Not working out makes me stiff…

Not working out makes me stiff…

My last real workout was on Friday, I had done legs. Then Saturday we did some burning, meaning I did some raking, cutting shrubs, throwing logs. But yesterday I literally did nothing. Layed in bed watching tv all day and SHESSH I am so stiff from that today!

Today is cycle day 3, but I opted to go ahead and start buffing with this workout:

warm up bike 5 mins
Bench Press
warm up set 45×20 reps
during rest- Knee ups on bench 15 front/5 rt. side/5 left side 3 sets

Push ups
10 reps x 3 sets on handles (did pigeon toe pikes between each)
during rest-Old School sit ups
25 reps x2sets

Incline Flys
30’sx 10x3sets
during rest-Ball Crunches
15 front/5 rt. side/5 left side 2 sets

Tricep Extensions
during rest-Reverse crunches

Kickbacks (tricep)
10’s x 10x 3sets
during rest-Cats/Dogs
5 reps each way x2sets

I really noticed that I have been taking extra time between sets, so I timed it today to be 1 min., need to keep doing that, especially during buffing!

Ran Intervals outside- warm up 4 mins, 1 min uphill, 1 min downhill x 6, cool down mins = 20 mins total

I weighed 140 this morning, but that’s a bit of bloat from the weekend. I’ve been consistently around 138, I expect to see that tomorrow morning.

Here’s my countdown pic for today….84 to go!

Now I need to eat some GREENS, haven’t gotten in any yet today…plan is for a big salad!! YUMMY!!

Have a great evening,


Finish Week 1 STRONG~ SSS 01

Let’s Finish Week #1 STRONG– weekends can be tough, but if you can stay strong through it you will set yourself up for getting results in week #2!!

I am going to be STRONG this weekend~ Ladies let’s keep our mojo STRONG all the way through week 10!!! (can you tell my “truth hammer” for is STRONG?)

At the end of each week you’ll find a place in your SSS journal to summarize how you did that week and make a plan of attack for next week:


Homework for week 01~

  1. Be sure to do Mini-Challenge #1 take your STATS and STARTING Pictures.
  2. Get your WEEK 01 workouts done– take a JUST DO IT mentality– Any movement counts!!

Stay engaged and accountable by posting a comments and encouraging others– that’s how I stay STRONG!!

Your STRONG friend,
Michelle Berger

P.S. If you missed any of the info for the week, you can always find it on my BLOG~  Here’s a nice summary for you….

good START


Happy Thursday to you~ today’s another busy day on tap for me!  I’ve got what feels like a million things to complete prior to Spring BREAK starting tomorrow.  There’s no way I’ll be able to get everything done, but I still plan to have a very productive day!  It’s starting off good– I’ve already written our featured contest post:


Yesterday morning Travis and I started a NEW routine– to workout together each M-W-F morning.  He’s a morning workout person, so I am trying to help him regain some consistency with his workouts.  It’s a sacrifice, for me…BUT WORTH IT!!

It’s also cool to have someone there to take my workoutproof pics


My chest workout:

Bench: 45 warm up x15 reps, 95x15x3sets (kept it light since this was my first day benching since my neck went out last week) Push ups- with perfect push up 4 sets: 15, 15, 10, 10 BOOTY Push ups- this I stick my butt up on–kinda like BAD FORM push ups, lol! 3 sets of 5-10 reps Incline Flys: 30’sx10x3sets Sit ups~ 3 sets Triceps dips finished with a reverse plank VACUUMS!! I also did some other ab stuff mixed in…it was a good “Safe” workout!


Once it was done I was off to the races– got a bunch of work done, took a shower, and chatted in the RR. It was great to have  and then drove into town for my MIL’s b-day lunch!

Here’s a pic of my outfit for that


We had a good lunch, I stuck to my “plan” to eat a bit of bread, have coffee to drink and eat a salmon salad. The remainder of the my eating for the day didn’t EXACTLY go to plan, I ended up having 2 more carbs than I hoped for- I had pringles! and CAKE My totals for the day were 5P (eggs, salmon, chicken, beef jerky); 5C (bread, pringles, cake, rice); 3F(eggs/bacon, butter, oil, dressing, half-n-half); 3 G (salad, stir fry veggies); 1treat (cake– the amount of cake I had feel into more than 1 serving)


a 5-4-3-2-1 BOOSTING day– not a bad day at all, just not what I was “shooting for” on diet Did you read yesterday’s post about diet?:

S2S~ Day 10: Diet hard!!

