SSS Week 02: Mini-Challenge NO BREAD

SSS Week #2 Mini Challenge- Eliminate Bread

Eliminate BREAD from your diet this week…notice anything?

Hope you are ready for a great week #2~ This week I have prizes for whoever post the most public #nobread photos, thoughts, extra info about reasons to cut bread out of your diet, etc…. To win simply #nobread and tag me in your posts @buffmother on IG and @Michelle Berger on Facebook to be sure I see it!

Winner gets a FREE bottle Seraglow and a tub of BCAA’s!!

Are you wondering what is considered bread?? Honestly I want you to choose your own definition but in general terms~

NO BREAD simply means what YOU feel NO BREAD means, lol!

Bread= any baked grain product made with yeast

I want each person to define it for themselves.

It is about learning to realize there are other “good” carbs out there that are not bread. And learning that you will not DIE if you can’t eat bread, lol!

The goal of this challenge is to make you aware of that there are MANY other great carb choices besides bread to choose from. Rice, beans, sweet potatoes, etc…

Take this challenge as a prompting to explore other alternatives to bread for your carbs. I personally LOVE fruit for carbs. Also life without “bread” helps me to keep my gluten and yeast intake at a minimum~ which in turns helps eliminate bloat for many people.

REMEMBER! Don’t get too technical…just KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)!!!

If you want to take the challenge up a notch~

One step further- eliminate all grains except for rice and oats from your diet.

If you wan to go even further- eliminate all grains from your diet

Personally, I don’t eat much bread anymore. I have found other better sources for carbs than grains. My tummy is much happier when I limit the amount of gluten I eat. For this week I plan to eliminate all grains from my diet including rice.

Have fun with this challenge and embrace it as a human experiment!!





Is a wrap bread?


In my opinion, it is a bread…but you can decide for yourself. Since it probably doesn’t have yeast ~ it is not really a “bread”…so if you want you can go by that rule. The key point is for you to open up your mind to other possibilities for food. When a food group like “grains” is eliminated, what do you eat instead???



All good stuff that we need more of :)

Have fun with the CHALLENGE…a Challenge is supposed to be CHALLENGING!!
Love ya,


A bit slow, ready to chat!

I’m a bit slow getting rolling today—I’m SCARED to move much, due to my neck.  I am doing better so far today!! YAY!!  I am going to make today another complete REST DAY, but I expect by tomorrow I’ll be able to do something again.  Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers…I can FEEL your love helping me heal fast!!

Today’s Contest POST~

S2S~ Day 24: Sexy workouts

6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day- day 11…so sad that I’m missing out on my buffing– but at the same time very glad I am out now when my appetite is controlled.  If I was injured like this during boosting, I’d be eating much more!
  2. Weight-
  3. Sexy To do’s- I am going to go tanning today and give my feet a pedicure! I’ve also started to think about my wardrobe for VEGAS
  4. Workout- none today– gotta let me neck heal.
  5. Meal POA- My focus here is to be sure to eat more veggies, fruit and protein. NO GRAINS today. I’ve had pizza 2 times in the past week– bad for my belly   so far today: chicken breast (4oz), 4 big strawberries, 1 mini cucumber
  6. Sexy Actions– been “Talking” about sexy with the hubby already today- flirty talk is always fun!
Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor and at the same time got Cuji in to be groomed.  Once he adjusted me (he said my c2 and c5 were both out) I did feel some relief.  It only lasted about 45 mins though…then the spasm started up again.  And I think they were at an all time WORST last night– but laying down and rest helped the pain to stop.  Now I’m at least able to sit up behind the computer in bed.
My plan for today is to move around a little but not do too much– I have some paperwork to complete and I also would like to go tanning.  I haven’t gone in a couple months and need to get a little color prior to vegas.  Plus the heat may feel nice on my neck.
I’m also getting very excited for EASTER!  I love EASTER!!  I should plan some YUMMY FOOD and activities for the kids!!  The girls all have pink dresses to wear– they are going to be so cute!!  Hope it doesn’t rain

Well…have a good one! I plan to enjoy my REST day as much as I can!!

p.s. Be sure to check out Suzi’s SEXY article!!

