The Sunny Side Group!

I’ve recently realized something about myself that I do not like! I have a tendency to go through streaks where I constantly catch myself thinking […] Read More

Finish Week 1 STRONG~ SSS 01

Let’s Finish Week #1 STRONG– weekends can be tough, but if you can stay strong through it you will set yourself up for getting results […] Read More

Yeah that’s right ~ I’m gonna be buff!!

  How do you like my truth hammer for today: “YEAH that’s right..I’m gonna be BUFF!!!” My Buffing phase ends today c-day 19…but that’s not […] Read More

Warrior Women!

A sweet friend of mine helped me remember that “We are WARRIOR WOMEN”…we are fighters! I preach and teach that I want being buff to […] Read More


UNREAL it’s snowing today!! It is very, very weird for this time of year for us to see anything white coming out of the sky! […] Read More

Starting NOW!

I am starting my new year “NOW!!” After all it is already the 5th, lol! I’ve worked out 2 of those 5 days so that’s […] Read More

Flyin’ by Friday!! Where in the world did today go??? I started the day with a “wake up” by my early rising daughter, GG…she was backpack on […] Read More

Off workouts, but not off BELIEF~

I believe in Jesus! My Christian Testiomony What a GREAT day~ I’ve go a ton accomplished, I’ve already eaten 3 servings of greens, I feel […] Read More