Days 70 & 69

I’m treating this 70 days to sexy as a countdown… so yesterday was day 70–

I did chest/triceps/abs


push ups

3 sets of 10

plank with butt ups between






1 sets lateral raises with 10’s


Incline flys



dips 7, 7

abs between lifting sets

After I ran outside on my trail– down hill, 3 loops each direction and then 1 min uphill, 2 min walk recovery, repeat then cool down jog home


I was BEAT!


Today I felt better overall…still tired and adjusting to being back to a good diet and working again



warm up on bike



body weight x10




calf raises

leg swings

leg lifts

ab wheel 15x2sets


Deadlifts (Romanian)



Leg extensions




20 hip ups x 2sets


I opted to skip my lunges…I will be sore enough since it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done a real leg workout like this 


For work today I took some videos, had a conference call about a really cool product and I worked on my new sales funnel a bit, I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


OH and I got my new super cool FITMARK bag today


69 days to sexy bikini vlog…
Today I talk about leg workouts, flat butt syndrome, building a booty, my love for bikinis and trucks, I also talk a bit about cross fit and why I DO NOT DO IT plus share with you how I help people all over the USA buy new vehicles.



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 40

TODAY is the last day in the Challenge!!! Thanks so much for participating…I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your comments!! It has been a TRUE PLEASURE!


Day #40-FIT tip- This tip comes from my heart…I honestly BELIEVE you can reach your goals and you need to BELIEVE it too!! Believing in your dreams is the very first step towards attaining them! Know you can LIVE your DREAM life, Have your DREAM Body and CREATE a DREAM legacy for yourself. God wants you to be HAPPY!! Believe it!! The choice is yours; It’s up to you!! JUST BELIEVE!!!



Day #40-Featured ARTICLE-


CONGRATS!! You’ve made it through your 40 days!!!~ to officially GRADUATE from the “40 Days to FIT” Submit your FINAL ENTRY!(see below)


All those who truly feel they did participate/comment for the 40 days and submit and entry will get a in the mail “PRIZE” from me!! Please use the “HONOR SYSTEM”~ thanks!


CONGRATS!! You are now more FIT (in mind, body and spirit)than 40 days ago!!! Love your friend,

Michelle “BuffMother” Berger


Please submit your entry no later than Wednesday (the 17th) — it’s paramount that you get the done so you can see your results at the end of this contest!!

Once complete please post in and email the entry to me at


Title your post and email “_________(your name)40 Days to Fit Entry”



Name (first and last name)- user name –



starting weight-

ending weight-



starting BUST-

ending BUST-

starting WAIST-

ending WAIST-

starting HIPS-

ending HIPS-

starting MID-THIGH-

ending MID-THIGH-



FULL body if possible and in the same light and location as starting pics.

Clothing-  must be the SAME as for your starting pictures.


STARTING Pictures-

One front

One side

One back


ENDING Pictures-

One front

One side

One back



Questions and Review instructions:

Please detail how you participated in the 40 days to Fit?

Do you feel you gained results from the contest? Please detail:


If you attained positive results, Please write a public review for 40 Days to Fit by BuffMother somewhere online.  Please include a link here:


Was the Rally Room helpful?

Was Michelle Berger’s training information useful and helpful?


ALSO! Be sure to include your name, address (so I can send your prize!) and any other tidbits you’d like.





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 39

Day #39-FIT tip- Not all types of exercise are right for everyone, but everyone can benefit from some type of exercise. If you have limitations, sickness or injuries, Focus on what you CAN do!! There is always something you CAN do!


Day #39-Featured ARTICLE-


The Sunny Side Group!

I’ve recently realized something about myself that I do not like! I have a tendency to go through streaks where I constantly catch myself thinking about and focusing on, the negative side of things instead of the “bright”! I’ve heard the phrase “look at the bright side” so many times that it’s lost the intended affect. If my husband says, “look at the bright side…” I often just groan inside and then wander off and continue to bicker, mumble and complain to myself or other people. I do this despite the fact that I devoted an entire chapter of my book to the subject of “focusing on SOLUTIONS” instead of the “PROBLEM” at hand. For the most part, this is the way I live my life, but I still have those NEGATIVE streaks. The truth is, complaining, bickering, arguing, etc, ALWAYS causes my life to be frustrating, difficult and miserable!! This is why I’m confessing this issue to everyone and I’m bound and determined to break this horrible habit!!


