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The Sunny Side Group!

I’ve recently realized something about myself that I do not like! I have a tendency to go through streaks where I constantly catch myself thinking about and focusing on, the negative side of things instead of the “bright”! I’ve heard the phrase “look at the bright side” so many times that it’s lost the intended affect. If my husband says, “look at the bright side…” I often just groan inside and then wander off and continue to bicker, mumble and complain to myself or other people. I do this despite the fact that I devoted an entire chapter of my book to the subject of “focusing on SOLUTIONS” instead of the “PROBLEM” at hand. For the most part, this is the way I live my life, but I still have those NEGATIVE streaks. The truth is, complaining, bickering, arguing, etc, ALWAYS causes my life to be frustrating, difficult and miserable!! This is why I’m confessing this issue to everyone and I’m bound and determined to break this horrible habit!! I’m asking everyone who reads this blog including my family, friends and even casual acquaintances to please hold me accountable. If you ever catch me writing, talking or even thinking about the negative side of anything, CALL ME OUT! I want you to BUST me on the spot! I’ve asked my husband to use the phrase, “focus on the SUNNY side, HONEY” instead of the old cliché’ “Look at the bright side” since that phrase seems to always trigger negative feelings in my mind.

I know that some people would much rather discuss negative rumors, gossip and many other situations of this nature. It’s very easy to and even somewhat enjoyable to get together with a small group of people and feed off this negative energy. I’ve been caught in this trap many times! I declare myself “GUILTY as charged charged”. It’s human nature to take the “easy road” by adding our own little negative spin to a conversation or even starting the flow of negative energy hoping that others will join in. We all seem to have a natural weakness for being attracted negative information. If you want proof just read the headlines in any news source, TV, internet, newspaper, etc. The headlines are almost always focused on negative stuff because that’s what attracts readers and viewers. In fact, I’ve completely stopped watching the “news” because it makes me feel depressed!

As I previously stated, focusing on negative things such as criticizing, condemning or complaining always results in making my life miserable! I recently to read a book written by the richest, most powerful and wisest man who ever lived. I believe success breads success and even though I’m not much of a reader, I decided to take 5 minutes a day to learn what this man had to say about true success. The man is King Solomon and the book is Proverbs. It has 31 chapters and I read 1 chapter every day of the month. Some tidbits that hit me really hard on the 15th of this past month. Proverbs 15:4 “Gentle words bring life and health; griping brings discouragement.”
15:15 “When a man (or woman) is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when she is cheerful, everything seems right” 15:30 “Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health.” The entire 15th chapter seemed to say to me, If you want to be miserable, unsuccessful, and depressed, hang around negative people and focus on negative information.

If you want a great life, full of joy, success and happiness, hang around positive people and focus on the “sunny side” of your circumstances. As a result, I’ve made a decision. From this day forward, I’m done poisoning my life with negative people, conversations, actions, thoughts, etc! Instead, I’m rededicated to hanging out and communicating with positive people, focusing on solutions instead of problems, looking for the sunny side of my circumstances instead of all the negative situations and events that occur in life.

I want to find at least 100 women who are willing to join me! We’ll call us “The Sunny Side” sisters! LOL!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tell us about negative situations, events or problems that you are going through. There is nothing wrong with expressing these things to the group. Together, we’ll help each other find and concentrate on the solutions so we can get through tough times. We’ll team up to focus on the SUNNY side… honey! I’d like to incorporate this into the Rally Room (our TEAM BUFFMOTHER private women’s only group) since this is one of the many reasons I created the Team BuffMother in the first place! If you haven’t joined the Team BuffMother group I encourage doing so. It will change your life! If you already are a Team BuffMother member, and want to commit or re-commit to this positive group, please respond to this post.

Feel free to add your own special twist in your post but don’t feel obligated. It’s fine to just say something like, “I’m in! But, if you have any additional thoughts, insights and/or stories that popped into your mind regarding this topic, please jot them down in your post. Please keep in mind this is not a writing contest or anything like that. I know most of us don’t have tons of extra time and energy and I don’t want that to stop you from joining us. I’m member #1, who wants to be member #2, #3, #4…?



