Gettin’back ON TRACK!

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit slack about working out and my eating the past week or 2. It started with hurting my […] Read More

BIG News!! a BOOTY challenge and a MAP!!

Hello!! Well after being rather good on my eats and actually getting some of this water weight out of me during my cardio session yesterday […] Read More

Day off Sort of :)

What would a REAL day off be like??? I can hardly remember…when we went to LA a couple weeks ago that was a taste of […] Read More

I am smitten with the STAIRMILL!!

HI Ya ~ Well today was almost a rest day for me…I haven’t had a “day off” in a while…but I ended up at the […] Read More

Well today was one of those days that just flew

Well…today was one of those days that just flew by! I couldn’t believe how fast it went. DH and I had a super workout at […] Read More

Relaxing Legs

We went to the gym at about 11:30 and had an effecitive yet relaxing leg workout. warm up u-bike 10 minSquats45×10 then hack squat no […] Read More

Chugging along

HI!I am chugging along today…My legs are still sore from TUESDAY! But I went and worked out with my DH at noon:Warm up 10 min […] Read More

Chest tri day

Hello again! It was Chest/Tri day today and It was GOOOOD! Warm up r-bike 14 min Chest press machine 70×15 90×10 Hammer Strength Incline press […] Read More


Okay~ I have not done legs in about a week…or longer! That seems like forever to me 🙂 I slept great last night and hopefully […] Read More