I’m asking everyone who reads this blog including my family, friends and even casual acquaintances to please hold me accountable. If you ever catch me writing, talking or even thinking about the negative side of anything, CALL ME OUT! I want you to BUST me on the spot! I’ve asked my husband to use the phrase, “focus on the SUNNY side, HONEY” instead of the old cliché’ “Look at the bright side” since that phrase seems to always trigger negative feelings in my mind.


I know that some people would much rather discuss negative rumors, gossip and many other situations of this nature. It’s very easy to and even somewhat enjoyable to get together with a small group of people and feed off this negative energy. I’ve been caught in this trap many times! I declare myself “GUILTY as charged charged”. It’s human nature to take the “easy road” by adding our own little negative spin to a conversation or even starting the flow of negative energy hoping that others will join in. We all seem to have a natural weakness for being attracted negative information. If you want proof just read the headlines in any news source, TV, internet, newspaper, etc. The headlines are almost always focused on negative stuff because that’s what attracts readers and viewers. In fact, I’ve completely stopped watching the “news” because it makes me feel depressed!


As I previously stated, focusing on negative things such as criticizing, condemning or complaining always results in making my life miserable! I recently to read a book written by the richest, most powerful and wisest man who ever lived. I believe success breads success and even though I’m not much of a reader, I decided to take 5 minutes a day to learn what this man had to say about true success. The man is King Solomon and the book is Proverbs. It has 31 chapters and I read 1 chapter every day of the month. Here are some tidbits fro the 15th chapter  that hit me really hard.

Proverbs 15:4 “Gentle words bring life and health; griping brings discouragement.”
15:15 “When a man (or woman) is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when she is cheerful, everything seems right”

15:30 “Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health.”


The entire 15th chapter seemed to say to me, If you want to be miserable, unsuccessful, and depressed, hang around negative people and focus on negative information.

But…If you want a great life, full of joy, success and happiness, hang around positive people and focus on the “sunny side” of your circumstances. As a result, I’ve made a decision. From this day forward, I’m done poisoning my life with negative people, conversations, actions, thoughts, etc! Instead, I’m rededicated to hanging out and communicating with positive people, focusing on solutions instead of problems, looking for the sunny side of my circumstances instead of all the negative situations and events that occur in life.

I want to find at least 100 women who are willing to join me!


We’ll call it The Sunny side… Honey! This doesn’t mean that you can’t tell us about negative situations, events or problems that you are going through. There is nothing wrong with expressing these things to the group. Together, we’ll help each other find and concentrate on the solutions so we can get through tough times. We’ll team up to focus on the SUNNY side… honey! I’d like to incorporate this into the Rally Room since this is one of the many reasons I created the RR in the first place! If you haven’t joined the Rally Room I encourage doing so. It will change your life! If you already are a Rally Room member, and want to commit or re-commit to this positive group, please respond to this post.


Feel free to add your own special twist in your post but don’t feel obligated. It’s fine to just say something like, “I’m in! But, if you have any additional thoughts, insights and/or stories that popped into your mind regarding this topic, please jot them down in your post. Please keep in mind this is not a writing contest or anything like that. I know most of us don’t have tons of extra time and energy and I don’t want that to stop you from joining us. I’m member #1, who wants to be member #2, #3, #4…?


Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 2 days left in the Challenge!!!

Live on The “Sunny Side”!!!

xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 38

Day #38-FIT tip-

Drop the “all-or-nothing” mentality about exercise. Just 5 minutes will get your momentum (MOJO) going and make it easier to fit in an even better workout session the next day. If you are short on time focus doing a couple sets of BIG muscle exercises- Just a few reps of PUSH UPS, SQUATS, LUNGES or Pull-Ups are all CRAZY EFFECTIVE!


Day #38-Featured ARTICLE-


I believe in PURPOSE. WE ALL have a purpose for our lives…do you have a vision of what your’s is?

I know mine…it is to Help Others Attain their Goals- as simple as that! I’d like to help every person in the world have HOPE- I want to share the message that they have the power to change their body, life and legacy.