Take the Challenge TUESDAY!! ~ Shine in 49: day 9

HI!! Each Tuesday of our Contest I’ll be issuing a weekly “Mini-Challenge”…This week’s Week #2 MINI CHALLENGE- Eliminate BREAD from your diet this week…

NO BREAD simply means what YOU think NO BREAD means, lol! I want you to choose your own definition but in general terms~

Bread= any baked grain product made with yeast

The goal of this challenge is to make you aware of that there are MANY other great
carb choices besides bread to choose from. Rice, beans, sweet potatoes, etc…

Take this challenge as a prompting to
explore other alternatives to bread for your carbs. I personally LOVE fruit for
carbs. Also life without “bread” helps me to keep my gluten and yeast intake at a
minimum~ which in turns helps eliminate bloat for many people.

REMEMBER! Don’t get too technical…
just KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)!!!

If you want to take the challenge up a notch~

One step further- eliminate all grains except for rice and oats from your diet.

If you wan to go even further- eliminate all grains from your diet

Personally, I don’t eat much bread anymore. I have found other better sources
for carbs than grains. My tummy is much happier when I limit the amount of gluten
I eat. For this week I plan to eliminate all grains from my diet including rice.

Have fun with this challenge and embrace it as a human experiment!!

Your fellow competitor,
please consider some getting some extra
“support” by by joining The Rally Room

Going “DARK”

In spy movies, I just love it when the spy goes out on a mission and has to go “dark”…they are invisible to their support team and just out there on their own in the danger.  Well, I am going “DARK” for a few days– my vacation mode is on and that means little to no computer time!  I need the break from time to time.

Anyhow, I’ve been keeping super busy as I prep to leave– I feel pleasently prepared.  However that could change as I start packing, lol!! I always go into hyper drive when trying to pack for a trip– too many options of what to bring, wear and pack??

Okay, in other news….I remembered something about myself this week.  I find the most success in my eating when I eat 3 bigger meals daily vs. 5-6 smaller ones.  There are several reasons why:

1- I can eat MORE at 1 setting– I like eating bigger portions 2- I don’t get overwhelmed with the prep/eating time when eating more often– it’s takes too much focus for me– I’m not that focused, lol 3- Mentally, I don’t feel like I am dieting when I eat fewer meals. 4- I have insulin resistant issues– so eating less often helps my insulin to go down sometimes which actually allows me to burn fat 5- I dislike eating early in the morning– I like eating my first meal about 3-5 hours after waking up– extending my “fast” helps me burn some extra fat and gives me a chance to do fasted cardio from time to time

6- it’s less stressful to my digestive system.  I digest better when my enzymes are strong (utilizing them less often)….my body feels less stress from eating less often

Here’s an interesting video that explains some of what I am talking about:



So, just now at 9:15 I had a good breakfast of 2 whole wheat blueberry pancakes (not typical for me to eat grains),  with butter and real maple syrup, 3 small strips of pork bacon, a “Carnivor” choc protein shake in water= CCFP and I’ve had 2 cups of coffee with half’n’half.

My plan is to use this fuel as a pre-workout meal— I’ll be hitting the trail for a hill workout after it digests– at about 11:00

Alrighty, we’ll I am off to do some laundry, run, pack, lift weights, get my son’s hair cut and then RELAX before I fly out early tomorrow.  I’ll be back Monday!!  Please, pray that I don’t hurt myself skiing!!

Love ya,


Let the countdown begin…21 days

Let the countdown begin…the “21 days: KICK the habit” contest starts TODAY!! These next 21 days are all about kicking bad habits and forming new ones– The experts constantly preach it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So let’s do it!! Your first task is to deternime what habit to kick or attain.  I’d love to have everyone in the contest focus on 1 or 2 habits for the 21 days… I’d pick one habit to break and one habit to attain.

Once you have your focus narrowed you’ll find it easier to reach your goal–We have our whole lives to become our best– let’s focus on 1 or 2 areas these next 21 days!!

Today I’m thinking about the contest a bunch~
what habit do I hope to attain or BREAK during the 21 days?

