100% recovered from Oh and another thing happened yesterday, I got my period- early again! only 24 days this month, my shortest ever that I can recall.  Gotta do better to support my hormones   Today I’ll “START” Again…with good food, supplements and a good solid workout!
This week’s POA:
T- upper body and run hills, cday 2
W- Legs, cday3
Th-off, cday 4
F-START BUFFING!! Chest Triceps Intervals and abs Sa- LEGS Su- Back, Shoulders, Biceps and Intervals
Now I need to get a bit more caught up with you ladies!! I love all the new blog posts and your excitement!!
Have a super day!!

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Busy starting the 90 day contest!

HI, Tues, Wed and Thursday were FULL DAYS for me on this 90 Day Dr. Tammy Challenge– more info is on and on KNWA

I’m working as the Celebrity Trainer for this contest…I’m so blessed to be in the position to HELP these 6 amazing individuals transform their Body, LIFE and LEGACY. To sign up for your own transformation visit




Yesterday I managed to get in a good workout for chest then later in the day I did a run on the treadmill.


A funny sidenote,last night I counted how many pair of tennis shoes I wore that day, it was 5 different pairs! SHEESH!


This weekend is not slowing down at all…my BIL is coming for a visit and it’s hunting season (youth hunt) for my DH and SON.



p.s. todays LEG DAAAAAY-yyyy!


Time is Flying!

It’s day 13 in our Hot Hiney Contest~ Can you believe we are almost 2 weeks done with it??


Today’s contest post~


Hot Hiney “PBJ” Day #13 HH


Hope you are having fun with the workouts and realizing your ENTIRE body effects how your booty looks!


I’m spending the day outside today~ But’ll do my best to catch up with Ya’ll later!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. Here’s the PBJ demo video~

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Sexy Final Week!!

HI Ladies!! I hope you are as fired up as I am about our final contest week!!

I was “offline” yesterday~ So I’ve posted two contest posts already this morning.

S2S~ Day 35: Final Challenge= 100 Lunges/day!!

And some really helpful info about preparing to take some amazingly SEXY final contest pictures:

Also as a reminder here are MORE Contest Details
I’ll be back later to really blog…for now it’s time to get the kids on the BUS!
Love ya,

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


I am so excited…I get to have a massage this morning!  AHHOOOM!!!

For now, I wanted to be sure you see today’s contest post- Just 2 weeks left:

S2S~ Day 29: Finish IT!

And don’t forget this week’s challenge is to try on your bikini daily– It’s a great eye opener, motivator and accountability check!

I’ll post more later, Have a good MONDAY!!


 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!