Be the change you want in your spouse -marriage tip

So the mantra, “be the change you want to see in the world” is really big right now….
Let’s take it one step further and change that to “be the change you want to see your
Spouse!” all the time as a personal trainer,  I have husbands or wives asked me,  “What can i do
to get my spouse excited about eating healthy,  losing weight and get in shape?”
My answer is …do it yourself,  lead by example, be the change you want to see in them and I bet you pretty
much anything that they’re gonna follow suit!!  They’re going to get inspired.
They’re gonna go start learning along with you. They’re going to see the
results you are having and get jealous for some themselves.  They will think hey he’s looking really good maybe
I should you know get out there and get some work out on myself or lose 15 pounds too!

The great thing about being the CHANGE you want to SEE IN YOUR SPOUSE is that it works for whatever it is you want to see change.
whether it’s fitness, spirituality, being kinder
being a more outgoing
more sexual
more financially responsible
more patient
If you want to see change in your spouse, simply take a little step back to ask, “what can i do to be the change I want to see my spouse?”  Be honest with yourself, are you currently an example they can emulate or are you being a hypocrite?
Take on the change you want them to emulate. Be determined to show them how awesome it is be “that change” and it works!!  It’s applicable to so many different things!!
Be the change yourself!  They’re going to notice, learn and experience through your example.
It might take time, effort and patience but definitely worth it!
Good luck with being your best so your spouse can be their best!!
Please, let me know what you think of this tip below
thank you!

How can it be the Last day??

I am in shock that it’s already the last day of JUNE??  It has flown by so fast!! I’ve had a very interesting month~ Lot’s of GREAT amazing things, plus some not so super things.  I’m not going to spend 1 second thinking about anything negative, but instead give all my energy to the positive.  PLUS I’m getting internally fired up for the next half of the year– JULY is going to be the start of an amazing 6 months!!

It’s a good time for me to look at my 2012 New Year’s resoultions again– I wonder how I am doing?

This year I have 3 resolutions:

1- to KISS MORE!!
2- to take more PHOTOS!

  1. Kissing more sounds simple, yet when you have 5 loved ones in your family (+ a puppy)  who all need KISSES, it can be a bit demanding.  I am up for the challenge~ it may get sloppy & personal but I am armed with  my puckered lips ready to rock my kisser in 2012!!
  2. More photos is a must…my kids are beautiful and I barely took any good photos of them the past couple years! It’s a shame, but no more– I am going to snap away. I also have beautiful landscapes, animal and plant life all around~ no better way to capture it than with a click of the camera!
  3. Blogging daily is something I’ve slacked at the year….I love blogging– not just using it as a journal, but using it as a place to explore my deep inner thoughts, ideas, strategies, etc…the more I blog the better I feel about everything.  I don’t expect EVERY DAY that my blog will rock, but I do expect inspiration and creativity to flow from time to time!

Don’t be surprised if in 2012 share photos of me kissing others in my blog!!



Also, for my birtday I put up a good list of goals– I need to hone in and make them happen!!

Tomorrow is my 37th Birthday!! YAY!!
I’ve been thinking a lot about the next year of my life the past week.  I have some things I want to accomplish during my 37th year:


  • Keep a thankful heart
  • Pressing toward sharing God’s love in all I do- SHINE for HIM!!
  • Find a good local church- get whole famiy involved


  • Help each of my kids with one of their passions-
    • Gunner’s football preparation
    • Gracie’s Gutiar/Voice lessons
    • Tia Sprinting at the TRACK and camping
    • Layla horse riding lessons
  • Keep being a good loving sweet supportive wife to my best friend of 20 years, Travis
  • Get our 20th anniversary trip to GERMANY planned!! (Aug 2013)


  • Finish off the remodeling that we need done
  • Get workout area “POSH”
  • Get a pool installed by next summer
  • keep working on our land- clearing it, making it beautiful!!
  • Maybe get some animals??


  • RE-publish a second edition of my book
  • Do more e-book promotion
  • Run another transformation contest this fall and next spring
  • Plan at least 1 more gathering in the next year (AUSTIN spring/summer 2013)
  • Work towards a “secret BIG project” completion for the NEW YEAR!!