Here’s a quick brainstorm list on some habits….


habits to attain:

take your supplements,  eat green veggies, eat raw foods, chew your food, eat fruits and veggies, eat your protein, eat nutrient dense foods, no dairy habit, no grains habit, no sugar, low carb, drink water, hygyne, take a shower first thing in the morning, put on make up, bi-weekly exfoliation, skin care routine, hair care- keep it well maintained and fixed, fashion- wear at least a few outfits that are trendy, shoe variety- don’t find yourself wearing the same boring shoes daily, smile habit, say hello, be thankful, write it down, break your comfort zone, High priority- do things that are IMPORTANT vs. easy, make your bed habit, relaxation time habit, read something habit, document it habit, help others, stand more, walk more, show affection (more hugs, kisses, pats on the back, etc), more focus- be a good listener, connect to your inner self, stretch more, lift weights more, get outside, try a new activity, learn about a new topic daily, study something of interest to you, organize something, be a sweetheart, being thrifty, being and encourager, being pro-active vs. reactive, being positive in everything, listening to truth vs. lies, being happy, be a good tipper

habits to break:

candy, ice cream, restaurant habit, too much caffeine, dessert habit, artificial foods/sweeteners, carbonation, alcohol, the excuse habit, unhealthy choice habit, mental sabotage habit, all or nothing habit, shower habit, cleaning habit, comfy clothes (forever lazy), unfriendly habit, over-eating habit, see it eat it habit, carboholic, undisciplined habit, lack of intensity, not finishing, social status habit, speeding, being late, too much texting, too much tv, too much internet, too much shopping, wasting time, too much sitting, too much noise, smoking, inactivity, unsocial, too social, dirty vehicle, approval addict, negative attitude, judgmental attitude, sarcasm, being brash/rude, drama queen, complaining, eating too much fat, eating too little protein, always on a “diet”, wearing old out of date clothes, being cheap


Keep in mind, that all habits area not for all people– be aware that YOU are unique and need a goal that’s attainable for you over these next 21 days.

I’d love to hear your brainstorming on habits!!

Please share,


P.S. More info about the contest here~

“21 Day: KICK the HABIT”

Today is Day 1 of the contest; each of which you will be getting a daily email with a link to additional information withing our private, secure,  “Women’s Only” Team Buffmother! Rally Room~~ So…In order to view all the content a you must go through the SUBSCRIPTION process– it’s totally free for the first 30 days!!  The security of being in a PRIVATE online area helps you be honest and truly accountable…plus you don’t have to worry about the whole world knowing your business or seeing your pictures!

If you have not already- Please log in to the site:

As with any contest, I highly encourage you to get a good baseline for measuring your success~ taking starting photos and stats is a must!!  Eve if the new habit you are striving to form is not “body” related….I’d still encourage you to take starting data…we are dynamic– our bodies affect our mind, emotions, spirit and soul!

Please let me know if you need any assistance or if you have any question by emailing

Thanks!! And let’s have a FOCUSED, FUN 21 days!!!
You deserve it!!

Let's Write!

I am so excited to have so many friends are committed to working hard
for the next 70 days for this year’s “SuperSTAR Success” contest!!! 

The Contest officially starts for us on Monday 1/24/11! Time to Get READY~!!
I need to take some time to JOURNAL.  Write it down!! I’d like to encourage you
to Do the same…Let’s write:  