I’ve gotta roll…lot’s to do today, !!
I love it!! LOVE YA,

Gadgets? Workout time?

Favorites Month is a BIG HIT!! I am having a blast reading all the responses and feedback, thanks for your participation!!

Yesterday I asked,

What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???…. something you can’t workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?
Photo: What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???.... something you can't workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?

Many of you had the same answers as me…Ipod Shuffle or another music player. Some other items were: Fitbit, calorie-tracking watch., Pandora, my dumbbells , GymBoss, New running shoes, interval app, Femme fitale pink and crystal gloves, miofit watch, Olympic bar, Water, HR monitor, Kleenexes, workout log, Nothing, all I need is my body!, sunglasses,, Chapstick, chewing gum


Today’s question is:

What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?
Photo: What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?

My workout time is most often in the afternoon…lately that’s been around 3-4pm.  I sometimes wonder if all the years I spent in after-school sports practice is why that time of day is my FAVORITE time to workout??  Another reason I like to workout then is it’s a LULL of the day and a HUNGRY time of day– I could either spend those afternoon slump hours eating or napping or working out.  I choose the workout option!

I would optimally LOVE to be a morning workout person.  BUT, my body is DEAD in the early morning hours.  I have had times when I’ve consitently hit the gym right after getting the kids to school.  And also 10 am has been a great time for consistent workouts too…

When I’ve had a job, RIGHT AFTER work has been the best solution– If I had a “real job” now, in an optimal world with no sweat or red faces NOON workouts would be nice..

The main thing with workouts are getting them DONE in a consistent manner.  Time of day is not nearly as important as just doing them!  But let’s not forget the FUEL factor when it comes to workouts.  You want to be fuel but not FULL!

My workouts this week have been a little off…I have had an earache and it’s affecting my energy 🙁

Monday- I ran hills
Tuesday- I took off
Wednesday- I did a small chest workout and ran hills

Today I have legs on tap– I’ll do them at about 3pm today.

No matter what time you workout it works!! DO IT!

Love, Michelle

Terrible Tally!

I am TOTALLY failing at my attempt to TALLY my workouts and other stuff for the year, lol!! I’m glad I only committed to test trying to do it this January.  It’s just not my personality to be able to tally, lol!! I am too much of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type girl.  ALTHOUGH I do love journaling and keeping track of things in my notebook by using lists etc… I just can be on regime to do certain things every day like tally, lol!

This weekend was a good 3 days off official workouts and I am OK with it because I was really active and I knew my hormones were high…Saturday I was in a terrible mood 🙁 cycle day 23 this month.  And my cycle ended up only being 25 days this month.  Not sure I like that???  Anyhow, It’s cycle day 1 today and I’m gonna hit the weights for a chest workout and a run.

I’ve been thinking more about us doing a contest here in the rally room to prepare for our “VEGAS” trip– I think it’ll be similar to the Six 2 Sexy contest we did a couple years back~ Check it out:


Congrats again to Kim for her win in the 28 days to Christmas contest~ her prize is a BuffMother STARTER PACK~ I know she’ll put it to work!!

Have a great day,



New Video Links


Chest and Tricep Exercises:


Back, Shoulder and Bicep Exercises:


Legs and Butt Exercises:


Abs and Core Exercises:






Full Body/Upper/Lower





Diet and Cooking:




Is it really Friday??

Last night I took 6 young ladies to the Hobbit.  It was a long sit and made for a late night….the Hobbit was decent, a bit too many CREEPY Creatures, confusing for those who don’t already know the story (the lord of the rings tie in’s were assumed) and I thought that is should have had an ending regardless of if it’s the first of 3 or not. I’d give it a B-

The girls seemed to have fun, so that’s what mattered!

Yesterday’s workout was a success~

Chest/Tricep/Abs/Intervals and CLEANING* workout

*my workout took FOREVER to get done because I got distracted with cleaning, organizing and putting together a dumbbell rack while I was in the middle of my workout

Bench 45×10, 95×10-12x3sets push ups- 3 sets Incline flys- 30’sx10, 35’sx8x3sets Dips (on dip station)- 10, 8 Tricep extensions- 45#’sx12x3sets Bicep curls- 45x12to 15 reps x3sets

Abs between sets- knee ups on power tower, knee ups on bench, sit ups

Then I did intervals on my upright bike.  It had been forever since I did them~ and was a good workout!!