  • Keep learning- I’d like to take some hands on classes/certifications
  • BE very consistent in my workouts and do them at a set time/place- follow my POA!
  • Stay healthy! No injuries or time off due to illness
  • Possibly do some tennis lessons and enter a tournament next spring??


  • I’d like to  get my whole family eating Gluten-free…I pretty much have all the symptoms of needing to do this for myself (plus DH and 2 of my kids seem to have very similar issues with Gluten problems)
  • Get tested for allergies??
  • Work on my healthy cooking– I go in streaks with this– been BAD the past couple years!



  • I’d like to to consistently wear more “professional” looking clothes– when I go to appointements or meetings I’ll plan to look like a business woman– not a teen, lol!
  • I’ll continue to take care of my skin, teeth, hair and nails– always looking “put together” (this is harder than you think for me!)
  • I’d also like to learn more about essential oils, home facial/hair treaments
  • Help my DD’s be consistently “groomed”– time to teach them how to shave, use curling iron and maybe even some make up lessons!


LOT’s to think about and keep infront of me at all times so I stay focused!!

As for my workouts this week, I did 4 days in a row: M- upper body/intervals, T- Legs, W- Run Hills + 10 mins bike, Th- upper body/intervals— AND I was so sore and exhausted yesterday that I had to change my plans to add a day off!!  I’m still sore today, but I’ll get in a workout regardless.  I am going to make this body SUBMIT!

Money, Money!!

I’m sending “Shine in 49″entries off to the judges today~ so that we can get the results announced prior to the HOLIDAY! I can’t believe the 4th of July is almost hear! OH wow! time for the bikini!!  It makes me very thankful to be back to my workouts this week!

1 week off + 3 days of workouts = SORE! SORE! SORE!

I can hardly move today without something hurtin’…OMGoodness~ Then this morning I found out I forgot to take my CREATINE yesterday– it was still sitting on the kitchen counter from yesterday~ DUH!  So I took it, despite it probably not quite as effective since creatine turns to creatinine after it’s been mixed for a a period of time. That’s why it’s best to take shortly after mixing it into your liquid.

My workout total for yesterday ended up great: 10 mins fasted  upright bike intervals and 27 mins total of outside exercise – 6 minute long uphills + additional running/walking for a total of a 27 min workout.

I was greeted at the end of my running trail by a pretty blue snake (thankfully it was dead!)…I guess it’s called a “Blue Racer”

Here’s a pic:

So today I facebook I posted this “I may be odd but money has never seemed to make me take action— So I’m curious…Do you get motivated by $$$$ MONEY $$$$ ~??”

I got some interesting responses…and also figured I should elaborate the meaning behind the question:

When I say I am not motivated by money, I mean it!  I can’t seem to do simple things that could easily make me more $$.  When I look at my to do list money is often there for the taking, but I don’t take action on those items unless my back is against the wall.  I hate that about myself, but I am so thankful that MONEY is not what moves me to action.

I see people “keeping up with the Jones’ “or flaunting their private jets, expensive cars, big houses, designer clothes and other STUFF– and it does NOTHING for me!  I do love having money though— I love not being STRESSED about every penny!  I love being able to give gifts, buy my kids things, afford nice things, but it still doesn’t make me move!

What make me move is deeper– it’s actually LOVE.  I love people, I love seeing people happy.  I love feeling that I can help others.  I love teaching. I love sharing a bit of my happy life with others through positive info, pictures, stories, tips, etc….Love is truly the greatest motivator for me.  I love the thought of making life easier for my kids (with my $$)

I am motivated out of LEGACY.  I am want to be excellent, I want others to be excellent and I want the world to be more excellent because of my contribution to it.  I refuse to sell junk, to HYPE anything I don’t truly believe in.  That’s part of why you don’t see Ads on my website for every fitness product under the sun.  That’s part of why I don’t spam my mailing list with offer after offer.  I don’t want money that makes me be anthing but true to MYSELF!