  1. Do you remember how great you felt both physically and mentally when you were at your peak physical condition? When was that…write about it.  Thanks to GOD, I’ve been at my peak many times…the way it feels is so addicting! and keeps me striving for more.  The last time I was at my peak was this fall- in Aug/Sept- I had a great aerobic base from playing 2 hours of tennis up to 3 times a week, plus running sprints 1-2 times a week and lifting weights 4-5 times a week.  I felt so confident in my physical stamina, power and mental focus.  My diet was great during this time too.  I was really keeping the treats to a minimum, limiting gluten, dairy and grains.  My diet focus was on eating protein, fruits and veggies.  It worked and I got leaner than I’d been in a couple years.
  2. List 3 specific things (solutions) you have to change about your current daily habits to attain results like that again? The first thing I need to do is get to the gym more at a set time daily.  I’ve been a bit lazy about getting on a routine these past couple months….flying by the seat of my pants = missing workouts.  Secondly, I need to eat much better.  I know what I need to do- I just need to do it.  Thirdly, I need a scary goal to be accountable toward.  This SSS will help motivate me, but it’s not scary enough.  I need a goal. 
  3. What is your #1 goal for the next 10 weeks?  What is the “#1 solution” you must stay focused upon in order to attain that goal?  My #1 goal for the next 10 weeks is to consistently get to the gym at least 5 days a week. I’d also like to add in 1 other workout at home each week.  Consistent workouts lead to me eating properly and will allow me to get in great shape for the spring!!  The #1 soulution I must focus on is not letting things (excuses) get in the way of my “gym time”.  I will scheduel my gym time and stick to that plan!

I can’t wait for MY SUCCESS during this contest.  What about you, are you ready to SUCCEED?!
Let’s get Prepared!!


p.s.  a prayer I found online tonight:
“It is a PRIVILEGE and BEYOND (being) an HONOR to Manifest You in the Earth, Beloved. May I never again come (“fall”) short of Your Glory (Your HEART, Your Ways, Your Stature), giving You Your Rightful, Worthy-to-be-Received Inheritance that YOU Paid the Ultimate Price for in Your Person- BEING LOVE Himself. To Intimately/Experientially KNOW You is beyond the ability to describe or express- which is the Beauty of True Relationship (“Marriage”- in being Your “Bride”) in and with YOU. I (hungrily and in GREAT Thirst) surrender unto You to have Your Full Way within, about, and through me, continually- never ceasing, and only INCREASING in allowing YOU to Tangibly be Manifested and Demonstrated (in Your Great LOVE/POWER) “wherever [I] tread”. Receive Your Inheritance Worthy King, I am no longer lost in thinking I’m my own…all thanks to YOU.”

SX70- Phase 5 workout Plan!

SX70- Phase 5 workout Plan!

SX70 final PHASE~week #9 and #10!!!


Warm up w/10 min steady cardio on each workout!!!


2 intervals

+2- 30 min




Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

ADD 2 carbs…

200 cals

Friday Saturday Sunday

ADD 2 carbs…

200 cals

Week #9 Back


Run Intervals

Chest  Tris

30 min steady cardio


20 min steady cardio

LONG cardio day- 20 mins steady; 20 mins intervals; 20 mins steady

Walking lunges

3 sets of 30 with db’s- chest to knee



Run Intervals

Am fasted:

Run Steady or





Wee#10 Back


Run Intervals

Chest  Tris


30 min steady cardio


20 min steady cardio

LONG cardio day

Walking lunges

3 sets of 25 with db’s- chest to knee



Run Intervals

Am fasted:

Run Steady or






Buffing plan- It’s GO TIME!!  Buff even if you are supposed to be boosting~ we are close to the goal!! time to get HARD CORE!

3 sets of 8-10 reps unless otherwise noted I min rest between sets- do abs or stretch.  You need to do abs EVERY DAY!! Except Sunday.

Bench Press or Chest Press
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Incline flys
Cable Flys
Tricep Extensions
Bicep curls
Plate front raises
3×8-10 slow
Inverted pull ups- various hand position
Lat Pull downs
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Seated rows
Shoulder press- machine
4×10, 8, 6, 10
3×8-10 singles
Bicep Curls- concentration or pose down
Lateral with DUMP twist/ upright rows/ bent over Raises
21’s–3×7  Shoulders
Dumbell Hammer Curls- squeeze shoulder
Wide cable Lat Pull downs
2×10-12 burn out your lats
Leg day
Squats- feet 3″ wider than shoulders toes just slightly out
Walking Lunges
Knee Extensions
4x feet straight 8,6,6,4+ 2 sets toes out x10reps
Leg Curls feet flexed, straight and close
Smith Lunges (think butt on front leg)
Calf Raises toes straight- can pair these with lunges
4×10 toes out slighly GO HEAVY!!
Dead Lifts
Seated Calf raises
3×10-15 fauilure range (toes in)
Ball Crunches
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Cats!! 5- 3 seconds each way daily

Long Cardio day-

40min steady and 20 mins of intervals- often times 20 min steady/20min intervals/20 mins steady works best

WALKING LUNGES!!!  Post cardio and you can add in the mini challenge of doing  100/day!