Does that sound do-able? LOL! I BELIEVE it is!!


I have not always had this VISION for my PURPOSE…it has taken time, effort and GOD’s timing to reveal it in my life. I’ve only had a CLEAR VISION for my purpose for the past 10 years. Until then I was searching and honestly more than a little frustrated…I had an uneasy feeling, I knew I was supposed to do something, but WHAT??


I really believe that God puts me through every part of my life for a reason…even the bad parts. I now see how things that seemed bad at the moment have now turned to work for my favor. I’ve also gained a ton of WISDOM through my struggles and my triumphs. Without the past 40 years of my life I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be ready to attack my PURPOSE.


A couple books that helped me in finding my purpose are: the BIBLE, “Reduce me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer and “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson


Please keep commenting~

It will help you stay focused…just 3 days left in the Challenge!!!


What’s your PURPOSE?

xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 37

Day #37-FIT tip- To keep energy up through your day try to eat every 3-4 hours- you will have better concentration, stay sharp and improve the quality of your work. In order to have food always handy- cook two meals at once! Day


#37-Featured ARTICLE-


Another DAY down and just 4 to go!  My plan for today’s workout is to work my BUTT with lots of LUNGES~In order to hit your GLUTES when lunging there are several things you can do-

  1. Focus on using your Front leg for the movement.
  2. Bend forward at the waist (chest to knee) at the bottom of the movement to gain a GOOD stretch in your glute
  3. Pre-exhaust your other muscles with exercises like – squats, leg extensions, leg curls, etc…
  4. Utilize WALKING LUNGES with weight they are proven to be the most effective at hitting butt muscles

Here’s a couple on of my FAVORITE moves for working my butt~ Smith BUTT Lunges: By bringing my  front foot in and leaning my chest towards my knee, my glutes are stimulated much more. BE PREPARED for a sore BUTT the day after these, lol!



And a couple other links to BUTT exercise videos:

Walking Lunges:

Starter Style Walking Lunges:


In other news…We have ton of FUN Stuff going on and many great tools that will help you get buff!
I’ll be sending out a newsletter with more info on all if it VERY SOON~ so please be sure you name is on the list.  You can sign up here


Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 4 days left in the Challenge!!! NO EXCUSES!!!



BuffMother, Michelle Berger



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 36

Day #36-FIT tip-

FLY SMART~ In-flight air has been measured to be drier than any dessert. Keep hydrated by drinking at least 8oz. Of water every hour on the plane. I get and isle seat for easy bathroom access and I buy 2 large water bottles for my carry on. Skip coffee and alcohol when flying- they are both dehydrating.


Day #36-Featured ARTICLE-


I believe in Relationships


I believe in relationships…we are made for this purpose.  The reason God created man was so he could have “relationship”…that is AMAZING!


And makes me realize that the HAPPIEST times of my life have been when I am actively seek out relationships with other people.  I am a very independent person and have at times a tendency to isolate myself from interacting with others.  It is my natural “I can do it better by myself” attitude.  However, it is not very fun nor is it very rewarding when others are not involved in the process or the reward.


That’s why I love the Rally Room!  It keeps me in relationship with others and gives me a place to easily give my energy away through encouraging others!!  I love the RELATIONSHIPS I have been blessed with in TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!


Have you pressed into your relationships lately?

What are your favorite things to do with friends and family to connect?

Is it time you sent a note to a friend or gave a quick call just to chat?
Another RELATIONSHIP, I plan to never neglect is mine with WEIGHTS!


After supper I did a back, shoulder, bicep circuit style workout (all 8 exercises total of 3 sets)

1-pull ups: 13!!pb, 8, 7overhand wide
2-sit ups:3×50
3- bent over rows 30#’sx12x3
4-lateral raises 15’sx15-20 repsx3
5-one are db lat rows w/twist 30#x12x3
6- ab wheel 20,15×2
7- military press 25#’sx10x3
8- bicep curls 25x10x3

Then I rode the upright bike for just 5 mins (since I already did my intervals in the am)

I was BEAT and Luckily got to bed by 11:30 and slept in until 9!!


