Finish Week 1 STRONG~ SSS 01

Let’s Finish Week #1 STRONG– weekends can be tough, but if you can stay strong through it you will set yourself up for getting results in week #2!!

I am going to be STRONG this weekend~ Ladies let’s keep our mojo STRONG all the way through week 10!!! (can you tell my “truth hammer” for is STRONG?)

At the end of each week you’ll find a place in your SSS journal to summarize how you did that week and make a plan of attack for next week:


Homework for week 01~

  1. Be sure to do Mini-Challenge #1 take your STATS and STARTING Pictures.
  2. Get your WEEK 01 workouts done– take a JUST DO IT mentality– Any movement counts!!

Stay engaged and accountable by posting a comments and encouraging others– that’s how I stay STRONG!!

Your STRONG friend,
Michelle Berger

P.S. If you missed any of the info for the week, you can always find it on my BLOG~  Here’s a nice summary for you….

Time is Flying!

It’s day 13 in our Hot Hiney Contest~ Can you believe we are almost 2 weeks done with it??


Today’s contest post~


Hot Hiney “PBJ” Day #13 HH


Hope you are having fun with the workouts and realizing your ENTIRE body effects how your booty looks!


I’m spending the day outside today~ But’ll do my best to catch up with Ya’ll later!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. Here’s the PBJ demo video~

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Workout Demo: Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs~ SSS wk 01

SSS week 01- Workout Demo: Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs

During the SSS contest  you’ll be directed to several YOU TUBE videos that will give you tons of training and support thorugh the 10 week journey.  PLEASE COMMENT on the VIDEOS~ each comment helps make it possible for me to do FREE CONTESTS like this one.

Chest/Tricep/Abs (From the EXPERIENCED level download- PH. 2 buffing workout): Experienced Buffing Chest Workout- . It’s an actual workout by BuffMother…I detail how I workout, the pace, the lifts and the strategy; focused on CHEST and TRICEP with abs and intervals..

Part 1- Intro and Warm Up

Part 2- Bench and Push ups and some ABS!

Part 3: Incline Flys and Knee ups

Part 4: Tricep Extensions and Vacuums

Part 5: Tricep Kickbacks

Barbell Romanian Deadlifts






Transcript: Romanian or Stiff Legged Type Deadlifts, Barbell

On the barbell you want to have a staggered stance for your hands, which will help your grip. Basically you can do both stances on this one too. Shoulder width. Let this down, nice and slowly, you want to keep the bar nice and close to your legs. Still all working your hamstrings, glutes & your lower back.

Leg Curls





Demo of Leg Curl
Form & Extension

Transcription – Leg Curl

This is the leg curl. This is a good machine, it’s actually not a flat bench some are flat. A lot of them are a little angled which is optimal. It will hit your hamstrings better that way.  Make sure you get on the machine where it’s nice and comfortable. 
Come all the way up to your butt, then come down – you don’t want to go all the way down, you want to come down to about here (not fully extended). So watch how I do it. Lower slowly, then up, slowly, then up. Notice how I have my feet flexed, my legs are close together and my feet are pointing straight.

Pushup Progression

BuffMother — July 06, 2009 — Michelle Berger, BuffMother shows how to do push ups from VERY easy to hard

Category: Howto & Style


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Wall Pushups
On Knees

Transcript: Pushup Progression

I’m going to tape a progression of pushups, from easiest to more difficult.

So first of all we have wall pushups. You stand about 2 feet away from the wall and you put your hands just a little wider than shoulder width. Bring your body into the wall and push back. Nice slow and controlled movements.  To make these more difficult you can get a little further away from the wall, maybe 3 or 4 feet, put your arms out a little wider, then bring the body in and out.

Now the next most difficult pushups would be on the floor, on your knees, with your feet on the floor. So, keep your feet on the floor, hands a little wider than shoulder width, bring your body down, and up.

Next most difficult would be on the floor with your feet up toward your butt. You bend your knees, feet towards your butt, then up and down.

Then you progress to ordinary style pushups.

And then the next most difficult would be pike pushups. This is where you try to have your body nice and piked up, these will hit your shoulders really good. Come down and up.

So that’s a progression of pushups.

Dumbbell Lat Rows

Michelle Berger explains how to do a simple dumbell lat row exercise. Great for at home workouts.





Mind Muscle Connection
AKA Lawnmowers

Transcript: Dumbbell Lat Row

Hi, Michelle Berger here. I’m going to do a quick demo on how to do a one arm dumbbell lat row. Now this exercise is great for your back, great for at home workouts with dumbbells. A lot of people have a hard time figuring out exercises to do for their back at home. This is a very good standard back exercise that anyone can do with a dumbbell and a chair. So, we’ll start off – we have our chair here and our dumbbells down here, so let me go ahead and grab my dumbbell.

Then get secure on my chair. I want my knee on my chair and my hand on my chair. I want to keep my upper back nice and straight, I like to keep my lower lumbar curve in there. Then you want to stretch down with the weight, letting your arm hang down, then pull back up into your side and squeeze.

This is for your lat, so you want to make sure you’re working your lat. You want that mind muscle connection to be working this muscle. So as you bring the weight up really think about squeezing.

Now, I see a lot of people doing this as a quick fast motion. It should be slow and deliberate. Lats really respond to the stretching motion. So make sure they stretch down and then also make sure as you come up you squeeze that upper arm into the side of your back, really activating that lat, ok.

Now, a lot of people call these lawnmowers because they are just like when you start a lawnmower. So you pull – that pulling motion- with your lat.  Alright, make sure you do both sides. Don’t just do one arm and quit. Switch around to the other side and do 10 on the other side also.

This is a quick demo of dumbbell lat rows.