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I was Attacked!

EEEK! I was attacked and had to use my mace last evening on my run. I was attacked by a dog. Thank God it was just a dog and not a man. BUT-
Always remember saftey first when you are outside walking, biking, running, etc.
Always carry mace. It is light and easy to cary during your outdoor activity and could save your life!

Stay Safe,



Back and sprints with Mr. Berger!

Hi everyone-

I had a relaxing/exciting day!!
AND-I worked out this evening. First doing my push-ups…
45 again today
Then I did a at home back workout:
pull ups and modified pull ups on swingset
on the bowflex:
rows and lat rows
military press
lateral and front raises

and then for the first time in ages ran with my hubby.
We did 8 sprints fast and hard with a good amount of recovery between.
It was fun!
Now it is supper time and then Monday Night football and my favorite
Happy Monday Night,
I love you all, Michelle

Happy Saturday

Just wanted to pop in an say “hi”…
I had a wonderful night last night, my sweet MIL is here visiting and she let me and her son(my DH) go out! Whooohooo! I love going out with my baby. The picture here shows the green dress I wore last night! We had a wonderful time, stayed up too late, etc…

So I am in recovery mode today. And guess what, my buffing is going GREAT! I weighed 124 this morning! BUT, Due to Severe dehydration, YUCK!!! Real weight is more like 127. I can now see that my last bulking phase has added some more muscle to my butt! FUN!!!

I have a very busy weekend, lots of work to do and a family get together tonight. We are planning to have pizza and I think I will give myself some freedom diet wise today since I still have this week of “buffing” and I am already within 1 pound of my weight goal.

Have a great weekend everyone and keep all the great words of encouragement flowing.


Blah, Blah, blah! Leg workout

I am rather mad at myself…my jaw got a better workout at the gym today than my legs!

It was one of those days, I was pumped to workout! Mentally and physically prepared. Grandma was even watching my 3 youngest and so not worries about time constraints. But, I got to the gym and spent way too much time talking instead of working out. I still did part of my workout here it is:

bike warm up 5 min

squats 2 sets warm up w/ bar

95 warm up to failure

3×10 of 135 low, slow, focus on butt

5-6 sets of smith lunges all but the last one with 90#

4 sets of butt squats with #90,3×70#

5 sets of calves



1 set of roman chair knee ups

I really needed to do about twice as much as this, only because I am “buffing” right now and am getting in such good shape that I am not even tired from this 🙁

ONCE again I must say that I am very, very amazed at what a person is capable of when they challenge their body to its limits. Where does the height of person’s fitness level end?? I want to find it. I am in the best shape of my life at 30 after having 4 kids and only spending 1-1.5 hours a day working out!!! Imagine what I could have done as a twenty year old, if I knew then all I know now!

1000! members in our BuffMother! yahoo group

Whoohooo! I am so excited! We have almost reached 1000 members in our Yahoo! group. I am so excited. It is unreal how many mother’s have the passion to be BUFF- God Bless them all!

So of course I had a great workout today. I feel much better after my day off yesterday.

Bench press:

45 warm up

95wide x10

95 x12



105 wide x10

Hammer bench press:


Incline smith press:

50 slowx12x3sets

French press (tri extensions):


Pec Flys:


Cable Tricep push downs:



100×10 squeeze hard

Abs in between almost all sets of lifts:

3 sets on the decline (2nd set holding a 25)

3 sets of knee ups on bench- 25front/10side/10 side

3 sets of knee ups on roman chair 25 to failure

I am going to run sprints here at 6:00

5 min warm up

10 of them hard with for 16-17 sec each 1.5 min recovery between

I had a ton of salt last night (beef jerky and fajita meat) plus my hammies are still sore from my legs on MONDAY! SO, I weighed 130, but by Saturday it should be close to 126. My legs look a lot smaller now that the Creatine is out of them, UNREAL!

Have a great night!


A heavy, high volume “buffing”leg workout

My leg workout I did this evening:
Warmed up with 8 min on the r-bike with 4 1 min. intervals
Seated calf raises
Leg press
200×15 followed by calves to failure
380×10 followed by calves to failure
380×10 followed by calves to failure
Hack Squat
focus on butt
180×10 full 10 short for butt
Smith lunges
Dead lifts
one set of 10×115
low back tightened up, yikes!
Leg extensions
135×15 out/in
165×12 +5 in
185 x10 +5 in
185 x10 +5 in
Leg curls
90×8 + 60×6
Calf raises (standing)
260×20 (straight and in)
345 x 15 +8 out
Walking Lunges
2 sets w/ 30# DB’s of 15 per leg

This was a good workout, it took a total of 1hr15min! Even though I was sick last week I can really tell that I have gained strength during my “building phase”. Lifting without creatine is not as much fun, but my waist is already much smaller (the lifting belt is too big again).
I was very hungry all day. And I really didn’t eat much less than usual, it is my body knowing that I am trying to make it smaller! I think that after a few more days like today, I will get in a groove.
I will be sore tomorrow!
I will sleep good!

-Sweet dreams, Michelle

What do I eat???

Workout, Workout, Workout!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

Why workout if you don’t eat right?

Why eat right if you don’t workout?

The importance of both components are vital and honestly doing one right will lead to doing the other right. The key to being successful in your quest for buffness is learning how to eat pre-workout and post workout and to time your supplements for optimal effectiveness.

Pre-workout eating:

You need to feed your body correctly so that you are not wasting the hour you spend at the gym. If you don’t eat correctly before your workout you will not be able to workout hard enough to get the results you deserve. I consider this meal very vital to anyone who truly wants to rebuild a struggling metabolism. However, if you decided to work out on an empty tank you will most likely feel some if not all of these symptoms during your workout:

1. working out is painful

2. you have no energy

3. you are not be able to focus mentally

4. you have no physical or mental stamina

5. you feel sick

6. you are weak

7. you are unable to push yourself hard enough to build muscle

The term for all of these symptoms is to “bonk”, which basically means you do not have enough glycogen in your body for it to perform. It is an exercise in futility!

Post workout eating:

If you don’t eat correctly after your workout there can be all kinds of consequences:

  • You will not feel good.
  • You will not have the energy and nutrients you need to repair your body.
  • Your immune system will become depressed, ultimately causing illness.
  • You will be lifeless for the rest of your daily activities.
  • You will blame your workout for your lack of energy and possibly cause you to miss future workouts.

Timing your Eating is so vital to your success!

Here are 2 Separate  examples of what I eat pre and post workout along with the supplements I often take…

Day 1 example:

Workout time 10:00 am

Up at 7:30 am: drink water and take 2 BSN Nitrix

Pre-workout meal: 1-1.5 hours before workout

Ultramet meal replacement or 6oz. OJ mixed with Vanilla Whey protein and 2-3 cups of coffee

It is important to note that I am not a big breakfast eater. Liquid meals work great for me in the morning. I make sure to have a carbohydrate in my pre-workout meal so that I have glucose in my bloodstream.

Post workout

Immediately take NO2 supplement

Go home and take Creatine punch (carb)

2 cups frozen asparagus stir-fry cooked in the microwave topped with ¼ cup cashews and sweet and sour flavored tuna

Day 2 Example:

Workout time 5:30 pm

Pre-workout meal: 1.5 to hour before workout

Oatmeal and nectar protein shake in water

Or Salmon salad on a 6 whole wheat crackers, 1 cup of mixed veggies

*note if I am running late I make sure to at least have a carb, like a banana or cereal bar

The key here is to eat early enough so your food has digested and you have glucose in your bloodstream so you can lift effectively.

Post workout

Immediately take NO2 supplement

Go home and take Creatine punch (carb)

Have a protein shake

Then feed the kids

8:00 pm supper

Large spinach and romaine salad with olives, a little cheese, almonds, a few croutons, carrots, real ranch dressing and a grilled chicken breast or steak.

The key to this is pattern what you are eating every day so that you are fueled for your workout. Your results will be more dramatic and come much faster if you make sure to give your body the fuel it needs to workout hard and recover quickly. It is also important to note that my supplement use varies depending on my goals. This represents my current supplement routine for muscle “building”.

I made my goal!

Hi everyone!

I made my weekly push-up goal!! 45 and I was dying! YIPPIE, I did it!

I also just finished a killer home spun chest/tri workout. I don’t ever make it to the gym on Sundays but I always have the option to workout at home so that’s what I did today.

Here is what I did. It was a circuit style workout so I did all exercises in the following order 3 times:

1-Push ups 45,28,20

2-Old School sit-ups 3×60+

3-Bowflex flys 50#,50,55 x12

4-Bowflex Tricep extensions 50,50x55x12

5-DB Incline Flys 30×10, 30x8x2

6-Tricep Kick backs 10x10x3sets

I am shaking…outta shape from being sick, but on my way to super buff this week.

Oh BTW, the Creatine is almost out of my system, I stopped taking it last week and I have lost 4 pounds already. So I am weighing in at 129, by the end of the week I will be 126 again. Yippee!!!

Have a great relaxing Sunday evening, I am off to shower, shave, tan and beautify myself for the evening 🙂


We all get sick sometimes.

Sorry to have been gone so long…I have been sick 🙁 with a terrible sinus infection. But I am back with a vengeance and have a lot of work to do to catch up for last week’s time in bed. I wanted to share a couple more photos that I took last weekend of me and my little twins .
They are so sweet!