I also am motivated by RESPONSIBILITY.  “To whom much is given, much is required”…I have been blessed with some amazing talents and I feel I huge responsibility to do them justice!  God gave me so much and I must not squander it!  I have a responsibility to my GOD to do all I can with what HE has blessed me with.  It’s something I take very seriously.

FYI- I grew up in poverty, as did my husband– so don’t think I have “silver spoon” syndrome either– I am at a prosperous place in my life because of my GOD and hard work!

AND…I need to ADD– I don’t think there is anything WRONG with being motivated by money– I think it’s either in your DNA or not…I honestly wish I was more motivated to take action because of money, lol!!  Thanks for all the honest answers on facebook about it!!

Love ya’s!!


ENJOY!~ Shine in 49: Day 14

Now is the time to ENJOY…

Your LIFE,
Your Friends,
Your Family,
Your Passions, etc…

Now is the time to ENJOY!
But how?  That was my question to myself today.  Somehow my life has turned into a big list of “responsibilities” and “to do lists” that are too often empty and not enjoyable.  THAT’s not good!
I want to enjoy life; I want to even be able to enjoy doing chores….I definitely want to enjoy spending time with my loved ones!  What steps do I need to take to re-ignite my JOY in life?  Well…the first step I took was to “google it”!

Here are some of the top tips I found on “how to enjoy life” that struck a chord with me:

  1. Focus on your “why”- my why is to know and serve God;  and to help give women HOPE.
  2. Connect with loved ones- family and friends
  3. go outside- for a hike, to read, to write, to run, to play
  4. NEW- learn something new, eat something new, go someplace new, meet a new friend
  5. create a DREAM list- what have you always DREAMED of doing…take actions towards those dreams
  6. Music- listen to it, hum it, sing it, play it, etc..
  7. Slow Down!  Breathe!
  8. QUIT…quit doing things you really detest doing
  9. LAUGH!!!  watch AFV~!

I am off to implement these…hope you ENJOY the rest of your Day!!


p.s. we change up workouts next week-
here’s a link to the PDF if you need it


Friendly Friday~

Hey, hey, HEY!! IT’S FRIENDLY FRIDAY~ So let’s strive to be extra friendly today:

Smile more and make eye contact with people…it’s OKAY!
Say HI to everyone you cross paths with
Break the ice, introduce yourself; be conversational
Lend a Helping HAND; open doors; offer to help carry something for someone, etc….
Comment on a Friend’s Blog
Comment on a STRANGER’s Blog
Send some e-mails or private message
Send some letters or Thank You cards or B-day cards, etc…
Send some flowers~or balloons~ or fruit~ or candy (toffee?)
Call a friend, aquaintance, family member or even and ENEMY, lol!
Text someone!

Just STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly today!!!  And HAVE FUN with it!!! You will be rewarded for planting those “energy seeds”

Lunge-O-Ramma!! was my workout for today!!

I did video demos of MANY types of lunges today~ whoohoo!! it was a booty blast!!

Tomorrow~ I am hitting the gym hard and I will do intervals. I am confident I’ll rock my workout!!

Love ya,

Love ya MY FRIENDS!!

In HONOR OF The END of the week and IN Honor of LUNGES (they are what made my booty possible):

Lead Me!

Are leaders born or made? Do leaders have leaders? What are the qualities of a leader? Are you a leader?  Are you a leader or a follower?

I consider myself a leader…but I am not sure I was “born” that way.  I certainly had some of the same innate qualities noted as important for leadership, yet I lacked MANY vital leadership traits and skills.  Through my God given desire to impact and help as many women’s lives as possible I’ve studied and developed a much stronger leadership capability.  I am far from finished learning  and developing stronger more effective leadership skills.

I’ve spent a little time this morning researching leadership and my conclusion is that no one is BORN a leader- you must Develop it! 

I believe EVERYONE is a leader in some regard- Take pride; lead by example!!

Together we can change the world!


Even though I am a leader- I still yearn to be led at times!  Sanctus Reel, a Contemporary Christian band,  has a new song out titled “LEAD ME”.  My DH turned me onto it- The song is it’s very pure and stirs up raw emotion in my heart.