Have a super day filled with RELATIONSHIP!~

Your friend,


Belief quote of the day:
“You can do it if you believe you can!”
Napoleon Hill

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 35

Day #35-FIT tip- EAT the whole egg! Eggs have so many great nutrient and the yolks contain many of them…so opt for the entire egg if you can. Eggs are not only a great source of protein and healthy fats but also vitamins A, B, D and E. Overly easy or scrambled are yummy ways to prepare them!


Day #35-Featured ARTICLE-

I love the word RELENTLESS!!!


RELENTLESS is an awesome word!!!
I love the energy it brings, the determination, the fire, the enthusiasm!!!  Just a few days left of our 40 days to fit and I plan to be RELENTLESS!!  A relentless attitude gives m HUGE positive energy towards my fitness goals!!


One of’s definitions:
relentless- adjective
without pity; not allowing anything to keep one from what one is doing or trying to do
Example: The police fight a relentless battle against crime.


Some synonyms associated with Relentless include:

persistent, importunate, unyielding, inexorable, unremitting, ruthless, insistent, constant, determined, continual, steadfast, firm, uncompromising, obstinate, adamant, unrelenting, persevering, resolute, adamant, unrelenting, assiduous, interminable, incessant, unrelieved, obdurate, unbending, unwavering, stubborn, harsh, pushy,  fixed, resolute, inflexible, lasting, enduring, unshakable



What RELENTLESS means to me:
*Saying no to the temptation of straying from my diet-no dairy, no alcohol, no sweets, lots of protein, lots of veggies, taking my supplements
*Working out with an intensity that no one in the gym can match
*Being focused on my form and posture at all time
*Stepping up my cardio/intervals a notch
*Working out for a total of 1-2 hours six days a week, using every minute productively
*Focusing extra hard on my abs
*Practicing my posing
*logging my progress


This will be fun! if I don’t die.

I’ve had 2 Relentless days and looking forward to another 6 before our 40 days are complete!!
I ran for 10 mins then did 4 hard sprints, 3 sets of walking lunges and then my 7 for 7 ABS~
Saturday: I did legs–had a killer workout that included…
Leg curls
Leg press
light squats
one leg at a time leg press
calf raises- on leg press, seated and rotary
more leg curls
Leg extensions–these up to 175#x8reps
side lunges- no weight
smith lunges
walking lunges
ab wheel
knee ups
hanging sit ups


Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 6 days left in the Challenge!!! Off to CLEAN and cook,
Your RELENTLESS friend,

xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 34

Day #34-FIT tip- Keep your child educated and active to improve self-image~ feel free to invite them to join in our “40 days to fit”! Teens who understand their bodies are more active and motivated. Exercise also can improve any kid’s “bad mood”…so get them MOVING too!


Day #34-

“The People that you Meet in your Neighborhood”… Gym?!


Here’s a short list of the interesting people I saw at the gym in one single day:

1. Blue smurf man- baby blue shirt and shorts, a NO, NO!
2. Grey sweats lady- this is just ugly
3. anorexic big boob lady- she is 5 feet tall 60 pounds and d boobs, lol
4. bicep man- only works biceps and they are BIG!
5. old man rocker (long curly hair with earings)- this man did not look right in workout clothes…he’d been better off wearing leather pants to the gym
6. jeans/Birkenstock girl- she was having a blast playing on the elliptical next to me


Here is how my workout SQUATTING workout shook out:
10 min total -3 intervals of a min each levels 11, 12 &12
Warm up
95x20x5* sets for a total of 100 squats
*i had an active recovery of 25 stationary high knees on each leg between each of these sets

Then on to 100 lunges (50 each leg)
45×10(each leg)
65x10x4 sets*
in between 3 sets of these I did hanging knee ups 10-15 reps each set

Then I ran on the treddy

I’ve eaten (green pepper a bit of chicken and beef jerky) and now to shower~
Hope you also get to enjoy some fun people watching too!!


Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 7 days left in the Challenge!!!


Make “SQUAT” your TRUTH HAMMER Today!!

xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 33

Day #33-FIT tip- Germs can be found all over the gym equipment you use. Be sure to wipe up your “mess” and be aware of your hygiene. Always wash your hands to avoid spreading and catching germs…AND try not touch your face!


Day #33-Feature-


Eating for Buffing (weight loss) Examples


Thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers. I feel much better today and am READY to Rock this WEEK!!