20g for P’s and C’s

150 cals for Fats

150 cals for treat

Unlimited greens

You can still have all grains except for wheat, NO dairy and lots of greens.

2+weeks out- Calorie range:1100-1300 (EVERY DAY EXCEPT THURS AND SUN)…I know this is a CUT, but we will allow you to have 2 mini break days per week where you can have 2 additional carbs= ABOUT 300 CALORIES MORE.  THURS and SUNDAY~


Keep on the basic ones (multi, calcium, HT Pills)…and keep on fish oil (6g’s/day) and NO2.

Add in Chromium daily if you have sugar cravings.

Time to get HARD CORE!!

Omaha Trip- part 1


HI!  I am finally home and back to it today~ I really had a great time in Omaha and thought I’d record a very detailed log of the experience.  Here’s Part 1 of that recap….


2009 OMAHA TRIP (Sept 24-28)   

Unfortunately I got sick with a bad sore throat/head cold on the Tuesday before the big weekend. I had a ton of stress and a ton of work to get done prior to the trip. All the stress plus some germs got me good and SICK! Good thing for me I have a supportive husband who helped ease my stress and who helped me be able to go to bed at 5pm the evening prior to my day of Travel.
Thursday arrived and I was still very sick, but the show must go on and I rose early at about 6:30 to finish getting packed and to have some time with my kids and hubby before I flew from AR to Denver.   I was so focused on packing that I entirely forgot to eat anything. Once I got to the airport and past security It dawned on me that I needed to EAT something! All the cold meds really wiped out my appetite! So I ate a breakfast burrito and was sure to stock up with 2 water bottles for the flights ahead. The low carb tortilla was the first grains I had all week! I had done really well on our mini-challenge until that point. The flight to Denver went smooth, although I has a window seat~ So I couldn’t easily get up to pee. Shesh~ that’s the bad thing about having someone else book your flight for you. Had a good lunch in Denver and resisted the huge temptation to have a beer. YAY!! I had a great taco salad along with a couple cups of Ice tea. Denver to Omaha….which was a very tough landing. My ears hurt so bad the entire decent! WOW!! I’ve never flown with a head cold before and Hope to never fly with one again!
FINE Friends and FOOD!
That evening Lisa and Deb Gray came over to my hotel. Lisa “our HERO” chiropractor adjusted both Deb and my neck’s~ which ROCKED!! I love having my neck cracked!!! Deb then put on her competition suit and posed for us. SHE was RIPPED!!! Amazing to think that just 2 short years ago she was close to 200 pounds! Then we went out to RICK’s Bistro for an awesome meal. I wore my Miss Me booty embellished jeans, an orange ¾ sleeve, v-neck shirt with animal print heels. Lisa and Deb also wore jeans and were blinged out with cool sequined t-shirts! Both Lisa and I got the same thing. The Tenderloin Medallions served with YUMMY mushroom sauce and asparagus. We also got Cesar salads and a glass of Merlot! Deb, the poor girl had to compete in just 2 days so she ate grilled tilapia, a salad, asparagus and WATER. We had fun talking and catching up about our kids, busy lives and the excitement for the weekend’s events. We had fund despite the fact that Deb and I were both a little miserable…Deb had a neck kink that she had been dealing with since Monday Morning. And I felt like my head was in a fish bowl….my ears were so plugged up that I could hardly hear myself talk.
Early Morning Radio
The next morning I got up EARLY at 5:30 for a radio interview. And thanks to the prayers from my friends and family my cold was a TON better!! I felt like a new woman!! God is so good~ He truly does love me and has blessed me BIG Time! The entire weekend was proof of that and makes me so excited to continue on with my mission and purpose in life! Traci G. from Complete Nutrition picked me up at about 7 am to go to the 104.5 radio station. They are an “at work” station and we had a quick live interview with them. It went really well despite my nerves flaring up the first minute of the interview. I was able to pull it together and made it successful.
We had a good response on from the radio spot. About 20 women instantly signed up for Team BuffMother and a few of them even ordered my books. The key selling point that I talked about in the interview was that “everyone knows all the “BAD” effects of their monthly hormones, but I am here to teach women that there are good effects of from their hormones too and my HT program teaches women how to utilize their hormones to get FASTER and Better results in their fitness, diet and supplementation programs. To the station I wore a long sleeved pink T with a gray BuffMother! T-shirt over it. Along with my grey chord skirt and Steve Madden white /silver heeled tennis shoes. I wore my hair down and curled a bit.
Traci and I really hit it off for our first meeting. She’s a super hard worker and really does a TON for Complete Nutrition. She and I talked a lot about her own struggles with “losing” herself in motherhood and she’s recently lost weight and is on a big time mission to get ripped like her DH. Cory and Traci work really closely together. He’s the visionary and she’s the worker bee. We also talked about how he LOVES hunting, has a bunch of hunting land with food plots, cameras and all the other cool things that go along with being a rich bow hunter.
Quick LIFT with Buddies
After the radio event Traci dropped me off at my hotel and I worked on my seminar presentation along with eating a bit. I then headed to 24 hour fitness to meet up with Kathy and Lisa to do a little Back, Shoulder, Biceps workout. Kathy said it was her first time “working out” with others, so that was COOL! Both Lisa and Kathy are Chiropractors, so they have a great relationship and understanding of how our entire bodies work together for optimal health. While we were working out we caught up on a ton about our lives and worked our shoulders hard! I really could feel that I had been sick and was glad that we didn’t do any cardio.
After the workout, I grabbed a chicken salad from Burger King, talked to my DH and NAPPED for as long as I could. About 1.5 hours nap was perfect and just what I needed to continue to improve in my health.  After my nap, Deb came over and she was TAN!! HOLY Black woman~ She said her DH say at competition time he always gets “Jungle Fever”. I believe it she’s hot!  
Anyhow I looked her over close and she was FLAT! Her metabolism is on fire and over the past 2 weeks she kept losing weight. She was down 3-4 pounds from the previous contest . We planned out that she needed to eat some more carbs that night and some FAT. I sent her off to register for the show with a cup full of trail mix.
I then got ready and headed to the Complete Nutrition store to familiarize myself with their layout a bit and meet the fine gentlemen that work there as salesmen. The store was posh and the salesmen were truly kind! Traci got my table set up with my books and a black table cloth. And I felt GREAT about the set up for the events to come. 
Before I knew it was time to head back to the hotel and PRIMP once again for our DINNER at UPSTEAM. I wore my dark navy blue skinny Levi jeans and long sleeved Butterfly burn out t-shirt with my standby Steve Madden gold gladiator heels.
I arrived at Upstream just about the same t
ime as Lisa and our big table was set up and ready for 15.
 We hoped that we’d get a good turnout, but had no clue who was going to show up. Soon Kathy arrived, camera in hand! Seriously she should be the official photographer of BuffMother! She’s great at taking pictures and always up for the task!
Traci and her DH showed up soon followed by Anne T. and Cory the owner of Complete Nutrition. He surprised me as much younger than I expected. Later I found out that he was 34 just like ME! Later Black, MUSCL E MOMMA Deb showed up and was totally giddy when I told her I thought she should have a glass of wine with us. In addition to the wine we let her indulge in a delicious piece of CHEESE cake!!! YUM!
You should have seen her cheeky smile!!!
We ate up big time…lots of great steaks! And a couple restaurant brewed light beers along with a glass of Merlot for me. Cory surprised us all by stealthfully grabbing the bill… HOW AWESOME was that?! Thanks Cory!   We were all very thankful for that!
The night was not over yet,  Brenda was still on her way and finally made it when just Lisa, Kathy and I were left. She was exhausted from all the prep but still SPUNKY! When she got to the restaurant it was raining so she looked like a leopard. POOR Dear!   Her tanner was a bit messed up but, we assured her that it was fixable prior to show time in the morning. She got some final tips from her trainer, Lisa and we all HUGGED in excitement for her first contest the next morning.