Sanctus Real – “Lead Me”

I look around and see my wonderful life
Almost perfect from the outside
In picture frames I see my beautiful wife
Always smiling
But on the inside, I can hear her saying…

“Lead me with strong hands
Stand up when I can’t
Don’t leave me hungry for love
Chasing dreams, what about us?

Show me you’re willing to fight
That I’m still the love of your life
I know we call this our home
But I still feel alone”

I see their faces, look in their innocent eyes
They’re just children from the outside
I’m working hard, I tell myself they’ll be fine
They’re in independent
But on the inside, I can hear them saying…

“Lead me with strong hands
Stand up when I can’t
Don’t leave me hungry for love
Chasing dreams, but what about us?

Show me you’re willing to fight
That I’m still the love of your life
I know we call this our home
But I still feel alone”

So Father, give me the strength
To be everything I’m called to be
Oh, Father, show me the way
To lead them
Won’t You lead me?

To lead them with strong hands
To stand up when they can’t
Don’t want to leave them hungry for love,
Chasing things that I could give up

I’ll show them I’m willing to fight
And give them the best of my life
So we can call this our home
Lead me, ’cause I can’t do this alone

Father, lead me, ’cause I can’t do this alone

Now onto my workout update:

May 4th- cycle day 10; 127#, RHR= 43! (that’s my recent low)my workout was FUN stuff- family play and a walk with my family- about 45 mins worth of walking.

May 5th- cday 11; RHR=50; today- heading to the gym now for a back, sh, bicep workout and 11mins of the stair mill.

Tomorrow’s plan: TENNIS fun!! and possibly more~

Remember that this week’s mini-challenge in the SX70 contest is to workout with someone!! The week is flying by, so be sure to get the challenge complete!

I’m off to LEAD by example!!



Here’s some of the info I read and a couple quotes I found interesting:

“I’m often asked the question: Are Leaders born or are they developed? I usually answer that leaders are much like athletes-some have more natural talent than others. But, without practice, athlete or leader will fail.

Often we hear and read about the quality of GE’s leadership bench. In GE’s annual report of last year, under Leadership it read:

It’s about the four “E’s” we’ve been using for years as a screen to pick our leaders. “Energy”: to cope with the frenetic pace of change. “Energize”: the ability to excite, to galvanize the organization and inspire to action. “Edge”: the self-confidence to make the tough calls with “yeses” and “noes” – and very few “maybes.” And, “Execute”: the ancient GE tradition of always delivering, never disappointing.”

Are GE’s leaders born with all these attributes? Of course not!

~ Phil Holberton

“Some people are born to move and shake the world. Their blessings: high energy, exceptional intelligence, extreme persistence, self confidence and a yearning to influence others.”~Bruce Avolio

Book:”The 108 Skills of a natural born leader”

Now is the time for TRUTH!

Over the past several months, TRUTH has been a recurring theme in my life. What is the TRUTH about a situation, a circumstance, a thought or a perspective?  TRUTH is hard to pin down.  Even when we believe that something is TRUE, it may or may not be true at all??  The world is not black and white…TRUTH is elusive.  Our minds can trick us into believing something is true that is utterly false.  Satan (the DEVIL) – the ultimate deceiver- loves to attack us which makes our search for the TRUTH even more elusive.

I have discovered that TRUTH is dependent…what is TRUE to one person is not True to others.  What is TRUE in one situation is not often true in another almost exact situation.  Truth in life is dependent on all the circumstances, thoughts, emotions, relationships and ideas that surround it.  Searching for TRUTH is frustrating and confusing and empty.  Every year as experiences, hurts, failures, and even successes occur…the search for truth can make us literally insane!  In my humaness, I have less of an understand about TRUTH now than ever.  BUT…..