Today we have errands to run,  a couple Dr appts and have to bring the cousins home….not sure on the workout?? If I do anything it’ll be legs or a run.

From the looks of everyone’s new year excitement, we’ve had a very successful week #1 to the year!!


Love, Michelle


Workout Demo: Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs~ SSS wk 01

SSS week 01- Workout Demo: Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs

During the SSS contest  you’ll be directed to several YOU TUBE videos that will give you tons of training and support thorugh the 10 week journey.  PLEASE COMMENT on the VIDEOS~ each comment helps make it possible for me to do FREE CONTESTS like this one.

Chest/Tricep/Abs (From the EXPERIENCED level download- PH. 2 buffing workout): Experienced Buffing Chest Workout- . It’s an actual workout by BuffMother…I detail how I workout, the pace, the lifts and the strategy; focused on CHEST and TRICEP with abs and intervals..

Part 1- Intro and Warm Up

Part 2- Bench and Push ups and some ABS!

Part 3: Incline Flys and Knee ups

Part 4: Tricep Extensions and Vacuums

Part 5: Tricep Kickbacks

Gunner’s a TEEN!!

We’ll my son is 13 today!! wow!! that means I must be getting older, lol!  BUT not without a fight!

Look at how cute he was when he was 4

I just got done with intervals on the treadmill + some lat pulls. 30 mins total on tread mill- average of 7 mph– intervals at 8 and 9 mph, most incline at 2 some at 4. I wore these shorts– I like them, do you?

Yesterday I did a short back workout- inverted pull ups, bent over lat rows, shoulder press with barbell,  roman chair knee ups, 5 mins on the bike and 5 mins on my hoppity hop 🙂

That was all I could muster since I was dying from TOM…I feel much better today on cycle day 2.  Weighed in higher today at 133 (probably salty stir fry = hormones+ I had a bit more carbs in the form of rice and terriaki sauce)

Tuesday I got in a chest workout at noon then at 8pm ran 6 hills (1min long ones) and 4 fast sprints (100m)– first time I sprinted in a while. Feel it!




Baby got BACK!

Photo: Baby got BACK!! I'll be hitting the gym for a back, shoulder, bicep workout with ABS (of course) and intervals on the elliptical~  ROCK IT!!

I can’t believe I didn’t post here yesterday??? it felt like I was posting like crazy, lol!  The excitement from the “40 days to FIT” has me commenting like crazy on those posts and on facebook.

Yesterday, I worked in the morning, got my lifting (chest) workout in around lunch time and they headed into town (30 mins away).  It  went well minus a minor melt down by my 10 year old DD, I swear she was suffering HIF (Hormone Induced Failure).  My family seems to follow my hormonal cycle and with it being cycle day 27 they were running rampant!  All 4 kids got their hair cuts done yesterday, plus I got to see my friend Emily!!  She had an appointment after us with the same hair dresser.  It’s so fun to see friends!!

After the cuts we went to “JUSTICE”…the girls favorite store, Gracie was looking for something specific she found online, but the store didn’t have it and the melt down ensued (tears and frustration so bad she hid in the dressing room).  Forced to leave empty handed, the kids were bummed….so I got them shakes at Chick-fil-a and I got chicken strips and cole slaw 🙂  I was very proud that I resisted MY urge for ICE CREAM!! YAY!!

Then we headed to find football cleats for Gunner– he’s getting so big (his 13th birthday is tomorrow).  He found a pair quickly, which ROCKED.  They are gigantic- size 10!  We looked around at bows a bit and then headed to finish our errands (bank, post office, po box, groceries) and get HOME.

I was BEAT when we finally got home– made spaghetti and cheated with the “insides” of a piece of garlic toast.  I was starving but, I had a run to do before I could truly eat– that BREAD made me so SLEEPY!  I sat down on my bed and almost fell asleep…felt like a coma was coming on for about 45mins.  It took all my guts and sheer will to force myself outside for my run.  Even halfway through it, I felt horrible, but by the end my endorphins kicked in and I felt great!

I am so proud that I’ve stuck to my POA all week- during Boosting no less!!!! I’ve also kept my carbs to 2 per day and I feel the hard work paying off.  The scale did go down just a tish more today…I’m at 130.8– which is great since it’s cycle dayt 28 and last week I was 135!

My day is shaping up to be very busy– but at least I don’t have to drive much or run errands 🙂 That kills me!

Work-it hard this Wednesday!!

Love ya,