Competition TIME!!
Saturday morning arrived very quickly and I headed out to Council Bluffs just about 8am. I wore a long black shirt with black leggings and black flats to be comfy and keep from getting BLACK from the competition tanner (I knew I’d be hugging them). I ran back stage to wish Deb and Brenda good luck then found Deb’s Scott in the audience. Deb and Brenda totally rocked the stage! I was so proud of them both and couldn’t imagine either of them placing anything less than in the top 3 of their divisions.
Deb Pre-Judging
BRENDA Pre-Judging
The morning show for them was complete rather early, at about 10 am. I was so glad that I had time to BREATH in between the contest and my Complete Nutrition store promo event. 


BUSY Week #2!! is here~!!

Hey ya~ I’ve already started my day with no bread  (mini-challenge for the week) by eating a banana and eggs.  Whoohoo!! this week’ll be challenging but just what I need!
Week #1 went really well for me workout wise and I can totally see that workouts drive me to eat better and better!!  In total I got in 5 lifting workouts and 3 intervals.

This week’s POA is as follows:

ABS with each workout

M-Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals- Gunner’s football Game!!
T- Legs
W-Chest and intervals
Th- Travel day off (maybe I’ll get in some intervals after the flight)
F- Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals with 2 good friends on Omaha!! 🙂
Sa- off again- BUSY work day!
Su- workout at hotel gym- LOWER BODY!
M- Travel day- Off again- Gunner’s fooball game!!

The weekend for me was a good “rest” but I am getting a bit stressed about all the stuff I must get done prior to traveling to Omaha.  I’ve not traveled much the past few months and am a BAD packer!  So I tend to bring too much stuff and get confused on what I really need, lol! 

The EXCITMENT for the weekend ahead though really is pushing me forward and makes me feel very happy and blessed to have so many great friends!!  I LOVE going to Omaha~ it’s always a total blast!!!  I can’t wait to see all friends and to see Brenda and Deb compete~ whoohoo!!! They are going to look smashing up on stage!

I’ve gotta Go, for now…but I’ll be back to “try” and keep up with all of your blogs!  Keep them coming and keep on encouraging others with comments!  It works!!


11 is a good number!

Hey Y’all!!
It is day 11 of 70….can you believe we are over 1/7th done with the contest!!! Let’s keep up the great mojo and BE HOTT for the upcoming holidays~ speaking of which Halloween is just 5 weeks away….The perfect amount of time to see some KILLER results and enable you to wear a FUN costume!! I may just have to dress up this year….HMMM………I ‘ll have to get thinking and then find a PARTY to go to!

My peace today was found with DH…he just left now for work, a wee bit late 😉 BUT we had a GREAT POSITIVE conversation, a PINKY SWEAR and a prayer about out future life!!! It is so peaceful to know I have a partner in life- FOR LIFE!!! I found peace in my LOVE and intimacy with my DH!!!

My workout yesterday totally ROCKED!!!!!

I felt amazing for having been so ill this week….I think it may be the raisins I had pre-workout…EVERY TIME I EAT RAISINS I have KILLER workouts!!!

warm up- tanning 10 min only

Incline hammer chest press

Incline Flys
35’sx8x3 (next time I need to attempt the 40’s)

Cable Flys (one arm at at time)

Tricep cable push downs

one set standing high knees- no support
15 each leg

Tricep Extensions
Bicep curls

Front Delt raises (one arm at a time)
paired with push ups
10,10, 6, 10

some abs in between
knee ups 3 sets

Seated calves between some sets too

Then last night we had ROAST for supper–yummy!! and I had a root beer float for dessert and my treat.
Still no bread or grains for me this week except for 2 spoonfuls of macaroni n cheese.

I watched some TV last night~
BIONIC WOMAN!!!! I used to love that show when I was a kid…now they have a new one…I think I may just have to watch it every week!!

And TUF!!! I love cage fighting!!

Now I need to get to work~ but I plan on getting to the gym after lunch for a leg workout!!