Jesus said “I am the way, the TRUTH and the Life”…Now is the time for TRUTH!  The TRUTH is that I need Jesus or my head will keep spinning out of control trying to figure out TRUTH on my own.  I cannot do it!  I need the TRUTH- I need JESUS.  Through faith in Him, I will be set free form the bondage of being confused about TRUTH!  I don’t need to know the TRUTH when I have Jesus.  In all essence the truth does not matter~ LOVE matters!  And that’s why Jesus is TRUTH because he is LOVE (God is LOVE).  And LOVE covers a multitude of sins…TRUTH is irrelevant when true love exists.  The only TRUTH in life is LOVE…the UNCONDITIONAL Love that God has given us through Jesus Christ.  I want that love, I want that TRUTH in my life…And I want to BE a GIVER of that TRUE LOVE!

That’s the TRUTH!

And I LOVE YOU!  Because God Loves you!

Today my little Layla is home sick…I am not sure how sick she actually is, but she was determined that she didn’t want to go to school today and that she felt bad enough to stay in bed with NO TV all day. So…she’s in bed.  I hope she gets feeling back to her “spunky” self soon.

My workout yesterday was attacked by HIF~ I warmed up for  a little over 20 mins on the r-bike and then only got in 2 of my lifts (bench and lat pulls) and they were cruddy at that.  I just didn’t feel it and I had back pain to boot…needless to say my period came a few hours later.  Today I feel a bit better and am happy it’s already cycle day 2…buffing is coming soon!! YAY!!  The good thing about yesterday is that I was totally “nesting”…so that means I was a total Domestic Diva!  I cleaned, cooked, did laundry, sheets, etc… I even cooked a turkey!  YUM!

POA- run outside, finish up some upper body exercises that I skipped yesterday and do some abs too.

Other to do items:
Phone calls regarding bills, taxes, business, etc…

Have a good day and remember what is TRUE today…Love is TRUE!



Success Saturday!

I feel Success Today!! My body is responding…are you feeling success??

Getting in shape takes patience, consistency and TIME!

If you feel like you aren’t getting there fast enough…

You have to find more measurements for your success:

    * Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

    * Are you increasing your weights at the gym?

    * Are you getting in better shape?

    * Do you have more energy?

    * Are you more mentally focused, less stressed?

    * Are you learning new things?

    * Are you sleeping better?

    * Are your hair, skin, joints, digestive system, etc…more healthy?

    * Are you being a good example to your kids, family and friends?

    * Are you inspiring others to make changes themselves?


I’ve had a good few days of workouts


Wed- weight 130#-run 15 mins outside plus 5 mins bike, high knees, lunges, situps

Thur-cday 1: weight 130# Legs at gym plus 10 mins elliptical

Fri-cday 2:weight128# Chest/tri/abs and intervals on tready up to 10 mph for 2 intervals (15mins run total)

Sat- cday 3: weight 128#…workout planned for today~ BACK…lots of pull ups! and some bike intervals


I am liking my new shoes.  I think my running plan is going to be to run M, W, F and Su…and shoot to do 2 of those outside each week.

Last night we watched “land of the lost”…It was disappointing.  Too many gross sexual jokes!  I don’t know WHO they make movies like that for??  It’s not really for adults, but It’s not for kids either…weird!

Anyhow…today Gunner is going to play football.  He’s feeling better and their game starts at 12:45~ I hope he plays well!

Have a successful Saturday!! 

Love, Michelle

STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly~

Hey, hey, HEY!! IT’S FRIENDLY FRIDAY~ So let’s strive to be extra friendly today:

Smile more and make eye contact with people…it’s OKAY!
Say HI to everyone you cross paths with
Break the ice, introduce yourself; be conversational
Lend a Helping HAND; open doors; offer to help carry something for someone, etc….
Comment on a Friend’s Blog
Comment on a STRANGER’s Blog
Send some e-mails or private message
Send some letters or Thank You cards or B-day cards, etc…
Send some flowers~or balloons~ or fruit~ or candy (toffee?)
Call a friend, aquaintance, family member or even and ENEMY, lol!
Text someone!

Just STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly today!!!  And HAVE FUN with it!!! You will be rewarded for planting those “energy seeds”

My plan for today is UPPER BODY workouts~ I have more videos to make…and I will do my lunges.

Love ya MY FRIENDS!!

In HONOR OF The END of the week and IN Honor of LUNGES (they are what made my booty possible):