I know I rarely post what and when I eat…….mostly because I am not a traditional dieter, meal planning doesn’t work for me and neither does eating a set # of times each day. The way I approach it is this…I go through my day, eating when I am hungry. As I go along, I track my “portions” in my head or on the white board on my frig…most of the time aiming for around 5P-4C-3F-2+G-1T. When I eat it I FORCE myself to choose proteins and greens first. The only time I don’t is for my PRE workout meal…that’s when I choose a good complex carb- My favorite are Apples or raw Carrots.
Another KEY item about my eating is that I take into consideration my personal biorhythms…I am NOT a morning person! I don’t like eating in the morning at all, but I LOVE eating in the evening!! So instead of fighting my body I work with it. I don’t eat much early in the day and then I am able to eat more in the afternoon and evening.


Now since I am buffing these next 2 weeks…I get a bit stricter on myself. Mostly that means cutting out some CARBS and increasing my GREEN consumption. Also, I usually have to cut out a bit of FAT (I tend to overeat fat) and I like to limit my bread/grain intake and TOTALLY eliminate all Dairy (mostly I don’t have much, since I am lactose intolerant, but it tends to “sneak” into my diet sometimes)

Here are a few samples of how I eat during buffing:


7am- up drink water take supps: NO2, fish oil
8 am- coffee and atkins bar (PENUT BUTTER) PF
11 am- Veggies( asparagus stir fry) with tuna, spicy Sweet and sour sauce, a few cashews PGF
Vitamins post meal
1pm- NO2 supps
2- big carrot C
3- workout
4:30 Boca Burger, Apple PC
6:30 Supper- Chicken tenderloins (big portion) with honey mustard sauce and Green Beans 2P C 2G
7-10 pm TEA (decaf herbal: sleepy time, tension tamer, chamomile, etc.)
Totals= 5P, 3C, 3F, 3G



7am- up supps
8 am- eggs (3 whole)PF
11 am- Brussell Sprouts- G
1pm- HUGE salad: Romain, Spinach, olives, carrot, nuts, egg, chicken, cucumbers, pickles, ranch dressing (1/2 serving, just enough to barley help flavor) 2G,P,1F,1/2C
3pm- Rasins C
4pm workout
5pm Burger (no bun), a tish of BBQ sauce, sweet potatoe 2P,1/2C,1C
7-10pm Beef Jerky, tea 1P


So that gives you a bit of an idea of how I am going to eat this week

I am off to get some WATER NOW!! Don’t forget to DRINK UP!!


Please keep commenting~ It helps you stay focused…just 8 days left in the Challenge!!!



Did you wash your hands??

xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 32

Day #32-FIT tip- A Peck of PEPPERS! A green pepper contains almost twice the vitamin C as an orange and the red pepper has twice the vitamin C of green peppers. SO EAT your Peppers~ They are a SUPER FOOD!


Day #32-Featured ARTICLE-


Hi all~ I’ve decided these next two weeks my motto is going to have to be “NO EXCUSES”!!!  I am sick of letting myself off the hook– for instance today I almost didn’t go to the gym because of the following reasons: I have work to do, I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, I had closets to clean, laundry to do, I am so sore, I didn’t feel like lifting, and I couldn’t find my keys!


BUT guess what~ THOSE are all excuses and I’m not going to let myself make excuses~ it is too important to me to get my workout done.  My workout gives me energy, keeps my body strong, clears my mind, elevates my mood, gives me some “me” time, releases stress, eliminates toxins, and soooo much more!  PLUS, working out IS part of my job

NO EXCUSES”  Allowed for me!  

In keeping with that motto, I did take my pictures just a bit ago~I didn’t feel like it and I know they are not the best (I’m bloated today) but,  I did it anyway!


Here is my  CHEST and TRICEPS workout:
warm up

Flys- warm up

45×15 warm up
lots of stretching between sets

Incline flys

Cable flys

Knee ups on roman chair- 2 sets
Ab Solo- throwing med ball machine- first time doing this


Tricep push downs

Tricep kick backs
1 set of 12#’s- rt elbow irritated here


that was all, the way this workout took 30 mins




Please keep commenting~

It helps you stay focused…just 9 days left in the Challenge!!!


xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger