Belief in Purpose!

HI Ya!!

Just wanted to check in with ya’ll a bit.  I’ve been MIA and will be MIA for the next week or two due to this movie.


I just wanted to update you on a couple things.

My interview for strength advocate is up– here’s the direct link.…lle-berger-interview


If you could PLEASE share it via your social media– Let’s get the word out there, Women need to BELIEVE in their dreams again!!


On that note– this is week in #5 in our contest and BELIEF is our theme–

Part of our homework for this week is to blog about our BELIEF~ “I Believe in….”

~I believe… in PURPOSE. WE ALL have a purpose for our lives…do you have a vision of what yours is? I know mine…it is to HELP WOMEN- as simple as that! I’d like to help every woman in the world have HOPE- I want to share the message that YOU have the power to change YOUR body, life and legacy.Does that sound do-able? LOL! I BELIEVE it is!!Now, I have not always had this VISION for my PURPOSE…it has taken time, effort and GOD’s timing to reveal it in my life. I’ve only had a CLEAR VISION for my purpose for the past 5-6 years. Until then I was searching and honestly more than a little frustrated…I had an uneasy feeling, I knew I was supposed to do something, but WHAT??I really believe that God put me through every part of my life for a reason…even the bad parts. I now see how things that seemed bad at the moment, have turned to work for my favor NOW. I’ve also gained a ton of WISDOM through my struggles and my triumphs. Without the past 38 years of my life I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be ready to attack my PURPOSE.A couple books that helped me in finding my purpose are: the BIBLE, “Reduce me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer and “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson Keep on Believing and keep striving towards your PURPOSE…YOU HAVE ONE!!



As for the movie, so far I’ve shot 2 scenes…it’s slow going in that I have a ton more to shoot.  On Sunday there was a snafu due to the bar we had planned on shooting at being CLOSED and the owner being MIA.  It worked out good though because it was DH’s birthday, and we got to spend the day together!!


My workouts have been decent, but could be better– it’s hard to fit them in when you have to be “movie ready” all day long LOL!

I ran on Saturday outside hills for the first time since our last bout with snow– so it was about 3 weeks.  It’s much harder on my feet, to run on the tail than on the treadmill….

I got in a very solid leg workout on Sunday:

One treadmill and dancing deadlifts. Knee ups leg curls lunges more dancing for abs  leg ups leg extensions pump ups More standing abs One set single leg deadlifts Squats

Doing squats last was tough!!


and in about 15 mins I’m going to get on the treadmill for a run.

Then shower, fill my orders and head off to the movie set once again.

I was there 12 hours yesterday.  During some of my waiting time I was able to enjoy the sun on the patio at Bear’s Place in Fayetteville:


I’ve not been the best about taking my food pics– I’ll try to remember that this week.  I have been uploading them to this facebook album called “what I eat”…504405054&type=1


As for the diary challenge– I think I need to lay off the diary for sure! I’m determined to keep cheese out of my eats and figure out a different creamer for my coffee!


Okay, gotta roll so I can get to the set at a decent time. My call time is 10 am– but truthfully, I’m planning to roll in at noon today instead.  I’ve got stuff to do this morning!


I’m bringing my computer to the set today– so if I can get on wi-fi I’ll log in and catch up with Ya’ll when I have some free time




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